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  1. Jun 2024
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    1. 04:17 Discipline as resulting from clarity rather than force (willpower). An ordered mind (see ordered consciousness from flow).

    1. It is the byproduct of knowing what you want and accepting nothing less from yourself. It is the byproduct of an ordered mind. That is, maintaining a clear vision for your future and filling clarity gaps with education and action. The reason people struggle with self-discipline is because they get distracted from what matters. They forget who they want to become. They forget what they are capable of. They forget the impact they want to have.

      100X goals force one to filter action... Impossible goals = Mental Clarity of the HIGHEST degree.

      100X come from vision which in turn comes from future identity (future-self)

  3. Apr 2024
    1. Make more virtual meetings (if you are not doing it yet).

      You already suggest several online tools above so I would change this to avoid confusion. Change it to something like: 'Increase the frequency of your virtual meetings if they are not already a major component of your strategy.'

    2. opportunity

      Add a comma here (opportunity, )

    1. however it wouldn't be the end of the world or rather the end of your zettle costume if this card that ends with one B were instead to end with one a one that's because in either position this card has some relation and in each case an adequate or good enough relation to either of these two cards

      clarity by example!

      a better, more logical relation vs a good enough relation that won't bring about the end of your Zettelkasten system

    1. What are some top UX design principles when designing for kids?Some important UX design principles when designing for kids are as follows. Simplicity and clarity Interactive and engaging elements Age-appropriate content Safety and privacy Consistent feedback and rewards

      There's 5 in this list and there was 4 in the other - I think Safety and Privacy is the one additional but it's also in my proposal because I am concerned about it too.

    1. 22:00 Purpose of GTD is clarity "A clear head"

      Also see Dan Koe on clarity being the most important reason for his success on https://youtu.be/h8BrVhksQw8?si=UTCRhdJeu5ZT0pQ8

  4. Jul 2023
    1. But Tolstoy himself said the point is to get the thing said and then, if he wasn’t sure he had said it, he would say it again and again.”

      quote from Richard Pevear

  5. Jun 2023
    1. Depends on the style guide you follow for your project. The popular Ruby Style Guide says to "Avoid using Perl-style special variables (like $:, $;, etc. ). They are quite cryptic and their use in anything but one-liner scripts is discouraged."
    2. When I first got started with Ruby, I obviously thought that $LOAD_PATH was better. But once you've graduated from beginner status, I'd only use $LOAD_PATH if I was trying to make my code more readable to a beginner. Meh its a trade off.
    3. The Ruby load path is very commonly seen written as $: , but just because it is short, does not make it better. If you prefer clarity to cleverness, or if brevity for its own sake makes you itchy, you needn't do it just because everyone else is. Say hello to ... $LOAD_PATH ... and say goodbye to ... # I don't quite understand what this is doing... $:
  6. Dec 2022
    1. It could also just be for clarity’s sake, since truck could mean a pick-up truck (or some other type of truck), and tractor could refer to a farm tractor (or some other type of tractor).

      Calling it a semi-truck disambiguates since "truck" and "tractor" are too ambiguous.

  7. Oct 2022
    1. about a thirdof the users reported problems with the specificity of the material (eithertoo high or too low) and the level of the explanation provided by the expert(either too high or too low)

      OK, but start visualizing descriptives from the beginning of the Results. This is getting tedious.

    2. 3.2 Related Systems

      Make this a table.

    1. As is common in the tradition of the zettelkasten, Goutor advises "that each note-card should contain only one item of information, whether a quotation, a summary, or anything else". (p28) He ascribes this requirement to his earlier need for clarity. (cross reference: https://hypothes.is/a/SfWFwENIEe2KfGMbR5n7Qg)

      He indicates that while it may seem wasteful to have only one item on each card that the savings in time, efficiency in handling, classification, and retrieval will more than compensate for the small waste.

      This sort of small local waste being compensated for by a larger global savings and efficiency can be seen in the design of the shipping container industry as discussed in Mark Levinson's The Box (Princeton University Press, 2008). Was this the exact sort of efficiency mentioned by Ahrens'? (Compare at https://hypothes.is/a/t4i32IXoEeyF2n9jQxu6BA)

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  9. May 2022
    1. Lines 1-7 represent quads, where the first element constitutes the graph IRI.

      Uh, it's the last element, though, not the first—right?

    2. Square brackets represent here a blank node. Predicate-object pairs within the square brackets are interpreted as triples with the blank node as subject. Lines starting with '#' represent comments.

      Bad idea to introduce this notation here at the same time as the (unexplained) use of square brackets to group a list of objects.

  10. Apr 2022
    1. Group projects require that learners be present on a particular schedule, reducing the flexibility and convenience factor in online study and possibly causing anxiety and/or resentment, particularly if the purpose of the group work is not clear and the group experience is not positive.

  11. Mar 2022
    1. Not all those who posted their own stories of chronic illness were visibly young and healthy, though. Some were seniors, and some posted images of their medical treatments or hospital beds as they receive care for COVID-19.

      Pointing out that illness can look any type of way. There is no standard for how being sick is supposed to look like.

    2. that chronically ill patients have such low quality of life anyway that they aren’t worth protecting

      Some people have this idea that if your sick, it's ok if you die because you are probably not living anyway.

    3. Utah Department of Health reports that 81% of the state’s coronavirus deaths were patients who were “high risk,” only 52% of hospitalizations were of people deemed to have risk factors for serious illness.

      UDOH reported: 81% of COVID Deaths = High Risk people 52% of Hospitalizations = At Risk for serious illness.

  12. Dec 2021
  13. Oct 2021
    1. Along with a good portion of community members who seem to have little to no understanding of the functionality & utility of the project. Thus, could present a “domino effect” resulting in a devaluation of ChainMyth

      This, coupled with a good portion of community members lacking understanding of the functionality and utility of the project could present a “domino effect” resulting in a devaluation of Chain Myth.

    2. On the aspect of marketing, their initial video has yet to demonstrate their full potential but was still able to ignite the excitement of the core community of their project.

      On the aspect of marketing, their initial video has yet to demonstrate the project's full potential but was still able to ignite the excitement of the core community.

  14. Sep 2021
    1. Just like buffers, strings always have a fixed maximum length in Clarity.

      Note of Strings' length.

    2. Buffers are unstructured data of a fixed maximum length. They always start with the prefix 0x followed by a hexadecimal string.

      What is Buffers?

    3. Clarity provides three different kinds of sequences: buffers, strings, and lists.

      There are three kinds of sequences.

    4. Since types cannot mix, a list can only contain items of the same type.

      In Clarity, types cannot mix.

    1. bool, short for boolean. A boolean value is either true or false. They are used to check if a certain condition is met or unmet (true or false).

      What is Booleans?

    2. uint, short for unsigned integer. These are 128 bits numbers that can only be positive. The minimum value is therefore 0 and the maximum value is 2128 - 1. Unsigned integers are always prefixed by the character u.

      What is Unsigned integers?

    3. int, short for (signed) integer. These are 128 bits numbers that can either be positive or negative. The minimum value is -2127 and the maximum value is 2127 - 1.

      What is Signed integers?

    4. Primitive types are the most basic components. These are: signed and unsigned integers, booleans, and principals.

      There are four categories of Primitive type in Clarity.

    5. Clarity admits two different kinds of principals: standard principals and contract principals. Standard principals are backed by a corresponding private key whilst contract principals point to a smart contract.

      There are 2 kinds of principals: standard and contract

    6. A principal is a special type in Clarity and and represents a Stacks address on the blockchain.

      What is a principal in Clarity?

    1. Types fall in three categories: primitives, sequences, and composites.

      There are three categories of types in Clarity.

    1. wealthe

      Winthrop believed that the acquisition of wealth and profit was acceptable so long as it was done in the glory of God and for the common good. In other words, he justified the acquisition of wealth in a religious society that it was the duty of members in a society to band together to correct the inequality put forth by God. The act of charity was portrayed as a service to God. He also believed that excessive wealth lead people astray from God.

      Winthrop addressed wealth in "A Model of Christian Clarity" because he called for members of his community so they could establish successful colonies in the face of numerous hardships. This was because many were not willing to share their wealth with others or cooperate. He wanted to place the interests of the community over the interests of the individual.

      Citations: Wood, Dr. Andrew. “Summary of John Winthrop’s ‘Model of Christian Charity.’” San Jose State University COMM 149 Rhetoric and Public Life, www.sjsu.edu/faculty/wooda/s149/149syllabus5summary.html. Accessed 8 Sept. 2021.

    1. What is their definition of lesser educated? Is it people who do not hold a college degree? Anyone without a doctorate? Not finishing high school? What is their definition of education and lesser educated?

    1. Children who are from lower-income homes are not going to get the same opportunities for developing their linguistic skills. Is that because of their parents? Or do more socio-economic factors come into play here?

    1. A recent review of the evidence finds that when students are cognitively overloaded, they disengage more often, perform badly and learn less. You can help students stay focused by making your presentations less cognitively overloaded. So, shorten slides, reduce text, use diagrams, remove irrelevant images, progressively reveal content and stick to one idea per slide. Take a careful look at the materials you use and ask yourself: “What’s my main message? What distracts from that? How can I remove distractions?”

      This feels related to some of the potential power of sketchnotes.

      I'd like the reference to this particular research though.

  15. Jun 2021
    1. Luisa: She allowed him. Honestly, I respect my mom a lot for never speaking badly upon my dad. To this day, she will not say bad things about my father. Whatever may have happened with them, she knows that that's on them and she knows that our relationship with my father is completely separate from their relationship, and I admire that greatly because I don't think I'd be able to separate the two that easily. No, she never spoke badly upon him, but I think ... My dad said this in the entire life that I'm his favorite child, and I think that was also the way of my mother getting back at him for everything that he did to her, which is not right, but we're human beings.

      Time in the US, Homelife, Parents

    1. Prettier intentionally doesn’t support any kind of global configuration. This is to make sure that when a project is copied to another computer, Prettier’s behavior stays the same. Otherwise, Prettier wouldn’t be able to guarantee that everybody in a team gets the same consistent results.
  16. May 2021
    1. ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: ‘the SciBeh initiative is about bringing knowledge to policy makers and the general public, but I have to say this advert I just came across worries me: Where are the preceding data integrity and data analysis classes? Https://t.co/5LwkC1SVyF’ / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved 18 February 2021, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1362344945697308674

  17. Apr 2021
    1. “It is less clear that way” — that is just arbitrary, even uninformed. There is nothing clearer about def self.method. As demonstrated earlier, once you grasp the true meaning of it, def self.method is actually more vague as it mixes scopes
  18. Mar 2021
    1. I like this approach more because I can scan the code that renders the Box component and easily spot that it takes two children. If the Box took any props, they'd be within the opening <Box> tag, and they would be distinct from any children props.
  19. Feb 2021
    1. By reifying a specific kind of computation, a monad not only encapsulates the tedious details of that computational pattern, but it does so in a declarative way, improving the code's clarity.
  20. Jan 2021
    1. .

      Only one hyperparameter was seen during this section.

      We should either add a few lines describing some other hyperparameters, or clearly dedicate this section to max_depth.

  21. Dec 2020
  22. Oct 2020
    1. Clear writing starts with clear thinking:What am I really trying to say?What is the key point I need to make?How can I make that key point easy to understand?We'll explore two tools for increasing clarity: Simple sentencesExamples and counterexamples
  23. Sep 2020
    1. As you can see, one of the main differences between the old var and the new let/const declarations (besides their scope) is that the latter are constrained by the Temporal Dead Zone semantics, meaning they will throw a ReferenceError when accessed (read/write) before being initialized, instead of returning undefined as a var-declared variable would. This makes the code more predictable and easier to spot potential bugs. Simple, isn't it?
  24. developer.mozilla.org developer.mozilla.org
    1. For that reason, it is recommended to always declare variables at the top of their scope (the top of global code and the top of function code) so it's clear which variables are function scoped (local) and which are resolved on the scope chain.
    1. It is good for clarity, i.e. it makes it clear which files are modules, and which are regular JavaScript.
  25. Aug 2020
    1. The plain-language aspect of this solution is in fact law. The Plain Writing Act of 2010 creates provisions for “clear Govern-ment communication that the public can understand and use” (http://bkaprt.com/dcb/02-14/). The guidelines are well worth a read, even if you don’t work for the government.



    1. As a result, I end up quoting multiple people, sometimes quoting several people back-to-back, before even writing my reply. In those instances it feels like I'm not properly citing those individuals. I feel like it might seem I'm not providing new readers appropriate context for a given quote. It might also be implied that separate quotes are from the same person, leading to mis-attribution.
    1. I honestly don't know what you find unclear about this question. I think you initially misread. I edited out your title change because it wasn't what I'd intended and it misled others. I edited in two more sections to clarify. The last section makes it as clear as I can: A single question provokes 1 of 3 responses (not necessarily answers). To chose between them I need to understand acceptable scope of both question and answers. Yes this topic is a muddy one, that's why I'm asking! I want others to help me clarify the unclear!
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    1. Additionally, the information should be clearly differentiated from other non-privacy-related information, such as contractual provisions or general terms of use.
    2. Third, the focus should be centered on improving transparency rather than requesting systematic consents. Lack of transparency and clarity doesn’t allow informed and unambiguous consent (in particular, where privacy policies are lengthy, complex, vague and difficult to navigate). This ambiguity creates a risk of invalidating the consent.

      systematic consents

    1. gets awkward with wider usage

      Not sure what they meant by "wider usage". Since they are contrasting "single page design", I would expect them to say something like "but becomes less useful with taller pages if the navigation is allowed to scroll off the screen (that is, unless fixed positioning is used)".

    1. Q. I would like a copy of my data from a breach, can you please send it to me? A. No, I cannot Q. I have a breach I would like to give you in exchange for “your” breach, can you please send it to me? A. No, I cannot Q. I’m a security researcher who wants to do some analysis on the breach, can you please send it to me? A. No, I cannot Q. I’m making a searchable database of breaches; can you please send it to me? A. No, I cannot Q. I have another reason for wanting the data not already covered above, can you please send it to me? A. No, I cannot
    1. terms like "malicious security cracker" are sufficiently evocative and clear that their use actually helps make communication more effective than the common journalistic misuse of "hacker".
    1. I suggest being very clear that there has not been a security incident on the site they're logging into and that the password was exposed via a totally unrelated site

      (also the above image)

  30. Mar 2020
    1. "users are not able to fully understand the extent of the processing operations carried out by Google and that ‘the information on processing operations for the ads personalization is diluted in several documents and does not enable the user to be aware of their extent."
    1. Are cookies governed by the GDPR? Cookie usage and it’s related consent acquisition are not governed by the GDPR, they are instead governed by the ePrivacy Directive (Cookie Law) which in future will be repealed by the up-coming ePrivacy Regulation.
  31. Feb 2019
    1. for then he cannot fail of having his meaning understood, wherein consists the right use and perfection of language.

      I like Locke's notion that "the right use and perfection of language" is to have "meaning understood" (817). This still seems to be a notion we hold onto (CLARITY -- it's certainly one I strive for anyway), though we'd probably differ on his assertion that our words are just transcriptive/descriptive tools. See Barad's critique of representationalism.

  32. Dec 2018
    1. that experience,

      Which experience? I feel like the previous two paragraphs introduced enough different concepts that the antecedents here is unclear.

    2. The specter of upcoming departure influenced behavior in a way that removed one from reality — academics in Lyon mattered less at home, new friends would return to their countries of origin and communication would lapse, and why invest for comfort when somewhere so briefly?

      This sentence is 44 words!!!

    3. Not in Austin, but near, and often visiting. Twenty miles North. Sometimes, further

      Living twenty miles north of Austin or visiting twenty miles north? This is a confusing set of sentences. Unnecessarily truncated.

  33. Mar 2018
    1. Here in your Lordships’ House we are very fortunate to have a considerable number of noble and learned Lords who give us the benefit of their expertise. I have noticed that they often disagree, and very strongly. Therefore, surely keeping these issues in the Bill would save an awful lot of legal time and legal argument and would be better for the Government. I say that in a spirit of total helpfulness and support.
  34. Aug 2017
    1. There is this idea of women being able

      Some argue that women are able

    2. it makes it hard for someone who doesn’t fit into these molds of heteronormativity to find an authentic operatic voice when portraying a role, reenacting a scene, or just trying to relate to the lyrics in a particular song.

      These norms mean that when I perform a role, reenacting a scene, or trying to relate to the lyrics of a particular song, I am also performing gender, sexuality, and race, all in ways that make it a challenge to find an authentic operatic voice.

  35. Nov 2015
    1. It should be clear to you by now that any attempt to manipulate arises out of the limited three-dimensional frame of reference. Therefore, do not contemplate or express this desire when you know you are not in that Place. It will be a total waste of time and energy. You certainly should be aware that the need arises out of your Being, because the fulfillment of that desire is at hand to be consciously perceived and lived, rather than unconsciously lived as separate and apart from the totality of your Being. You are getting the picture, I see. Be alert to the fact, Paul, that sloppy questions beget sloppy answers. Learn to be more precise in your requests and your desires. An ambiguous question begets an ambiguous answer. If you want to know something, be sure to ask a question that begets a specific answer. As you are aware, James said, “Ye ask and receive not because ye ask amiss.“1 If you are not getting an answer to the need, it is because the question does not address itself to that specific answer. You will find that when you have the right question, you will spontaneously and effortlessly know the answer. You can depend upon it.

      Be very clear with your questions when asking for guidance and only ask from that place of connection to Being.

  36. May 2014
  37. Oct 2013
    1. clearness of speech

      concision and clarity the most important. He could learn from his own advice

    1. People do not feel towards strangers as they do towards their own countrymen, and the same thing is true of their feeling for language. It is therefore well to give to everyday speech an unfamiliar air: people like what strikes them, and are struck by what is out of the way.

      Style. Use language people recognize and understand.

    1. Obscurity is also caused if, when you intend to insert a number of details, you do not first make your meaning clear; for instance, if you say, "I meant, after telling him this, that and the other thing, to set out," rather than something of this kind "I meant to set out after telling him; then this, that, and the other thing occurred."

      This is so different from prose writing that I'm used to. I tend to embed clauses and who knows what it labyrinths of punctuation, but it makes sense that speeches need to be more straightforward. I was listening to a book that was completely confusing me, I could not follow it. I soon realized that this book could probably be easily read, but not easy to follow when listened to because we listen differently than we read.

    2. The foundation of good style is correctness of language, which falls under five heads. (1) First, the proper use of connecting words, and the arrangement of them in the natural sequence which some of them require. For instance, the connective "men" (e.g. ego men) requires the correlative "de" (e.g. o de). The answering word must be brought in before the first has been forgotten, and not be widely separated from it; nor, except in the few cases where this is appropriate, is another connective to be introduced before the one required. Consider the sentence, "But as soon as he told me (for Cleon had come begging and praying), took them along and set out." In this sentence many connecting words are inserted in front of the one required to complete the sense; and if there is a long interval before "set out," the result is obscurity. One merit, then, of good style lies in the right use of connecting words. (2) The second lies in calling things by their own special names and not by vague general ones. (3) The third is to avoid ambiguities; unless, indeed, you definitely desire to be ambiguous, as those do who have nothing to say but are pretending to mean something. Such people are apt to put that sort of thing into verse.

      What is really important is clarity.

    1. Chapter 5 (1407b) The foundation of good style is correctness of language, which is discussed under five heads: (1) right use of connecting words; (2) use of special, and not vague general, terms; (3) avoidance of ambiguity; (4) observance of gender; (5) correct indication of grammatical number. A composition should be easy to read and therefore easy to deliver; it should avoid (1) uncertainties as to puntuation, (2) zeugma, (3) parenthesis.
  38. Sep 2013
    1. Style to be good must be clear, as is proved by the fact that speech which fails to convey a plain meaning will fail to do just what speech has to do. It must also be appropriate, avoiding both meanness and undue elevation; poetical language is certainly free from meanness, but it is not appropriate to prose.

      Is this his definition?

    1. Style, to be good, must be clear; it must also be appropriate, avoiding both meanness and excess of dignity

      Balanced. It must understand its purpose and fulfill it tastefully

    1. I am one of those who are very willing to be refuted if I say anything which is not true, and very willing to refute any one else who says what is not true, and quite as ready to be refuted as to refute; for I hold that this is the greater gain of the two, just as the gain is greater of being cured of a very great evil than of curing another. For I imagine that there is no evil which a man can endure so great as an erroneous opinion about the matters of which we are speaking; and if you claim to be one of my sort, let us have the discussion out, but if you would rather have done, no matter;—let us make an end of it.

      Socrates is willing to accept when he is wrong, he just wants to understand what Gorgias is saying. He thinks Gorgias is inconsistent and wants clarity.