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      • for: sensory ecology, conservation biology, adjacency, adjacency - sensory ecology - conservation biology, anthropogenic sensory pollutants

      • title: Why conservation biology can benefit from sensory ecology

      • author Davide M. Dominoni et al.
      • date: Mar. 2020
      • abstract
        • Global expansion of human activities is associated with the introduction of novel stimuli, such as
          • anthropogenic noise,
          • artificial lights and
          • chemical agents.
        • Progress in documenting the ecological effects of sensory pollutants is weakened by sparse knowledge of the mechanisms underlying these effects.
        • This severely limits our capacity to devise mitigation measures.
        • Here,we integrate knowledge of animal
          • sensory ecology,
          • physiology and
          • life history
        • to articulate three perceptual mechanisms—
          • masking,
          • distracting and
          • misleading
        • that clearly explain how and why anthropogenic sensory pollutants impact organisms.
        • We then
          • link these three mechanisms to ecological consequences and
          • discuss their implications for conservation.
        • We argue that this framework can reveal the presence of ‘sensory danger zones’, hotspots of conservation concern
          • where sensory pollutants overlap in space and time with an organism’s activity, and
          • foster development of strategic interventions to mitigate the impact of sensory pollutants.
        • Future research that applies this framework will provide critical insight to preserve the natural sensory world.
  2. Sep 2023
    1. "Surrendering" by Ocean Vuong

      1. He moved into United State when he was age of five. He first came to United State when he started kindergarten. Seven of them live in the apartment one bedroom and bathroom to share the whole. He learned ABC song and alphabet. He knows the ABC that he forgot the letter is M comes before N.

      2. He went to the library since he was on the recess. He was in the library hiding from the bully. The bully just came in the library doing the slight frame and soft voice in front of the kid where he sit. He left the library, he walked to the middle of the schoolyard started calling him the pansy and fairy. He knows the American flag that he recognize on the microphone against the backdrop.

    1. “No, where is the poem you plagiarized? How did you even write something like this?”

      I found this quote from Vuong's teacher quite revealing about the author, as it shows how talented and skillful this author had been at a young age, and provides greater impact for how he considers himself at the end.

    2. As such, I was a fraud in a field of language, which is to say, I was a writer. I have plagiarized my life to give you the best of me.

      This section in particular interested me as it is a generally unique interpretation of how writers express themselves using inspiration from past writers before them. To elaborate, I found it fascinating how Vuong could be so articulate in illustrating his past experiences, yet still find himself merely being a person who allegedly 'plagiarizes' off of other exemplary literary or historical figures he has studied before.

  3. Aug 2023
    1. Rượu vang Úc: Hành trình khẳng định chất lượng và sự ưa chuộng tại Việt Nam

      Ngành công nghiệp rượu vang đang trở thành một trong những mảng xuất khẩu lớn nhất của Úc. Hơn 60% sản lượng rượu được xuất khẩu đi các nước, đóng góp nhiều vào nền kinh tế quốc gia qua việc sản xuất, nhân công, xuất khẩu và du lịch.

      Dù là thành viên sinh sau đẻ muộn trong lịch sử ngành rượu thế giới nhưng rượu vang Úc vẫn tự tin khẳng định chất lượng qua các thương hiệu đình đám như vang Penfolds, Yalumba, Lindemans,.. cũng như giành vô số giải thưởng danh giá ở các cuộc thi quốc tế.

      Năm 2023, vang Úc chính thức thống trị giải thưởng Decanter World Wine Awards tổ chức tại London. Trong đó, vùng sản xuất vang Margaret River được vinh danh là “Vùng làm vang xuất sắc nhất thế giới”.

    1. Jillian HessAug 7AuthorI make my own journals too! I found it totally elevated my note-taking experience.

      Jillian Hess makes her own journals as a means of elevating her note-taking experience.

    1. Oreskes, Naomi, and Erik M. Conway. The Big Myth: How American Business Taught Us to Loathe Government and Love the Free Market. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2023.

  4. Jul 2023
      • Title
        • The landscape of biomedical research
      • Authors
        • Rita González-Márquez,
        • Luca Schmidt,
        • Benjamin M. Schmidt,
        • Philipp Berens
        • Dmitry Kobak
      • Date
        • April 11, 2023
      • Source
      • Abstract
        • The number of publications in biomedicine and life sciences
        • has rapidly grown over the last decades,
        • with over 1.5 million papers now published every year.
        • This makes it difficult to
          • keep track of new scientific works and
          • to have an overview of the evolution of the field as a whole.
        • Here we
          • present a 2D atlas of the entire corpus of biomedical literature, and
          • argue that it provides
            • a unique and
            • useful overview
          • of the life sciences research.
        • We base our atlas on the abstract texts of
        • 21 million English articles from the PubMed database.
        • To embed the abstracts into 2D, we use
          • a large language model PubMedBERT, combined with
          • t-SNE tailored to handle samples of our size.
        • We use our atlas to study
          • the emergence of the Covid-19 literature,
          • the evolution of the neuroscience discipline,
          • the uptake of machine learning, and
          • the distribution of gender imbalance in academic authorship.
        • Furthermore, we present an interactive web version of our atlas that
          • allows easy exploration and
          • will enable further insights and facilitate future research.
    1. Six serologically negative sows were infected by intranasal instillation of porcinecytomegalovirus (PCMV) between 31 and 85 days of pregnancy. Four sows showedan afebrile anorexia and lethargy 14-25 days after infection and all 6 developedsignificant increases in indirect immunofluorescent (IIF) antibody titres within35 days. Virus was recovered from nasal and/or cervical swabs from 2 sowsduring life and from lung macrophage cultures after death.At term the sows were killed and their fetuses harvested by caesarean section.The number of mummified and stillborn fetuses increased from 4/63 in 6 previouslitters to 18/60 in the 6 present litters. Nine of 43 fetuses born alive were rearedin isolators for up to 6 weeks but the majority were killed for examination on theday of birth. Virus was isolated from 16 piglets from 4 of the 6 litters examined;it was isolated most frequently from lungs and liver but also from spleen, kidney,brain and nasal mucosa. Unsuckled day-old pigs had insignificant IIF titres,irrespective of whether they were excreting virus or not. The 5 congenital excretorswhich were reared all died within 7 days but no deaths occurred among their 4litter-mates. Post-natal infection of 2 of these piglets reared in contact withcongenitally infected pigs was suggested by the recovery of virus from nasal swabs17 and 27 days after birth and the subsequent rise in IIF titre to 1/256 by day 42.

      在妊娠31 ~ 85天期间,通过鼻内注射猪巨细胞病毒(PCMV)感染了6头血清学阴性的母猪。4只小鼠感染后14 ~ 25 d出现发热性厌食和嗜睡,35 d内间接免疫荧光(IIF)抗体滴度均显著升高。从2头母猪生前的鼻腔和/或宫颈拭子和死后的肺巨噬细胞培养中检出病毒



      肺、肝多发,脾、肾、脑、鼻黏膜多发。 未哺乳日龄猪的IIF滴度不显著,与是否排出病毒无关。饲养的5只先天性排泄体均在7 d内死亡,4只滴母均无死亡。其中2头仔猪与先天性感染猪有过接触,经17日和27日鼻拭子检出病毒,提示其产后感染。到第42天,IIF滴度上升到1/256。

  5. May 2023
    1. Reportage der New York Times über Veränderungen in der reisproduktion, die vor allem durch die globale Erhitzung erzwungen werden. Aber auch die hohen methanemissionen und ökologische Veränderungen durch den Wasserverbrauch für die reiseproduktion wirken sich aus. Insgesamt gefährdet die Klimakatastrophe gerade in Bezug auf Reis die Lebensmittelsicherheit. Konzerne versuchen durch die Entwicklung von Gentechnik von dieser Situation zu profitieren. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2023/05/20/climate/rice-farming-climate-change.html

    1. But lo!men have become the tools of their tools. The manwho independently plucked the fruits when he was hun¬gry is become a farmer; and he who stood under a treefor shelter, a housekeeper.


      This quote is fascinating when one realizes that the Thoreau family business was manufacturing pencils at John Thoreau & Co., one of the first major pencil companies in the United States. Thoreau's father was the titular John and Henry David worked in the factory and improved upon the hardness of their graphite. https://hypothes.is/a/sm7LUpazEe2tTq_GhGiVIg

      One might also then say that the man who manufactured pencils naturally should become a writer!

      This quote also bears some interesting resemblance to quotes about tools which shape us by Winston Churchill and John M. Culkin see: https://hypothes.is/a/6Znx6MiMEeu3ljcVBsKNOw

    1. The Ivy Lee method dates back to 1918, when Lee, a productivity consultant, was hired by Charles M. Schwab, the president of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, to improve his company's efficiency. As the story goes, Lee offered his method to Schwab for free, and after three months, Schwab was so pleased with the results he wrote Lee a check for $25,000 — the equivalent of about $400,000 today.
    1. Christie RF80-M Battery Charger - Avion TEq

      The Christie RF80-M is the ideal charging solution for a wide variety of battery types. Its 100 program capacity ensures that all your batteries can be charged and tested quickly and efficiently. With 16 functions/steps per program, this charger allows you to customize your process settings to fit the exact needs of each individual battery type.

      The Christie RF80-M is also equipped with advanced features, such as its touch screen format which makes programming easy and intuitive.

    1. https://analogoffice.net/2023/05/03/too-much-information.html

      Your title made me think it was about a different, but related book...

      I too bought Hess' book at Kimberly's recommendation, but I'm still plowing through the end of Ann M. Blair's Too Much to Know: Managing Scholarly Information before the Modern Age. Yale University Press, 2010. https://yalebooks.yale.edu/book/9780300165395/too-much-know. You might find it interesting, but hopefully not overwhelming.

      syndication link

    1. ’ve been studying notebooks for over a decade and I still haven’t landed on a perfect organization method. I have, however, found the perfect pen: uni-ball signo, .38mm. I discovered them while teaching in Korea in 2008 and haven’t looked back.

      It can't be a good sign that an academic who has spent over a decade studying notebooks and note taking still hasn't found the "perfect" organization method.

  6. Apr 2023
    1. Want to read: How Romantics and Victorians Organized Information by Jillian M. Hess 📚


      👀 How did I not see this?!?? 😍 Looks like a good follow up to Ann Blair's Too Much to Know (Yale, 2010) and the aperitif of Simon Winchester's Knowing What We Know (Harper) which just came out on Tuesday. 📚 Thanks for the recommendation Kimberly!

    1. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has acquired the MIT Press colophon, designed by Muriel Cooper, as part of its permanent collection. Designed in 1965 and now widely celebrated as a hallmark of modernist design, the iconic logo was abstracted from the letters “mitp” into the barcode-resembling design that stamps the spines of the press’s publications.

      Muriel Cooper, the first design director of the MIT Press and a founding faculty member of MIT's Media Lab, designed the MIT Press colophon in 1965. The iconic colophon has been acquired by The Museum of Modern Art in 2023.

      The commission had originally been offered to Paul Rand (o Eye Bee M logo fame) in 1962, but when he turned down the offer, he suggested they offer it to Cooper.

    1. Aby Warburg: Metamorphosis and Memory. Documentary, Biography, 2016. https://www.kanopy.com/en/lapl/video/5913764.

      Written, Directed and Produced by Judith Wechsler<br /> Wechsler2016

      sepia image of Warburg looking out over a city next to a hill with the movie title superimposed at the top

    2. Aby Warburg died of a heart attack52:41 on the 26th of October, 1929,52:45 at the age of 63.

      Aby Warburg, scion of a major banking family died on October 26, 1929, just two days before Black Monday on October 28, the stock market crash which marked the end of the "Roaring Twenties" and the beginning of the Great Depression.

      Could family influences or changes at that time have caused small, but underlying issues relating to the crash at that time? What was the reaction of the Warburg family on early Monday the 28th?

      Aby, as the oldest, would have inherited the bank, but by arrangement with his younger brother in their youth apparently gave it to his brother in exchange for books.

    1. exchange theory (Dowd 1975), a rational choice approach, suggests we experience an increased dependence as we age and must increasingly submit to the will of others because we have fewer ways of compelling others to submit to us. Indeed,

      As I age I depend on my parents even more then I did when I was a teenager. As they age I hope I can be there for them.

  7. Mar 2023
    1. By looking at practices of note-taking for their ownsake we can get a better idea of how people performed intellectual work in the past, what caughttheir attention and how they moved from reading to producing a finished work, often via note-taking.
    2. Blair, Ann M. “The Rise of Note-Taking in Early Modern Europe.” Intellectual History Review 20, no. 3 (August 4, 2010): 303–16. https://doi.org/10.1080/17496977.2010.492611.

      Annotation target: urn:x-pdf:202007e9836543a7b69e7045c81f5965

      Hypothes.is: https://hypothes.is/users/chrisaldrich?q=url%3Aurn%3Ax-pdf%3A202007e9836543a7b69e7045c81f5965

    1. Что такое мысль, мышление? В этом вопросе иногда возникает путаница, поскольку мыслью называют все проявления интеллектуальных способностей. Т.е. любое думание, любую внутреннюю речь называют мыслью. В таком случае мысль свободна в той же мере, как движения больного ДЦП, иначе говоря, там хаос. Но у человека в принципе есть такая способность как мышление. Объяснить что такое мышление сложно в двух словах. Важно, что мышление у человека встречается (как говорил Г.П.) так же редко, как танцы у лошадей.): Мышление свободно, так как оно опирается только на свое собственное содержание. Другое дело, что человеку обычно сложно различить – когда он мыслит, а когда просто думает. Мышление связано с думанием, оно как бы выхватывает его смыслы и делает их своим содержанием – если, конечно, мышление происходит. Я знаю только один способ «держать» мышление – это наблюдение мышления, это очень сложный прием – мыслить и одновременно наблюдать мышление, но он возможен, потому что мышление мы осуществляем полностью сами. Мыслит не голова, не мозг – мыслит «Я», поэтому мышление прозрачно для наблюдения, в нем нет скрытого (как, например, в вещах). Но наблюдение мышления – это способность, которая требует  очень большой тренировки. Нормальный человек может наблюдать только такое мышление, которое происходит очень медленно и последовательно, по шажкам. Но тогда он получает замечательный опыт свободы и достоверности, доверия к мышлению. Если этого опыта нет, или он не осознан, то человек обычно не доверяет мышлению, для него более достоверно чувство.Еще одно важное свойство мышления – это то, что в мышлении люди могут иметь абсолютное взаимопонимание – очевидно, что мышление как говорят психологи «интерсубъективно». Поэтому в мышлении возможна полная свобода общения.
  8. pavel-g-m.livejournal.com pavel-g-m.livejournal.com
    1. Центральная идея философии свободы – это мышление, как фундамент всего развития человека и человечества. Именно это отличает антропософию от различных визионерских и авторитарных оккультных систем.Поэтому мне представляется необычайно важным при совместном обсуждении «Философии свободы» не просто составить себе общее представление о содержании этой книги, а работать над ней так, чтобы это соответствовало ее содержанию, а именно – это содержание нужно научиться делать предметом мышления, того мышления о котором пишет Штайнер в этой книге.Ограничиться обсуждением разных мнений, образов и ассоциаций которые возникают при чтении этой книги – это означает совсем не понять того, о чем там идет речь. Потому, что у каждого есть свои представления, мифы, образы того, что такое мышление, и очень легко впасть в иллюзию того, что именно об этом говорит Штайнер.Он сам пишет:«Не надо только смешивать две вещи: "обладание мысленными образами" и переработку мыслей посредством мышления. Мысленные образы могут вставать в душе подобно сновидениям или как смутные внушения. Но это не есть мышление»
  9. pavel-g-m.livejournal.com pavel-g-m.livejournal.com
    1. Истина, позаимствованная от другого скептиком, который с этого момента стал верующим, не обладает духовными свойствами истины, родившейся в размышлении. Это истина внешняя и застывшая. Она приобретает влияние на человека, но неспособна проникнуть в самую глубину его существа, составить с ним одно целое. Живой является только та истина, которая порождена мышлением
    2. Семена скептицизма пустили ростки. В самом деле, современный человек уже не имеет духовного доверия к самому себе. За самоуверенной внешностью он скрывает большую внутреннюю неуверенность. Несмотря на огромную производительность в материальной области, он в своем развитии остановился на уровне ребенка, так как оставил без употребления свою способность к мышлению. Когда-нибудь покажется непостижимым, что наше поколение, столь высоко проявившее себя научными открытиями и изобретениями, в духовном отношении могло пасть так низко, чтобы отказаться мыслить.
    3. Дух века навязывает современному человеку скептическое отношение к его собственному мышлению, чтобы сделать его восприимчивым к истинам, которые он получает из авторитетных источников. Всем этим постоянным влияниям человек не может оказать должного сопротивления, так как он представляет собой сверхзанятое и разбросанное существо, у которого нет сил сосредоточиться. Более того, многообразная материальная зависимость влияет на его умственные способности таким образом, что в конце концов он теряет веру в право иметь собственные мысли.
  10. Feb 2023
    1. Fred Morrow Flingwrote effusively of the ‘manifest advantages’ of the ‘card system of note taking’

      from<br /> Fling, F. M. (1920) The Writing of History: An Introduction to Historical Method. New Haven: Yale University Press.

  11. ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com
    1. «Согласно онтологии коллективной мыследеятельности отдельный человек не обладает достаточной энергией для развития; для этого он должен рассматриваться в качестве компонента более сложных, коллективно-коммуникативных, кооперативных систем и процессов. Коллективная мыследеятельность и есть та минимальная онтологическая единица, по отношению к которой может быть поставлен вопрос об индивидуальном развитии и самоопределении. Коллективная мыследеятельность полагается как синхронизированный комплекс пяти процессов: мышления, понимания, действования, коммуникации и рефлексии»
  12. Jan 2023
    1. Has anyone read this? “Too Much to Know: Managing Scholarly Information Before the Modern Age by Ann Blair”

      reply to u/alcibiad https://www.reddit.com/r/Zettelkasten/comments/1054a49/has_anyone_read_this_too_much_to_know_managing/

      I don't know everything, but reasonable portion of it comes from Ann M. Blair who is one of the senior scholars in the area of intellectual history. If you want a crash course on the space her book and Markus Krajewski's are probably the two best you can start out with, though keep in mind that they're written for a more scholarly crowd and can be somewhat dense in some places. For those who are fans, below is a quick bibliography of her related work in the space. For those who don't want to wade through several hundred pages of a relatively dense book, some of her shorter journal articles can be quite interesting.

      Blair, Ann M.. “Humanist Methods in Natural Philosophy: The Commonplace Book.” Journal of the History of Ideas 53, no. 4 (1992): 541–51. https://doi.org/10.2307/2709935.

      ———. “Humanist Methods in Natural Philosophy: The Commonplace Book.” In Jean Bodin. Routledge, 2006.

      ———. “Note Taking as an Art of Transmission.” Critical Inquiry 31, no. 1 (September 2004): 85–107. https://doi.org/10.1086/427303.

      ———. “Reading Strategies for Coping with Information Overload ca. 1550-1700.” Journal of the History of Ideas 64, no. 1 (2003): 11–28. https://doi.org/10.2307/3654293.

      ———. “Annotating and Indexing Natural Philosophy,” January 1, 2000.

      ———. “Conrad Gessner’s Paratexts” 73, no. 1 (January 1, 2016): 73–122. https://doi.org/10.24894/gesn-en.2016.73004.

      ———. “Manuals on Note-Taking (Ars Excerpendi).” In Brill’s Encyclopaedia of the Neo-Latin World. Brill, May 7, 2014. https://referenceworks.brillonline.com/entries/encyclopaedia-of-the-neo-latin-world/manuals-on-note-taking-ars-excerpendi-B9789004271029_0058.

      ———. “Textbooks and Methods of Note-Taking in Early Modern Europe,” January 1, 2008.

      ———. “The Rise of Note-Taking in Early Modern Europe.” Intellectual History Review 20, no. 3 (August 4, 2010): 303–16. https://doi.org/10.1080/17496977.2010.492611.

      ———. The Theater of Nature: Jean Bodin and Renaissance Science. Princeton Legacy Library. Princeton University Press, 2017. https://press.princeton.edu/books/hardcover/9780691654386/the-theater-of-nature.

      ———. Too Much to Know: Managing Scholarly Information before the Modern Age. Yale University Press, 2010. https://yalebooks.yale.edu/book/9780300165395/too-much-know.

      Blair, Ann M., Paul Duguid, and Anja-Silvia Goeing. Information: A Historical Companion. Princeton University Press, 2021. https://press.princeton.edu/books/hardcover/9780691179544/information.

  13. Dec 2022
  14. Nov 2022
    1. social historian G. M. Trevelyan (1978) put theissue some time ago, ‘Education...has produced a vast population able to readbut unable to distinguish what is worth reading.’
  15. Oct 2022
    1. J.H. Plumb once showed me a set of Swift’s works given him by G.M. Trevelyan; it had originally belonged to Macaulay, who had drawn a line all the way down the margin of every page as he read it, no doubt committing the whole to memory.

      A line in the margin doesn't fit with any mnemotechniques I'm aware of, so it's more likely a method to indicate what he had read, and up to what point. Likely not an indicator of storage to memory.

  16. ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com
    1. Чтобы не пропускать зло дальше себя, требуется огромное мужество.Чтобы оправдывать собственную слабость, достаточно страха.
  17. Sep 2022
    1. Lawrence M. Eppard


      Dr. Lawrence Eppard<br /> leeppard@ship.edu<br /> Grove Hall 437<br /> 717-477-1596<br /> Ph.D., University of Florida

      Areas of specialization are social stratification and inequalities, poverty and social welfare, racial inequality, culture, sociology of families and social theory.

  18. Aug 2022
    1. works inEnglish are convenient introductions to the prohems andmethods of historical research: Charles V. Langlois andCharles Seignobos, Introduction to the rludy of history, NewYork, 1898; John M. Vincent, Historical research, an outlineof theory and practice, New York, 1911; and, to a morelimited extent, Fred M. Fling, Writing of history, an intro-duction to historical method, New Haven, 1920. The studentwho is specializing in history should early familiarize him-self with these volumes and then acquaint himself with otherworks in the field, notably Ernst Bernheim, hehrbuch derhistorwehen Methode und der Beschichtsplrilosophie, 6th ed.,Leipzig, 1908

      I'm curious, what, if any, detail Fling (1920) and Vincent (1911) provide on note taking processes?

  19. Jul 2022
  20. ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com
    1. Хочу еще раз высказать, на мой взгляд, ключевой тезис о возможности духовного возрождения в современном мире: Для такого возрождение необходимо становление небольших сообществ, иначе говоря, рабочих групп, в которых будет строиться, развиваться возможность диалога, то есть взаимного понимания и участия в духовном и, в первую очередь, мыслительном общении, преодолевающем границы эгоцентризма его участников. Это принципиально не может быть общением, диалогом, в котором участники изначально согласны друг с другом. Наоборот, чем больше разнообразие и противоположность субъективных точек зрения и убеждений, тем более значимо усилие, направленное на возможность диалога. Христианская любовь состоит не в том, чтобы принимать близких по убеждениям, а в способности слышать Другого именно, как другого, а не как свое нарциссическое отражение. Только в этом случае диалог имеет общечеловеческое, а, точнее говоря, человечески духовное значение, а не значение для секты последователей одной идеологии. Только такая группа изначально воспроизводит и преодолевает современную разобщённость и нарциссический индивидуализм.
    1. with established worldwide fame and prestige, to step in his previous successes to write more-of-the-same books and convert all the attention in cheap money. Just like Robert Kiyosaki did with his 942357 books about “Rich dad”.

      Many artists fall into a creativity trap caused by fame. They spend years developing a great work, but then when it's released, the industry requires they follow it up almost immediately with something even stronger.

      Jewel is an reasonable and perhaps typical example of this phenomenon. She spent several years writing the entirety of her first album Pieces of You (1995), which had three to four solid singles. As it became popular she was rushed to release Spirit (1998), which, while it was ultimately successful, didn't measure up to the first album which had far more incubation time. She wasn't able to build up enough material over time to more easily ride her initial wave of fame. Creativity on demand can be a difficult master, particularly when one is actively touring or supporting their first work while needing to

      (Compare the number of titles she self-wrote on album one vs. album two).

      M. Night Shyamalan is in a similar space, though as a director he preferred to direct scripts that he himself had written. While he'd had several years of writing and many scripts, some were owned by other production companies/studios which forced him to start from scratch several times and both write and direct at the same time, a process which is difficult to do by oneself.

      Another example is Robert Kiyosaki who spun off several similar "Rich Dad" books after the success of his first.

      Compare this with artists who have a note taking or commonplacing practice for maintaining the velocity of their creative output: - Eminem - stacking ammo - Taylor Swift - commonplace practice

  21. Jun 2022
    1. Matthew Fay (Institute of English Studies, University of London)


      Short Bio

      Over the years, Matthew has turned his hand to several disciplines, from high school teaching to theatre directing, before taking the MA in the History of the Book at London University. He is now undertaking research for a PhD on an archive formed by his great-grandfather, Frank Fay (1870-1930), an Irish actor and producer, who collaborated with W. B. Yeats and Lady Gregory on the plays that were performed at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. Matthew is interested in the provenance of books and theatre history.


      • Thesis: ‘The Fay Archive: Towards a Checklist and Copy-specific Analysis of Key Research Items by W. B. Yeats, J. M. Synge and Lady Gregory.’ (in progress)
  22. ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com
    1. У моего отца, ветерана труда и летчика экстра-класса, способного в полярную ночь посадить самолет на поляну в тайге, была одна интересная особенность.Первое же мнение, замаскированное под факт, он принимал как единственно верное и непреложное.Например, еще в училище, один начитанный курсант сказал ему, что «Три товарища» Ремарка – лучшая книга на свете. Отец ее тут же прочел – и больше к книгам не притрагивался, вообще. На любые рекомендации он говорил: «Хочешь сказать, что это лучше «Трех товарищей»? Нет? Ну и зачем тогда ее читать?».Он не смотрел фантастику: кто-то авторитетный из его окружения однажды ляпнул «Фантастика это враньё» – и всё, как отрезало. Однажды нам довелось вместе посмотреть по телевизору «Люди в черном». Мы оба смеялись, отлично провели время. Я потом высказался в том смысле, что видишь, мол, фантастика бывает разной, а он помрачнел, подумал немного, и ответил: «Это не фантастика, это комедия».В общем, всё в таком духе:Лучшая машина – новая, даже если она прямо с завода требует ремонта. Генри Форд не мог ошибаться.Лучший табак – в «Беломоре», даже если от него постоянный бронхит. Иначе почему его курил самый умный преподаватель в училище?Переубедить его было невозможно, донести до него что-то новое - нереально.На 25-летие отец вручил мне электронную записную книжку – если кто помнит, были такие черные пеналы с клавиатурой, обычно фирмы «Casio».К тому времени электронными записными книжками давно никто не пользовался, у всех уже были сотовые телефоны, способные сохранять номера, адреса, заметки, и даже потихоньку выходить в интернет.У отца тоже был такой телефон. И у меня был.Но он все равно потратил целый день и объездил весь город, чтобы в каком-то почтовом киоске на самой окраине найти эту копеечную вещь. Такую книжку он видел в начале 90х у знакомого уважаемого бизнесмена, и теперь, когда его сын получил диплом, женился, и открыл своё дело, вручил ему эту солидную статусную вещь. На полном серьезе, безо всякого подтекста.Хвала небесам, мне хватило такта и совести, чтобы не смотреть коню в зубы, а с благодарностью принять подарок, увидев в нем символ отцовского признания.И вместе с тем мне было очень обидно. Не за ненужную и неудобную вещь, которой я никогда не воспользуюсь, а за отца, которому кто-то когда-то давным-давно сломал критическое мышление и умение смотреть на мир своими глазами и судить о вещах своим умом. Иногда я представляю, насколько тяжко жилось ему в странном однобоком мире, что он создал внутри себя – и грущу о том, что не имел никакой возможности помочь ему оттуда выбраться.
  23. May 2022
    1. the lessons you will find within thesepages are built on timeless and unchanging principles

      The ideas behind knowledge management are largely timeless, but they are far from unchanging. They have evolved slowly over 2000+ years until we broadly threw many of them away in the early 20th century.

      One only need read a few pages of Ann M. Blair's Too Much to Know: Managing Scholarly Information before the Modern Age to see some of the changes and shifts within the space from the 1400s on.

  24. Apr 2022
    1. Book review

      Cook, Trevor. “Review: Blair, Ann M. Too Much to Know: Managing Scholarly Information Before the Modern Age. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2010. Pp. Xv, 397. ISBN 978-0-300-11251-1 (Hardcover) $45.” Renaissance and Reformation 33, no. 4 (December 12, 2011): 109–11. https://doi.org/10.33137/rr.v33i4.15975.

      Note that they've accidentally used the word "in" instead of "Before" in the title of the book.

    2. one cannot help but wish that Blair had discussed her ownmethod at greater length, especially given that many of the authors she citesbelieved the sources of one’s achievement should be made public.

      I too had hoped that Ann Blair would discuss her own methods of note taking, compiling, and analysis.

      Perhaps we should interview her for the details?

    1. “Note-taking” is a general term that covers various kinds of writing in responseto listening, reading, or thinking, often in more or less direct preparation for theproduction of a composition or report (oral or written).

      Ann Blair's definition of note taking

  25. Mar 2022
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsRFTd1MndM

      Synoptic Obsidian Book Club

      Tentative Schedule beginning on Saturday, March 26, 2022

      Week 1

      Paul: Introduction and Part 1 Blair: Chapter 1

      Week 2

      Paul:Part 2 Blair:Chapter 2

      Week 3

      Paul: Part 3 Blair: Chapter 3

      Week 4

      Paul: Conclusion Blair: Chapter 4

      Week 5

      Paul: Any overflow from before?? Blair: Chapter 5

      Week 6

      (just in case we go over a bit???)

      Paul: Blair:

      Looks like the schedule in the Vault has changed to starting April 2

    1. En somme, les études sur la communication des élèves atteints d’autisme permettent de mettre en évidence l’importance d’un contexte riche en stimulations appropriées (sons et images), mais également une évidente « stabilité » de l’information à décoder, le suivi des émotions des personnages, le rôle de l’imitation dans les apprentissages. Ces résultats encouragent donc l’usage d’outils informatiques adéquats pour améliorer la communication sociale chez les enfants atteints d’autisme.

      L'association de deux sujets qui n'ont pas de corrélation vérifiéé, revient dans la conclusion en contradiction avec la conclusion de l'étude de Ramdoss, S et al.

    2. Nous allons montrer par une courte analyse de quelques études l’impact du travail éducatif informatisé dans l’apprentissage de la communication sociale chez des enfants atteints d’autisme.

      En contradiction avec l'hypothèse :

      Results suggest that CBI should not yet be considered a researched-based approach to teaching communication skills to individuals with ASD. However, CBI does seem a promising practice that warrants future research. Les résultats suggèrent que le CBI ne devrait pas encore être considéré comme un approche fondée sur la recherche pour enseigner les compétences en communication aux personnes ayant Troubles du Spectre Autistique. Cependant, le CBI semble être une pratique prometteuse qui justifie des recherches futures.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8WGozqgMuc

      Short review of his book Small Teaching. It apparently presents some small implementable tidbits to make incremental change easier to implement.

  26. Feb 2022
    1. Also, we shouldn’t underestimate the advantages of writing. In oralpresentations, we easily get away with unfounded claims. We candistract from argumentative gaps with confident gestures or drop acasual “you know what I mean” irrespective of whether we knowwhat we meant. In writing, these manoeuvres are a little too obvious.It is easy to check a statement like: “But that is what I said!” Themost important advantage of writing is that it helps us to confrontourselves when we do not understand something as well as wewould like to believe.

      In modern literate contexts, it is easier to establish doubletalk in oral contexts than it is in written contexts as the written is more easily reviewed for clarity and concreteness. Verbal ticks like "you know what I mean", "it's easy to see/show", and other versions of similar hand-waving arguments that indicate gaps in thinking and arguments are far easier to identify in writing than they are in speech where social pressure may cause the audience to agree without actually following the thread of the argument. Writing certainly allows for timeshiting, but it explicitly also expands time frames for grasping and understanding a full argument in a way not commonly seen in oral settings.

      Note that this may not be the case in primarily oral cultures which may take specific steps to mitigate these patterns.

      Link this to the anthropology example from Scott M. Lacy of the (Malian?) tribe that made group decisions by repeating a statement from the lowest to the highest and back again to ensure understanding and agreement.

      This difference in communication between oral and literate is one which leaders can take advantage of in leading their followers astray. An example is Donald Trump who actively eschewed written communication or even reading in general in favor of oral and highly emotional speech. This generally freed him from the need to make coherent and useful arguments.

  27. Jan 2022
  28. ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com
    1. На человеческом существовании порой лежит и отпечаток того, что можно, пожалуй, назвать отчаянием. Человек действует - читает, сердится, трудится, исследует, добивается чего-то, зарабатывает деньги - и в последнем отчаянии (иногда безотчетном) он говорит себе, что все это как целое не имеет никакого смысла и, если задается вопрос о смысле целого, то будет правильно заглушить его и отвергнуть как не имеющий ответа и потому бессмысленный". К. Ранер.https://pavel-g-m.livejournal.com/326947.html
    1. We should be careful that we do not become our own tools.

      Compare and contrast this admonition and extension with

      Life imitates art. We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us. — John M. Culkin, “A Schoolman’s Guide to Marshall McLuhan” (The Saturday Review, March 1967) (Culkin was a friend and colleague of Marshall McLuhan)

    1. We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us. —Winston Churchill

      Life imitates art. We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us. — John M. Culkin, “A Schoolman’s Guide to Marshall McLuhan” (The Saturday Review, March 1967) (Culkin was a friend and colleague of Marshall McLuhan)

  29. Dec 2021
    1. I'd argue it's slightly different--

      It is different. However, they're similar enough to draw lessons from.

      I use similar, non-specced canaries all the time. E.g. small fixes for things in projects that are nonetheless obvious errors, or determining whether someone is going to try to frame my attempt to contribute by "upperhanding" me, whether they're hostile to messages attached to a name that they don't recognize, etc.

      For example, if it takes too much back and forth to get a typo or link fixed in the docs (or any sort of review process for content on what is purported to be a "wiki"), then odds are, things are messed up at a greater level that are going to be a source of frustration later. At that point, I'm out.

      A surprisingly large number of projects fail these, in what we are otherwise expected to consider the present Renaissance of FOSS...

    1. In a short academic dissertation on the art of excerpts, Andreas Stübel described the card index as a ‘secondary and subsidiary memory’ (‘memoria secundaria and subsidiaria’), summing up in just three words the dilemma scholars had been struggling with for two centuries with respect to the use of commonplace books.28 As far as I know, Stübel was the first among contem-poraries to speak of secondary memory.

      28 Andreas M. Stübel, Exercitatio academica de excerptis adornandis (Leipzig, 1684), 33

      Andreas M. Stübel, in Exercitatio academica de excerptis adornandis (Leipzig, 1684), becomes the first to of many to speak about the idea of "secondary memory".

      I like this idea better than Tiago Forte's marketing term "second brain."

    1. The story is linear (the stages are followed in order, with no going back), uniform (they are followed the same way everywhere), progressive (the stages are “stages” in the first place, leading from lower to higher, more primitive to more sophisticated), deterministic (development is driven by technology, not human choice), and teleological (the process culminates in us).

      This might be the case if the tools drove the people, but isn't it more likely the way in which different people use the tools?

      Which direction gives rise to more complexity?

  30. worrydream.com worrydream.com
    1. Bret Victor: email (9/3/04) Interface matters to me more than anything else, and it always has. I just never realized that. I've spent a lot of time over the years desperately trying to think of a "thing" to change the world. I now know why the search was fruitless -- things don't change the world. People change the world by using things. The focus must be on the "using", not the "thing". Now that I'm looking through the right end of the binoculars, I can see a lot more clearly, and there are projects and possibilities that genuinely interest me deeply.

      Specifically highlighting that the "focus must be on the 'using', not the 'thing'".

      This quote is very reminiscent of John M. Culkin's quote (often misattributed to McLuhan) "We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us."

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>Linus Lee</span> in Towards a research community for better thinking tools | thesephist.com (<time class='dt-published'>12/01/2021 08:23:07</time>)</cite></small>

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    1. I call for you cultivation of strength in the dark.

      Maybe they're going through dark times and need help to get through it and continue on.

  36. Dec 2020
    1. Did you know: The Stogie was invented in Wheeling, Virginia, West Virginia. In 1819, Joseph Kirk of Wheeling began manufacturing cigars and in 1825, he was listed as a Cigar and “Stogie” manufacturer. Mifflin Marsh in relating the history of the Stogie tells us, “Some inventive genius here in Wheeling, (Kirk maybe) conceived the idea of making a cheap smoke for the (Conestoga) driver.”
    1. It was the Marsh Wheeling Stogie. Founded in 1840 by Mifflin Marsh, Marsh Wheeling (from Wheeling, Virginia at the time it didn’t become West Virginia until the Civil War) initially made cigars that were affordable for the average person. Marsh made cigars that sold for less than a penny a piece. Marsh also was the first marketer in the cigar business, handing out free samples to Conestoga wagon drivers on the National Road—which ran from Baltimore to Wheeling connecting the east coast with the Ohio River – and to Captains of the river boats that dotted the Ohio River and he then sold the rest to passengers of the boats and wagons. The following year, the Wheeling Suspension Bridge was completed across the Ohio River. As a result, Wheeling’s business really took off and as did Marsh’s. In 1848, Marsh developed what became the icon, the Stogie. At the time, the cheapest cigars were Boston Cheroots selling for $3.50 to $4.00 per thousand. They also were made out of scraps. Mifflin came up with an affordable long filler cigar named in honor of the Conestoga wagons that traveled through Wheeling taking pioneers and settlers out into the west. The Marsh Wheeling Stogie was the result, measuring 7 inches with a 34-ring gauge. (And yes, the use of the word stogie today to mean a cigar comes from the Marsh Wheeling Stogie.) Marsh also came up with the slogan because of the Stogie’s length “longer enjoyment.”

      Cigar manufacturer, M. Marsh & Son, invented the brand "Marsh Wheeling Stogie". M.Marsh & Son invented the Marsh Wheeling Stogie brand because it was initially marketed to conestoga wagon drivers on the National Road between Baltimore and Wheeling.

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    1. 15 Best Marketing Tools to Increase your Sales Whether it’s a small business or an enterprise, every business needs to have its marketing game on point. Big businesses invest heavily in marketing and promoting their products on various platforms but, a small business cannot afford big marketing budgets. This article lists best marketing tools By Jenny Targa13th Jan 20200:00/15:0323 claps+20 Share on23 claps+20 Share onShare onWhether it’s a small business or an enterprise, every business needs to have its marketing game on point.Big businesses invest heavily in marketing and promoting their products on various platforms like Google, social media, banner ads, etc. but, a small business that cannot afford big marketing budget hence, lacks behind and fails.Did you know around 90% of the startup fails within the first year of establishment? Do you know why?Well, there are lots of variable factors that result in business failures but one of the major ones is marketing. 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Data-driven marketing helps in keeping track of what you did right and what you did wrong?Planning different strategies and organizing different campaigns for your business can be overwhelming for you to track and certainly impossible.Data collection tools help you in tracking your progress and ranking your various campaigns. The tools that are best at tracking your data are as follows-Google Analytics & Search ConsoleGoogle Analytics & Search Console are free tools that help you in tracking your website visitors. These tools have become a marketing standard for every website.These tools are designed to provide data on user activity and engagements within your website as well as Google. The basic difference between search console and analytics is, the search console provides the data on the website performance on Google whereas analytics provides website performance on the visitor side.CrazzyEggCrazzyEgg is another marketing tool that provides valuable stats that the Google analytics and search console lacks. It adds another layer of information that can help you in improving your website performance.Features like heatmaps, scrolling, A/B testing, user site recording, etc. can provide an additional layer of data that can help you in optimizing your website.It is a paid product but the first 30 days are free.SEO ToolsSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is one of the most important factors when it comes to online marketing. The main objective of SEO is to rank the website higher in the SERPs for specific keywords.To do so, you would need a variety of tools, the following are the list of tools that you can use to improve your site’s SEO-UberSuggestUberSuggest is another best marketing tool that helps you in making your business increase sales. It is a free tool and provides you with data like search volume, Keyword ideas, content ideas, web traffic, SEO difficulty and much more. If you are into digital marketing then this tool will help you in optimizing not only your content but also helps you in auditing your website and getting backlink data of your competitor.It is one of the best marketing tools that can make your website rank higher in the SERPs, free of cost.AhrefAhref provides you with a list of tools to use for optimizing your website as well as tracking your competitors. One of the most used tools that makes it best in the market is the content explorer. You can use this tool for content creation.The number of tools that you get from Aherf is enough to make your website rank higher. You can run a site audit, analyze competitors for their backlinks, track your backlinks, and much more.You can get a free trial for $7 and the full basic pack for $99.ConclusionMarketing is very important and when you are a small business it becomes a basic necessity. It is a method of helping your customers find your product.How many of the tools have you used before?What are your favorite tools?Or did I miss your favorite tool?

      Whether it’s a small business or an enterprise, every business needs to have its marketing game on point. Big businesses invest heavily in marketing and promoting their products on various platforms but, a small business cannot afford big marketing budgets. This article lists best marketing tools

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    1. SDS-PAGEwas performed as described previously (Laemilli, 1970).10-40 μg protein samples were mixed with 4X SDS loading buffer and either incubated at 50 ̊C or 90 ̊C for 10 min. Denatured samples were loaded either on8%or 10%SDS-PAGEgel and run in Tris-Glycine-SDSgel running buffer at 70-100 Volts for 2-3 hin a Mini-PROTEAN®3electrophoresis unit(Bio-Rad).After electrophoresis,gels were either visualized by coomassie brilliant blue (CBB) stainingor processedfor western blotting as described below
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    1. the melancholy mournings of the turtle,

      gilmanhernandez already linked to the video I was considering, but (according to a cursory search of YouTube at least) videos of turtle sounds are also likely to be videos of turtles mating or attempting to mate, so how 'mournful' they are is perhaps up to interpretation... 😂

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    1. Unfortunately you need to install the postgresql package, because Homebrew does not currently provide a standalone libpq package.

      Interestingly enough, I found that that "brew install libpq" installed from "https://ftp.postgresql.org/pub/source/v11.0/postgresql-11.0.tar.bz2 ... Summary 🍺 /usr/local/Cellar/libpq/11.0: 2,561 files, 27.2MB, built in 4 minutes 30 seconds."

      Mac Pro on Mac OX 10.11.6.

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    1. Incessentaly correcting graamer

      This may be my favorite line of the entire code of conduct! I'm doing my best to resist....

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    1. When you think the problem to be solved is the high cost of textbooks, inclusive access programs and OER adoption are just two competing approaches to solving the problem.

      There was an interesting example of this during a short conference on digital textbooks, back in late 2014. Cindy Ives interim VP Academic at Athabasca (!) presented the etext pilot project in partnership with publishers. Ives’s approach was quite pragmatic and there’s nothing wrong with doing a pilot project on something like this. By that time, Ives was already involved in OER projects. It still struck a chord with those of us who care about OER, including Éric Francoeur who took an active part in the event and did work to create a free textbook through international and interlinguistic collaboration.

      To me, a key notion from the ‘r’ in “OER” is the distinction with those content bundles we still call “textbooks”. Sure, it’s already in the 5-R model. But the “Remix” idea in music is to a large extent about unbundling.

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    1. Episode 077: Tapping Into Abundance

      Recent Episodes Can we only have 4 episodes show up here so the page isn't so long? M

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    1. Encourage researchers not to transfer the copyright on their research outputs before publication.

      This statement is more generally applicable than just to TDM. Besides, "Encourage" is too weak a word here, and from a societal perspective, it would be far better if researchers were to retain their copyright (where it applies), but make their copyrightable works available under open licenses that allow publishers to publish the works, and others to use and reuse it.

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    1. If the space doctor’s ideas were wrong, your phone wouldn’t be able to tell where it was.

      If all of the space boats travel at the same velocity and the same distance from the Earth's surface, the time shift of the on-board clock due to relativity would be the same. The difference between the clocks would be almost the same. How would the trouble appear?