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    1. animation in data visualization, while impressive and eye-catching, is a much lower priority than understanding how different chart types present data, how to properly design charts, understanding form in data visualization, and other aspects of data visualization practice.
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    1. Papagayo is free and open source, lip sync software for matching pre generated or custom mouth shapes to a recorded audio file for use in 2D animation. Its available on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  9. Dec 2019
    1. At Excellent Webworld our UI/UX designers are always experimenting with the innovative design in buttons and navigation bars. Here is an interactive tab animation for our previous mobile app development project.

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    1. When did you start working on it and how long did it take to make? It took nearly four years from the first draft to final cut. The first script was complete in early 2014, which we then adapted into a picture storybook as a proof of concept. We received funding almost a year later and we hit the ground running full-time (into eternity).
  13. Dec 2018
    1. SIGGRAPH: Share your top three technology tools. CC: I hate technology! But if you’re trying to make something pretty in this medium, there’s no avoiding it
    2. SIGGRAPH: What is the best advice you would give someone starting out in animation? CC: Draw. Carry a sketchbook (or a tablet) and draw (or paint!) every chance you get. Make observations from the world around you, from photo or video reference, from artists you admire. Most importantly, don’t just observe, but put those observations down on paper in visual form. Make a habit of it. The things you learn that way will stay with you forever. And that knowledge will be useful no matter what medium you end up working in.
  14. Nov 2018
    1. As a student, you have to be very good at the craft
    2. Mitchell said, “You have to do what you want to do. Don’t make a film so you can get into Pixar or DreamWorks.”
    3. Pete Doctor, the director of Up, said that he went into school thinking that he needed to learn how to draw and left school believing that acting and storytelling were more important.
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    1. This shift of weight is always in the opposite direction that you will ultimately be moving in. This is called anticipation.
  19. Dec 2016
    1. Description of a technique applicable to most (all?) modern browsers for achieving high performance animation of an element from an initial state to some destination state.

  20. Nov 2015
    1. "Freedom River" (1971), a cartoon parable narrated by Orson Welles. Cute, and its message is more pressing today. But they should have included a bit about how much of the nation was built by people who were here first, and others who were enslaved.

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABKLirW24LE<br> Open Culture has a background story.

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    1. | canvas point | canvas := DrGeoCanvas new. canvas fullscreen. point := canvas point: 0@0. canvas do: [ -5 to: 5 by: 0.1 do: [:x | point moveTo: x@(x cos * 3). (Delay forMilliseconds: 100) wait. canvas update] ]