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  1. Jun 2024
    1. Tn both his alignment withCatholic principle and his anxious completion of duties, one perceives a desperation to avoid anyform of transgression, reflecting, perhaps, his state of vulnerability during his early days atClongowes.

      Connecting eagerness to another perspective: he wants to avoid transgression, and it reflects his state of vulnerability from his past. Indicating that this vulnerability has affected him long-term.

    2. y reflecthis eagerness to serve and abide to the Law'* that surrounds him.

      Builds off the argument about his character with another characteristic (that may either coexist or serve as an alternative explanation to Stephen's character)

  2. May 2024
    1. Using the discussion board as a gallery for meaningfulvisuals heightens the engagement of the space. Instead ofmoving between textual readings and textual commentaryon questions, students must engage with images and thinkmore creatively and authentically about the topics at hand

      interrupt rote assignments with pictorial assessments - also gets around copy past - ChatGPT

    1. It is clear thatthis approach will bring some benefits

      Namely, less metadata.

      Perhaps it could be mitigated via metadata compaction on sync and snapshots to garbage-collect history.

  3. Apr 2024
  4. Mar 2024
    1. préalablement à la mise en œuvre d'une procédure disciplinaire, le chef d'établissement et l'équipe éducative recherchent, dans la mesure du possible, toute mesure utile de nature éducative
    1. Speth apparently agrees with other writers such as Naomi Klein or Herman Daly. Daly, for example, has written a series of notable books and articles arguing for a “Steady State Economy.” He argues that the growth-driven industrial economy we live under is incompatible with an ecologically sustainable society. Daly advocates an economy which develops qualitatively, as he puts it, but not quantitatively (with appropriate and balanced development of the poorer nations). “The remaining natural world no longer is able to provide the sources and sinks for the metabolic throughput necessary to sustain the existing oversized economy—much less a growing one….The economy must conform to the rules of a steady state—seek qualitative development, but stop aggregate quantitative growth.” (Daly 2008; 1) Better not bigger. He believes that such an economy would produce as much happiness among the people as our existing system—if not more. “…The correlation between absolute income and happiness extends only up to some threshold of ‘sufficiency’….” (10)

      Better not bigger

  5. Feb 2024
    1. Se former différemment, suivi d'une communauté d'enseignants s'outillant elle-même Dalila Moussi et Catherine Souplet, maîtresses de conférences en sciences de l’éducation, INSPÉ Lille HdF, CIREL, Université de Lille

  6. Jan 2024
    1. A very important project under construction, to regenerate and cosmo-localize our world

      to - Michel's Substack - Translation of interview with Hugo Mathecowitsch on the topic of - A system of sovereign bonds but for alternative types of sovereignties? https://hyp.is/RBLQirocEe6eoeeG2hk_Sw/4thgenerationcivilization.substack.com/p/a-system-of-sovereign-bonds-but-for?showWelcome=true

      for - interview - Hugo Mathecowitsch - Michel Bauwens - substack article - interview - alternative types of sovereignties

  7. Dec 2023
    1. I think that we should be putting a high priority on developing the Next Generation nuclear 01:45:54 power uh but it's uh it's uh it's going to be a a tough job and as long as the as the special 01:46:05 interests are controlling our government uh we're not going to solve it
    1. What is needed is a breakaway group of nations willing to get serious about the climate emergency. Who would join it? Most of the world’s countries, potentially.
      • for: key point: alternative COP - breakaway group of nations, quote - alternative COP

      • quote

        • What is needed is a breakaway group of nations willing to get serious about the climate emergency. Who would join it? Most of the world’s countries, potentially.
      • author: Rupert Read
      • date: Dec 4, 2021

      • comment

      • suggestion
        • This could very well work. By applying social tipping point theory, a coalition of the willing could potentially accomplish a lot more than a coalition mired in friction.
        • There is enough capacity between 100 nation states willing to take far more aggressive measures than what a few petrostates of the COP convention continuously veto that it could bring about a social tipping point.
    2. “come back next year and try again”. My response is that it will be the same old thing – they’ve had 26 chances already. The planet can’t afford any more. I think the time for the Cop process is over. We just can’t keep kicking the can down the road.
      • for: quote - COP - Rupert Read, quote - COP - come back next year and try again, quote - alternative COP

      • quote

        • come back next year and try again
      • author: Rupert Read
      • date: Dec. 4, 2021

      • quote

        • We just can't keep kicking the can down the road
      • author: Rupert Read
      • date: Dec 4, 2021

      • comment

        • Well, COP28 is over and just as Rupert Read predicted above, we will
          • kick the can down the road again
          • come back next year and try again
        • It's a perpetual groundhog day, until it isn't
    1. Rupert Read has the best idea I have heard re international climate negotiations: countries that are serious should have their own conference where they collaborate on strong targets, plans, etc. Part of which should be recognising the dangers of remaining reliant on the petrostates, planning to transcend that reliance and sanctioning them
      • for: good idea - COP alternative, COP alternative - coalition of the willing, COP alternative - social tipping point, Rupert Read - alternative to COP

      • good idea: COP alternative

        • This could work based on the principle of social tipping points
        • The current COP pits the powerful incumbents of the old system delaying as long as possible rapid system change, these are the conservatives
          • This puts the liberals at distinct disadvantage from the conservatives because in a consensus reached agreement, the conservatives can veto any strong and binding language that represents rapid system change
        • In an alternative conference where the 100+ nation states are already in agreement, action in this smaller coalition OF THE WILLING, will lead to rapid action.
        • This could lead to breaking the threshold of system change via reaching the 25% social tipping point threshold
      • question: alternative COP

        • If an alternative COP was held, is the nation state the best level to approach?
        • What about a city level COP?
      • reference

    1. Ultimately, the conversation needs to change to how we phase out fossil fuel demand. Because it’s demand that keeps producers in business.
  8. Nov 2023
    1. hang on a second here you mean i can't drive my car i'm i can't heat my house i can't turn on the lights whenever i want to like well people rightly have all kinds of questions and they can't yet imagine and i would say this is part 00:12:05 of the failure of leadership they can't imagine what that alternative life looks like
      • for: alternative futures

      • comment

        • we need to provide a detailed vision to the public of what such an alternative future looks like
  9. Oct 2023
    1. den Kampf gegen seine Speiseröhrenkrebserkrankung trotz (oder möglicherweise sogar wegen?) seiner Chemotherapie verloren

      also tod durch dummheit.

      stell dir vor, du willst aufklären gegen die böse pharmaindustrie,<br /> aber wenn du krebs hast, kriegst du angst,<br /> und gehst zurück zur pharmaindustrie, und heulst "bitte hilf mir"... opfer!

      gleiches gilt für den ach-so-schlauen Tim Kellner.

      wir müssen uns selber helfen. was ist so schwer daran?<br /> in der schule lernen wir nur lügen, und die meisten bleiben gefangen im system der lügen.<br /> weil sie lügen über alles (they lie about everything), deswegen ist das system "too big to fail".


      Cancer: The Forbidden Cures (2010) (Massimo Mazzucco)<br /> magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5cbbdb3812d5b041df391eb3a82ef94f13713bd1


      Edward Griffin - World Without Cancer. The Story of Vitamin B17<br /> https://libgen.rs/search.php?req=Edward+Griffin+World+Without+Cancer

      Feargus O’Connor Greenwood - 180 degrees. Unlearn the Lies you've been taught to believe<br /> https://libgen.rs/search.php?req=Greenwood+180+degrees+Unlearn+the+Lies

      John Taylor Gatto - Verdummt noch mal. Dumbing Us Down. Der unsichtbare Lehrplan. Was Kinder in der Schule wirklich lernen<br /> https://libgen.rs/search.php?req=John+Taylor+Gatto+-+Verdummt+noch+mal

      ... hundertfach ausdrucken, an schulen verteilen, und sich in den knast setzen wegen "volksverhetzung".<br /> viel spaß : D

    1. b) De prendre des mesures, chaque fois que cela est possible et souhaitable, pour traiter ces enfants sans recourir à la procédure judiciaire, étant cependant entendu que les droits de l'homme et les garanties légales doivent être pleinement respectés.

      article 40

    1. Thank you. Steve, for raising the alarm on this catastrophe! One minor comment. It should be QC'ed, not QA'ed. Quality control is done first. Quality Assurance (QA) comes after QC. QA is basically checking the calculations and the test results in the batch records. I worked in QC and QA for big pharma for decades. I tried to warn people in early 2021 that there's no way the quality control testing could be done at warp speed. Nobody listened to me despite my decades of experience in big pharma!

      "warp speed" sounds fancy, plus "its an emergency, we have no time"...

      it really was just an intelligence test, a global-scale exploit of trust in authorities. (and lets be honest, stupid people deserve to die.)

      problem is, they (elites, military, industry) seem to go for actual forced vaccinations, which would be an escalation from psychological warfare to actual warfare against the 95% "useless eaters".

      personally, i would prefer if they would globally legalize serial murder and assault rifles, then "we the people" would solve the overpopulation. (because: serial murder is the only alternative to mass murder.) but they are scared that we would also kill the wrong people (their servants because they are evil or stupid). (anyone crying about depopulation should suggest better solutions. denying overpopulation is just another failed intelligence test.)

  10. Sep 2023
    1. e hard scientist doesis to say that he "stipulates his usage"-that is, he informs youwhat terms are essential to his argument and how he is goingto use them. Such stipulations usually occur at the beginningof the book, in the form of definitions, postulates, axioms, andso forth. Since stipulation of usage is characteristic of thesefields, it has been said that they are like games or have a"game structure."

      Depending on what level a writer stipulates their usage, they may come to some drastically bad conclusions. One should watch out for these sorts of biases.

      Compare with the results of accepting certain axioms within mathematics and how that changes/shifts one's framework of truth.

    1. use the services of free email providers (Gmail, Live, Yahoo...) which are limited and your data is used for commercial purposes. Install your own email server, which requires important technical knowledge to setup and configure the system.
    1. I draw inspiration and guidance from Václav Havel, the Czech playwright.  When he and other cultural dissidents in the 1970s faced a totalizing, repressive system impervious to change – in his case, the totalitarian Czech government – Havel had a counter-intuitive response.  He called for the development of a "parallel polis." A parallel polis is a community-created safe space in which people can mutually support each other, directly produce what they need, and build a kind of shadow society – outside of the machinery of the dominant political system.

      -for: parallel polis, parallel alternative society, Vaclev Havel, definition, definition - parallel polis

      • definition: parallel polis
        • a community-created safe space in which people can mutually support each other, directly produce what they need, and build a kind of shadow society – outside of the machinery of the dominant political system.
  11. Aug 2023
  12. Mar 2023
    1. As an aside, I think I now prefer this technique to Python for at least one reason: passing arguments to the decorator method does not make the technique any more complex. Contrast this with Python: <artima.com/weblogs/viewpost.jsp?thread=240845>
    2. def document(f): def wrap(x): print "I am going to square", x f(x) return wrap @document def square(x): print math.pow(x, 2) square(5)
  13. Jan 2023
    1. A transformer starts with a token embedding, followed by a series of “residual blocks”, and finally a token unembedding. Each residual block consists of an attention layer, followed by an MLP layer. Both the attention and MLP layers each “read” their input from the residual stream (by performing a linear projection), and then “write” their result to the residual stream by adding a linear projection back in. Each attention layer consists of multiple heads, which operate in parallel.
  14. Dec 2022
    1. web apps are just so damned easy to use

      Despite the number of times it's been submitted over the years (most recently two months ago), this post has received very little commentary on HN. I think it suffers for its choice of title. This snippet is a better candidate, I think.

  15. Nov 2022
    1. Mash is an extended Hash that gives simple pseudo-object functionality that can be built from hashes and easily extended. It is intended to give the user easier access to the objects within the Mash through a property-like syntax, while still retaining all Hash functionality.
  16. Oct 2022
    1. An adviser should have their students explicitly practice decisions 25 and 26, test their solutions, and try to come up with the ways their decisions could fail, including alternative conclusions that are not the findings that they were hoping for. Thinking of such failure modes is something that even many experienced physicists are not very good at, but our research has shown that it can be readily learned with practice.

      To help fight cognitive bias, one should actively think about potential failure modes of one's decisions and think about alternative conclusions which aren't part of the findings one might have hoped for. Watching out for these can dramatically help increase solution spaces and be on the watch out for innovative alternate or even better solutions.

  17. Sep 2022
  18. Aug 2022
    1. Following. I haven’t found anything in years. I’m planning on building my own scraper for my bank this winter if I can’t find anything by then
  19. Jun 2022
    1. Modern photo editors (GNU Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, Zoner Photo Studio) are usually native apps, which have to be downloaded and installed on the device.

      Whether I'm doing a design in Photoshop or not, I always find it helpful to have another option for altering my photos, and I've found one that's both easy to use and powerful. In place of Photoshop, Photopea is a great option. This online picture editor is free; however, it offers almost all of Photoshop's features. Take a quick look at the following

  20. Mar 2022
    1. share.riseup.net — file upload (pastebin and imagebin).
  21. Feb 2022
  22. Jan 2022
    1. Instead of render props, we use Svelte's slot props: // React version <Listbox.Button> {({open, disabled} => /* Something using open and disabled */)} </Listbox.Button> <!--- Svelte version ---> <ListboxButton let:open let:disabled> <!--- Something using open and disabled ---> </ListboxButton>
  23. Nov 2021
  24. Oct 2021
    1. Whether urban renewal is a form of col- lective action that would call into opera- tion the organization of the entire com- munity may be debatable

      She concedes that urban renewal may not actually involved community collective action.



  25. Sep 2021
    1. While the Census figures suggest a $34,000 gap between homes inside and outside of the PAS catchment, a more detailed assessment of real estate transactions in University City (Steif, 2013) esti-mated a $100,000+ price differential.

      Price differential of $100,000 inside and outside of PAS catchment.

    2. ing to Penn’s Department of Residential Services, in 2013, approximately 27% of Penn undergraduates (2,800) and 30% of graduate students (3,500) lived off-campus in University City—a stark improve-ment over the mid-1990s. Yet, Penn’s estimated off-campus student popu-lation accounts for less than 15% of the neighborhood’s total population and, geographically speaking, the concentration of students tends to dimin-ish as one moves beyond a three- to four-block radius from campus.

      The students live off campus. rate of student occupancy tight around three- to four-block radius of campus.



    1. reas. In fact, the tendency is for rapid growth to be associated with higher rates of unemployment (for general documentation, see Follett 1976; Appelbaum 1976; Hadden and Borgatta 1965, p. 108; Samuelson 1942; Sierra Club of San Diego 1973).

      growth creates unemployment



    1. l limits to growthin favor of an optimistic, pro-growth narrative

      the 3 e's don't consider limits to growth.



    1. unequivocal determination of the validity of findings is impossible (Becker, 1958; Bruyn, 1966; Lofland, 1971; Wolcott, 1992). More pro- foundly, for some phenomenologically oriented, inter- pretivist, and constructivist researchers, there is no unam- biguous social reality “out there” to be accounted for, so there is little need to evolve methodological canons to help explicate its laws (see Dreitzel, 1970).

      Constructivist approach -- there is no ONE social reality - it's temporal, fluctuates and relates to other "social actors"

    2. problem of confidence in findings has not gone away.

      concedes there's a problem with confidence in the findings.

    3. methods of analysis are not well formulated.

      Methods are poor - no clear conventions. easy to get to wrong conclusions for science and policy-making.

    4. Seen in traditional terms, the reliability and validity of qualitatively derived findings can be seriously in doubt (Dawson, 1979, 1982; Ginsberg, 1990; Kirk & Miller, 1986; Kvale, 1989a; LeCompte & Goetz, 1982

      Qual findings may not be reliable of valid

    5. et, in the flurry of this activity, we should be mindful of some pervasive issues that have not gone away.

      labor intensive - long duration for data collection, too much data demanding coding of data. researcher bias. etc.



    1. Yale University conducted an eco-nomic assessment of its impact onNew Haven and found that “Yale’sstrength and the health of the City, fiscally and socially, are inextricablylinked” (Economic Impact: Yale andNew Haven, 1993). The study’s find-ings motivated the University to com-mit over $41 million to a variety ofneighborhood revitalization projects in the city.

      University and the success and the social and fiscal health of city are linked.

    1. Chen (1990) and Patton (1986) describe a process in which stakeholders and evaluators "co-construct" the initiative's theory so as to maximize its utility for all, as a planning and management tool

      Other theorists say do the design of a project through a co-construction process with stakeholders and evaluators.

    2. Clearly, this will not be as powerful as evidence resulting from randomly assigned control and treatment groups,

      random trials better. with control and treatment groups



  26. Aug 2021
    1. auch ohne Schinken

      Wie kann man Pan con Tomate auch machen?

    2. das geht nur mit wirklich reifen Tomaten

      Was muss man bei den Tomaten beachten?

    3. Dann bestreut man die Brote mit etwas grobem Meersalz.

      Womit werden die Brote gewürzt, wenn man sie ohne Schinken macht?

  27. Jul 2021
    1. ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: ‘@ToddHorowitz3 I think that attribution is hard to make. I have no doubt they’re systematically promoted by bad faith actors, but I think it’s much harder to feel confident about all those who repeat them. But the rather extensive public discussion of efficacy does make this case seem unlikely’ / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved 15 July 2021, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1415364895046963205

  28. Jun 2021
  29. May 2021
    1. Are you also tired and fed up with the bulkiness of jQuery, but also don't want to have to type document.querySelector("div").appendChild(document.createTextNode("hello")); just to add some text to an element?

      happy middle/medium?

  30. Apr 2021
    1. Use a leveling drag instead of a grass seed roller If you’re smoothing the lawn to cultivate it, a leveling drag may suffice.
    2. 1. Use Plywood (alternative when laying sod) One of the most inexpensive alternatives to lawn rollers is that sheet of plywood lying around your home. Plus, it’s amazingly simple to use. Follow these steps to help your sod bond with the soil…. Step 1: Place a 4 ft. by 8 ft. piece of plywood on your new lawn. Step 2: Walk over it to press your sod solidly into the soil. We suggest that you invite a friend, if possible, to walk alongside you. The plywood distributes the applied weight evenly and will have an impact similar to a commercial lawn roller.
    1. What can I use in place of a lawn roller?I raked in some bags of top soil and reseeded a very large section of my lawn (a walkway was moved) but the area is very soft and you sink in about 4 inches if you step there.Is there something I can use instead of a lawn roller? I don't have one...
  31. Mar 2021
    1. I’d say if the form is short and an obvious pattern (like sign up or log in), you could use the placeholder visual pattern, but use real labels instead.
  32. Feb 2021
    1. {a: 1, b: 2, c: 3, d: 4} => {a:, b:, **rest} # a == 1, b == 2, rest == {:c=>3, :d=>4}

      equivalent in javascript:

      {a, b, ...rest} = {a: 1, b: 2, c: 3, d: 4}

      Not a bad replacement for that! I still find javascript's syntax a little more easily readable and natural, but given that we can't use the same syntax (probably because it would be incompatible with existing syntax rules that we can't break for compatibility reasons, unfortunately), this is a pretty good compromise/solution that they've come up with.

    1. @adisos if reform-rails will not match, I suggest to use: https://github.com/orgsync/active_interaction I've switched to it after reform-rails as it was not fully detached from the activerecord, code is a bit hacky and complex to modify, and in overall reform not so flexible as active_interaction. It has multiple params as well: https://github.com/orgsync/active_interaction/blob/master/spec/active_interaction/modules/input_processor_spec.rb#L41

      I'm not sure what he meant by:

      fully detached from the activerecord I didn't think it was tied to ActiveRecord.

      But I definitely agree with:

      code is a bit hacky and complex to modify

    1. Set your models free from the accepts_nested_attributes_for helper. Action Form provides an object-oriented approach to represent your forms by building a form object, rather than relying on Active Record internals for doing this.

      It seems that the primary/only goal/purpose was to provide a better alternative to ActiveRecord's accepts_nested_attributes_for.

      Unfortunately, this appears to be abandoned.

    1. Set your models free from the accepts_nested_attributes_for helper. Active Form provides an object-oriented approach to represent your forms by building a form object, rather than relying on Active Record internals for doing this.
  33. Jan 2021
    1. +1 For Devuan here, running it on my home and work machines, and on my son's laptop, despite his IT teacher telling him to install a proper operating system like Windows 10....
  34. Dec 2020
    1. we have a uber alternative option to search-out equal thought so be free and check the alternative app like uber futures.
  35. Nov 2020
    1. There are actually 3 other libraries that implements material in svelte, i hope this to become the community favorite because using MDC underneath it implements correctly Material guidelines.
    2. For use$ since svelte is never going to support actions for components, i designed something that reminds React hooks that will in some ways replace this feature.

      Isn't that what use$ is trying to do already? How is that "something that reminds React hooks" any different? Will be interested to see...

    3. @monkeythedev I am curious how do you "organize" your work - You forked https://github.com/hperrin/svelte-material-ui and https://github.com/hperrin/svelte-material-ui is not very active. Do you plan an independent project ? I hope the original author would return at some times, if not, i'll see
    1. Converting Angular components into Svelte is largely a mechanical process. For the most part, each Angular template feature has a direct corollary in Svelte. Some things are simpler and some are more complex but overall it's pretty easy to do.
    1. Thomas Edison had done in his 1872 patent for an electric print-wheel device which later became the basis for teletype machines. Lucien Stephen Crandall, the inventor of the second type- writer to reach the American market (in 1879) arranged the type on a cylindrical sleeve: the sleeve was made to revolve to the required letter and come down onto the printing-point, locking in place for correct alignment. (So much for the "revolutionary" character of the IBM 72/82's "golf ball" design.

      competing visions for the typewriter

    1. ut what parents try to do can be greatly affected by public policies and changes in economic and social conditions.

      public policies, economic and social conditions can also set values in the family.

    1. http://jonudell.info/h/tag-rename-02.mp4

      Most people would embed a YouTube video. Nice to see no dependency on 3rd-party service here.

  36. Oct 2020
  37. Local file Local file