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  1. Jul 2024
    1. "You buy a khaki pants And all of a sudden you say a Indiana Jones An' a thief out gold and thief out the scrolls and even the buried bones" criticism on how people change their appearances so easily, acclaim status/right just because they can conform to social appearances - doesn't mean that they actually are who they say they or they really mean what they do/represent. like those televangelists with their fake/unproductive compassion and care. what change are they really doing to help humanity as a whole, when they are truly only looking out for themselves and their own comfort/security, while projecting their own existence/ideologies on others. criticism on the right/ownership of ancient artifacts, knowledge and discoveries. people who claim to own knowledge or ancient artifacts are actually theives who are stealing and exploting humanity, what belongs to everyone.

      Epictetus: "He who is properly grounded in life should not have to look for outside approval."

      Also: "If you are ever tempted to look outside for approval, realize you have lost your integrity. If you need a witness, be your own."

      Do not change as often as the winds... But do not be impervious to change either.

      Nietzche: "The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind."

      There is a balance to be held. Change opinion and outside projection only if applicably by rational thought based on thorough research and nuanced deep understanding. Be principled, yet flexible.

  2. Apr 2024
    1. Every p-block with a payment in r-coins by a correct trader p ̸ = ris eventually approved or disapproved by an r-block [provided p and r are friends or have acommon friend in SG(B)]a.

      Strange that you need to have a friend-path in order to use r's coins. I'd expect r to accept&approve a message from me, given I hold his coin (which he can see from my message).

    2. An r-block b with an empty payment and comment approve points to balancedr-coin payments block b′, where b does not observe a block equivocating with b′

      What's the point of explicit approvals if it can be derived out of DAG?

      It won't spare computation, as one would still need to go through DAG and ensure payment's balanced and equivocation-free. Can't trust the issuer of "APPROVE".

    3. The black agent approves the payment

      Why does he need to approve? It is a mean of equivocation detection. But it requires all coins going through its creator. Incurring latency and possible indefinete out-of-service as creator goes offline.

      Why is it not optional? Like we can exchange coins with recepient directly, and he may come to redeem it later, if he wishes, detecting eqiuvocation at that point.

      Some services, that offer say a cup of coffee, would be willing to take the risk of loosing $5 of value on to-be-detected equivocations. Since equivocators will be punished severily that does not worth 5$ of value. So they can be rest assured that nobody's gonna do that.

      Now this example holds if coffee provider prices in currency other than its own, say bank's.

      And banks are generally online. But still. Why force it? Let them do a round-trip to currency owner at their choice, a tradeoff that's up to them.

  3. Aug 2022
  4. Mar 2022
    1. All the knowledge provided by Elders in this book has beenapproved for public eyes. Higher, secret levels of knowledge exist,but they are not presented here.
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    1. If you refer to someone's tacit agreement or approval, you mean they are agreeing to something or approving it without actually saying so, often because they are unwilling to admit to doing so.
  25. Feb 2020
    1. Cleanup over sign-off As discussed in Sid's interview on iteration, waiting for approval can slow things down. We can prevent this with automation (e.g. tests of database migration performance) or clean-up after the fact (refactor a Pajamas if something was added that isn't coherent), but we try to ensure people don't need to wait for signoff.
    2. Make two-way door decisions Most decisions are easy to reverse, have the directly responsible individual make them without approval. As Jeff Bezos describes only when you can't reverse them should there be a more thorough discussion.
  26. Dec 2019
  27. Dec 2016
    1. the third level of education requires profound honesty. It asks that you become a person who can look at life objectively with honesty and consistency. You are not trying to be a wonderful person now; you are not trying to be a villain, either. You're not even trying "to be." You are freed from the attempt to be someone. This is the greatest freedom you can experience in life. In a way, the quest to be someone has to be relinquished before you can be someone. Knowledge does not require that you become exemplary according to your standards. You cannot say, "I am going to use Knowledge to get more of this or less of that," because Knowledge is the Master in your life. It is moving you. You have set sails, and God is now blowing you across the world.
  28. Jan 2016
    1. You must stop valuing the inputs which bolster the ego and satisfy it. I mean by that, the actions that get approval. You must at this point value the marvelous fact that you are, at this instant, connecting with me from That of you which is Fourth-dimensional. It is a concrete demonstration of your Sanity—your presence of Mind—and therefore an illuminated experience of your Being, with no distortion present.

      Approval bolsters the ego............ leads to distortion...