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    1. Zhu, Y., Bloxham, C. J., Hulme, K. D., Sinclair, J. E., Tong, Z. W. M., Steele, L. E., Noye, E. C., Lu, J., Chew, K. Y., Pickering, J., Gilks, C., Bowen, A. C., & Short, K. R. (2020). Children are unlikely to have been the primary source of household SARS-CoV-2 infections [Preprint]. Epidemiology. https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.03.26.20044826

  8. Apr 2020
    1. Grapheme cluster boundaries are important for collation, regular expressions, UI interactions, segmentation for vertical text, identification of boundaries for first-letter styling, and counting “character” positions within text. Word boundaries, line boundaries, and sentence boundaries should not occur within a grapheme cluster: in other words, a grapheme cluster should be an atomic unit with respect to the process of determining these other boundaries.
    2. It is important to recognize that what the user thinks of as a “character”—a basic unit of a writing system for a language—may not be just a single Unicode code point. Instead, that basic unit may be made up of multiple Unicode code points. To avoid ambiguity with the computer use of the term character, this is called a user-perceived character. For example, “G” + grave-accent is a user-perceived character: users think of it as a single character, yet is actually represented by two Unicode code points. These user-perceived characters are approximated by what is called a grapheme cluster, which can be determined programmatically.
    3. grapheme clusters (“user-perceived characters”)
  9. Apr 2018
    1. JupyterHub, a multi-user Hub, spawns, manages, and proxies multiple instances of the single-user Jupyter notebook server.
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    1. give the university’s admissions and marketing people something distinctive they could use to sell the university to prospective students and their parents. But there’s certainly an element of faith to all of this.
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    1. To support the extraction of themes, we refer to existent content analysis studies regardingTwitter, with a focus on theInformation-Community-Actionframework which is developed todescribe organization-public communication (Lovejoy and Saxton 2012).Informationtweetscontain factual information,community-buildingtweets reflect social engagement, andactiontweets are explicit calls for taking actions

      Think of these as clusters. We will do cluster analysis in a week or so. These are attributes of nodes.

    2. 6K-core which includes 11 participants connected to at least six other participants

      From Wasserman and Faust: K-cores are used to identify sub-groups (or cliques?) within a network. The clique is a complete subgraph of a whole network. I think this means that all the nodes in this small group have all possible ties. So (again this is my understanding), a K-core of 6 means that all the nodes are linked to (at least) the same 6 nodes. Nodes in one clique can be in other cliques.

  13. Sep 2017
    1. Academic publication islikely to involve breakingthe process evaluation down into smaller parts, but careful cross-referencing between papers,and to full reports, shouldensure that the bigger picture, and the contribution of each article to the whole,is not lost.

      Justification for the CLUSTER approach

  14. May 2017
    1. "For years, Plymouth State University has partnered with local businesses to involve students in real-life environments," said Robyn Parker, dean and faculty member in the current College of Business Administration and cluster development leader. "For example, each year a group of students works with the Common Man restaurant to develop new ice cream flavors. Students from various disciplines work in teams to research, design marketing materials, create business plans, manage budgets, develop and test their products, and introduce their ice cream flavors."
    2. "Integrated clusters allow us to provide the type of education, beginning at the freshman level, that integrates the learning process in such a way as to create opportunities to interact with our communities," said Donald L. Birx, PSU president. "Using open laboratories, we can work across disciplines and with community members to solve problems and challenges that give students insights into how education is relevant to the needs of the world."
  15. May 2016
    1. Doing it wrong, using ineffective process isn’t really any “faster”.  It’s just the appearance of action but without effective or positive change. It’s more theater.

      How much theater is in play...

    2. We see the organization as split into supporters and resisters. — Some people are eagerly following the leader’s direction and pushing for action in implementing this solution. But others, those who question the solution and want to look closer at the “problem” are marginalized and discounted as anti-change resisters. We don’t hear them.  We think we know what they’re feeling, but we’re wrong.

      Paying attention to the few at the margins that have significant questions.

    3. It’s likely not that the people in your institution are resisting your grand vision so much as it’s more likely the uncertainty and the incompleteness of your grand vision engenders fear and concern.
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