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  1. Sep 2021
    1. Make Your Skin Preferable With Skincell Pro

      Skin is the most revealed part of our body. It has to withstand a lot of air pollution, heat, sunshine, as well as numerous other points. However, the depressing component is we are negligible towards our skin. We don't care for our skin like our other body parts. And also for that reason, we experience different skin concerns.

      So, if you are suffering from skin troubles, you ought to examine Skincell pro. It will certainly not just help you to recover your skin however will additionally make it prettier. To be precise, it will enhance the general wellness of your skin. So, allow us take a look whatsoever the important things that come with the skin care item.

      What are the components of Skincell pro?

      Skincell Pro Serum is comprised of the very best sort of ingredients. Besides, the manufacturers mixed them in the excellent proportion to make sure that you can enjoy the very best results from them. So, the checklist of components that you will certainly locate in this item are:

      • - Sanguinaria Canadensis- The locals of ancient America utilized this plant as a solution. Well, it is the main part of the product that caused a significant quantity of leukocyte. And that will certainly assist your skin to eliminate acnes naturally.
      • . ZincumMuriaticum- An additional significant active ingredient that you will discover in the item is ZincumMuriaticum. The most effective part of this active ingredient is natural disinfectant and disinfectant qualities. As a result, you can consider it to be a skin tag as well as mole corrector. Besides, it is known for speeding up the healing process.

      So, these are the key elements of Skincell Pro Serum. In addition to that, there are different other components that the crafters included. So, below are the other components that you ought to recognize.

      • Oat Bran
      • Flaxseeds.
      • Black Walnut Hull.
      • Papaya fallen leave remove.
      • Aloe vera.
      • Trim remove.
      • Apple pectin.
      • Acidophilus.

      Exactly how to use Skincell Pro?

      There is a certain means by which you should relate to this product. If you can use it appropriately, you will enjoy the best results. To get the very best results, all you need to do is to comply with some actions.

      • Action 1- The very first step involves using skincell pro to your skin. When you apply it, it will pass through deep into your skin and also will certainly heal the root areas.
      • Step 2- In the 2nd step, you will witness that your skin is healing. To be particular, it will treat your skin areas that comprise acnes.
      • Step 3- Currently, you have to wait for 8 hours. As soon as your wait is over you will discover that the scabs are gone. And that will certainly symbolize the recovery of your skin.
      • Step 4- It is the final step of the procedure. Here, you will see that your skin doesn't have any more acnes. -. Advantages of Skincell pro.

      There are numerous benefits of this skin care formula. So, below are the benefits that you will delight in.

      • It will remove your skin tags and mole.
      • It will release your skin from blemishes.
      • There are no adverse effects of this item as they are made up of all-natural components. -. So, these are all things that you need to learn about Skincell pro.
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  3. Jul 2021
    1. able to survive outside the womb) or after birth, not at conception

      This is exactly what I mean when talking about the quote "Upon fertilization, a human individual is created"

    2. Roe v. Wade

      Read this case last year. My teacher told me roe didn't even wanna go to court.

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  6. Dec 2020
    1. Given the current state of affairs, we’re planning to resume production of the Pinebook Pro after the Chinese New Year in late February or early March 2021.
    1. Among its many other features, Ecco Pro installed an icon (the "Shooter") into other programs so that you can add text highlighted in the other program to your Ecco Pro outline. And better yet, the information stored in Ecco Pro could be synchronized with the then nearly ubiquitous PalmPilot hardware PIMs.

      Echo had a clipper tool which allowed you to add highlighted text from other programs.

      It also synced with the PalmPilot.

    2. The demise of Ecco Pro was blamed by many (including the publishers of Ecco Pro themselves) on Microsoft's decision to bundle Outlook with Office at no extra charge. And while that was undoubtedly part of the problem, Ecco Pro also failed by marketing itself as merely a fancy PIM to lawyers and others then lacking technological sophistication sufficient to permit them to appreciate that the value and functionality of the product went so far beyond that of supposedly "free" Outlook that the two might as well have originated on different planets.

      Ecco Pro's demise was attributed to Microsoft's decision to bundle Outlook with Office at no extra charge.

      This, even though, in terms of products, they could not have been more different.

    1. Jeff Sonnabend in the Ecco Yahoo forum: "I remember first trying to learn Ecco 1.0. It was tough until the proverbial light went on. Then it all made sense. For me, it was simply understanding that Ecco is just a data base. So called folders are nothing more than fields in a flat-file table (like a spreadsheet). The rest is interface and implementation of various users' work or management systems in Ecco. That learning curve, to me, is the primary Ecco "weakness", at least as far as new users go."

      There was a steep learning curve involved with using ECCO Pro. Reminds me of Roam, which also has a steep learning curve, but then it feels like it's worth it.

    2. Chris Thompson: "If your goals in using a PIM are mostly calendaring, todos, and a phonebook, then Maximizer, Outlook, and Time and Chaos all do a reasonable job. On an enterprise-level, Lotus Notes would be another good choice. If you're more interested in keeping track of notes or research, Lotus Agenda, Zoot, or InfoHandler are better choices. For keeping track of miscellaneous files, InfoSelect is pretty good. On the other hand, if you want to do a little of everything, and do it well, Ecco really has no rivals."

      ECCO Pro was loved for its ability to do a lot of different things versus being good at one narrow thing. Reminds me of Roam Research.

    1. One fundamental issue with Ecco Pro I gleaned from the many phone calls I answered from customers was that people didn’t really know who the product was for. Sales people wanted to use it as a contact manager. Small business owners wanted to use it as a database. Home users wanted to use it to make to-do lists and track appointments. The problem was that it tried to be all those things at once. As a consequence, it did none of them very well. The product was bloated with features and extremely difficult to use. Even seasoned users did not understand its advanced functionality very well. After a year and a half as a phone rep, I still couldn’t offer a good explanation as to who the product was for.

      According to Price, ECCO Pro's problem was that it had so many features, users couldn't figure out who it was for.

  7. Oct 2020
    1. Les élèves ayant débuté leur formation en septembre pourront ainsi changer de secteur professionnel, ou de voie d'orientation en rejoignant la voie générale et technologique s'il s'avère que la formation qu'ils suivent ne leur correspond pas. Ces ajustements se limiteront à la correction des erreurs manifestes d'orientation vers la voie professionnelle, vers un niveau de diplôme ou vers une spécialité.
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    1. The laboratory and radiologic findings are shown in Table 1. In the overall study population of 416 patients, median (IQR) levels of C-reactive protein (4.5 [1.4-8.5] mg/dL; to convert to milligrams per liter, multiply by 10) and procalcitonin (0.07 [0.04-0.15] ng/L) were elevated, while the median values of other laboratory indicators were within the normal range, such as counts of leukocytes, lymphocytes, platelets, erythrocytes; hemoglobin level; cardiac indicators
    2. In terms of laboratory findings, patients with cardiac injury compared with patients without cardiac injury showed higher median leukocyte count (median [IQR], 9400 [6900-13 800] cells/μL vs 5500 [4200-7400] cells/μL), and levels of C-reactive protein (median [IQR], 10.2 [6.4-17.0] mg/dL vs 3.7 [1.0-7.3] mg/dL), procalcitonin (median [IQR], 0.27 [0.10-1.22] ng/mL vs 0.06 [0.03-0.10] ng/mL), CK-MB (median [IQR], 3.2 [1.8-6.2] ng/mL vs 0.9 [0.6-1.3] ng/mL), myohemoglobin (median [IQR], 128 [68-305] μg/L vs 39 [27-65] μg/L), hs-TNI (median [IQR], 0.19 [0.08-1.12] μg/L vs <0.006 [<0.006-0.009] μg/L), N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) (median [IQR], 1689 [698-3327] pg/mL vs 139 [51-335] pg/mL),
    3. N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (median [IQR], 1689 [698-3327] vs 139 [51-335] pg/mL)
    1. Plasma TnT levels demonstrated a high and significantly positive linear correlation with plasma high-sensitivity C-reactive protein levels (β = 0.530, P < .001) and N-terminal pro–brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) levels (β = 0.613, P < .001). Plasma TnT and NT-proBNP levels during hospitalization (median [interquartile range (IQR)], 0.307 [0.094-0.600]; 1902.00 [728.35-8100.00]) and impending death (median [IQR], 0.141 [0.058-0.860]; 5375 [1179.50-25695.25]) increased significantly compared with admission values (median [IQR], 0.0355 [0.015-0.102]; 796.90 [401.93-1742.25]) in patients who died (P = .001; P < .001), while no significant dynamic changes of TnT (median [IQR], 0.010 [0.007-0.019]; 0.013 [0.007-0.022]; 0.011 [0.007-0.016]) and NT-proBNP (median [IQR], 352.20 [174.70-636.70]; 433.80 [155.80-1272.60]; 145.40 [63.4-526.50]) was observed in survivors
    1. During the first days of her hospitalization, the patient remained hypotensive (systolic blood pressure less than 90 mm Hg) and required inotropic support (dobutamine) in the first 48 hours, during which there was a further increase in levels of NT-proBNP (8465 pg/mL), high-sensitivity troponin T (0.59 ng/mL), and creatine kinase–MB (39.9 ng/mL), with a progressive stabilization and reduction during the following days (Table). Blood pressure progressively stabilized, although systolic pressure remained less than 100 mm Hg, and dobutamine treatment was weaned on day 4.
    1. Different people will have different opinions on that, according to their underlying values.

      True. That's why we should make these decisions collectively. And the best way we have to do that, as imperfect as they are, is via democratically elected goverments, and maybe referendums.

  13. Mar 2020
    1. Piwik PRO is an independent organization. We diverged from our open source cousins, focusing on serving larger organizations with a multifaceted analytics and marketing suite distinct from our roots in straightforward analytics.
    1. By choosing Matomo, you are joining an ever growing movement. You’re standing up for something that respects user-privacy, you’re fighting for a safer web and you believe your personal data should remain in your own hands, no one else’s.
    1. our values remain the same – advocating for 100% data ownership, respecting user-privacy, being reliable and encouraging people to stay secure. Complete analytics, that’s 100% yours.
    2. the privacy of your users is respected
    1. the deceptive practices it has been used to shield and enable are on borrowed time. The direction of travel — and the direction of innovation — is pro-privacy, pro-user control and therefore anti-deceptive-design.
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    1. I’m on cloud nine. Look at this glorious keyboard! An Esc key! Inverted-T arrow keys! A millimeter of key travel! Enough spacing between the keys for our fingers to accurately orient themselves! And keystrokes will probably work, 100% of the time, for years!

      What I would give to have this!

  • Oct 2019
    1. the ESSA no longer requires a particular sequence of escalating interventions in title I schools that are identified and continue to fail to make adequate yearly progress (AYP). Instead, it gives SEAs and local educational agencies (LEAs) discretion to determine the evidence-based interventions that are appropriate to address the needs of identified schools.

      earlier intervention

    1. States that wanted their fair share of federal funding were required to fix schools that failed to improve test scores adequately

      used quote in argument 1

    2. The law authorizes the spending of $24.9 billion in 2016, again subject to the spending bill now being finalized by Congress.


    3. The education law sets policy, and does not spend money directly — that's done through annual spending bills.


    1. olely on student academic achievement and primarily used state reading and math test scores

      NCLB only used tests at their surface level to see how schools were doing

    2. But the federal government can’t try to influence a state’s decision.

      States can choose their tests

    1. the new law drops the term “core academic subjects” and uses instead a “well-rounded education,” meaning that subjects like social studies and arts are less likely to be what one study

      less teaching to the test, more teaching for actual learning

    2. more flexibility on testing.


    1. ESSA does order underperforming schools to allow students to transfer to other public schools in the district

      More choice for if you want succeed, you can change schools

    2. instead of the one-size-fits-all standards of NCLB, ESSA allows different standards for students with “the most significant cognitive disabilities.”

      More flexability

    3. ESSA allows states to break the tests into “smaller components that can be given throughout the school year.”

      Less teaching to the test

  • Mar 2018
    1. “Kilgore was well aware that what he was doing was illegal but his sick sexual fantasy to have sex with a little girl pushed him to having an Uber deliver her to him,” Canadian County Sheriff Chris West said.

      Biasing statement, made by a trusted official in position of power. Pro-prosecution effect.

    2. Pervert

      Emotional, not factual information. Pro-prosecution effect

    1. But she seemed like a different person on other online accounts.
    2. full-time wife and mom on Facebook but lived another life on other social media platforms. With a resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, she called herself an exhibitionist and posted risque photos with a chance for subscribers to see sexier images for $15.99 a month.

      This is not relevant to the successful prosecution of this woman's murderer. Pro-defense effect. Casts the victim in a sketchy light so as to evoke emotion from the jury pool. Attempting to separate the victim from possible jury pool (i.e., harder for jurors to imagine themselves the victim).

    3. “He was the suspect from the very beginning,” Lemley said.

      Pro-prosecution effect. Biasing towards the defendant.

  • Oct 2017
    1. ‘I know you wouldn’t mind it, Jig. It’s really not anything. It’s just to let the air in.’

      Through a more historical lens, abortions have almost never been a subject of positive talk. In this story, the American is positioning the girl into accepting the process of abortion; in a sense, to be accepting of the procedure. Although highly invasive and potentially dangerous, the American is attempting at persuading her approval. That it is all in fact a natural undertacking.

      For the authors depiction of the American in this light, he is allying himself with the girl and thus making us readers her ally as well. In doing so, Hemingway is alluding to a pro-life centered argument against abortion.

  • Oct 2016
    1. President Obama's plan to restrict drilling in the Arctic has hit a nerve in Alaska.

      why they are mad

    2. "Our fiscal situation is that we’re in a $3.5 billion deficit this year.

      bill walker says one economy of alaska

    3. You know, over half the conservation land in America is in Alaska, so we have more set aside in Alaska than the entire rest of the country combined, and we’re trying to make a living here, we’re trying to live here, we’re trying to have an economy here, and we’re doing it environmentally responsibly.

      bill walker

    4. "I’m not going to allow geopolitics to be resolved on the backs of Alaskans.

      bill walker

    5. It’s an area that we certainly want to protect, we will protect, but my goodness, you know, the area we want to explore is equivalent to a quarter, a 25 cent piece, on a football field.

      bill walker

    6. All the arguments that I’m hearing now are identical to arguments I heard then, it just hasn't proved out to be the case.

      Bill walker

    1. For lower-income Alaskans and those living in high-cost rural areas, the dividend can be an important source of income.


    2. “that we need to do something and we need to do something major.” What that ends up being remains unclear.

      effect on the people

    3. The major debate at this point appears to be around using earnings from the Alaska Permanent Fund, what tax bills to pass, if any, and how far to push changes to oil taxes and credits.

      what will be done

    4. Bills to reinstitute a personal state income tax for the first time since 1980 and proposals from Mr. Walker to raise taxes on motor fuels and on various industries, including oil, fishing and mining.

      what they will have to do

    5. The governor has warned that legislators could face a special session if they do not come up with a fiscal plan before the regular session ends on April 17.
    6. Gunnar Knapp, an economics professor, has told lawmakers that Alaska is probably facing a recession and that the economy will take a hit no matter what they do.


    7. state political leaders are struggling to get on the same page, with legislators split on options like taxes, the depth of budget cuts and tinkering with the annual dividend most Alaskans receive for living here.
    8. The collapse in oil prices has left oil-reliant Alaska with a multibillion-dollar budget deficit and few palatable options for digging its way out.
  • Jan 2016
    1. Cenk Uygur

      Big fan of the Young Turks and have been since their AirAmerica days and before. Combine them with Chuck Mertz' WNUR show "This Is Hell" and podcast with the same name, I feel halfway informed about the world

    1. See, these are political questions and they are philosophical questions.

      I see her argument as an extension of Tim O'Reilly's essay "The Architecture of Participation" . And I see it as a Marxist way of viewing political and economic agency as a function of some idea substructure. Although I find it intriguing that Watters uses a mesh metaphor at the end of the post. We are enmeshed in rather than standing upon political and philosphical assumptions and axioms.

  • Jul 2015
    1. Even though the value given to the match expression has the type Any, the data it is storing was created as an Int. The match expression was able to match based on the actual type of the value, not just on the type that it was given. Thus, the integer 12180, even when given as type Any, could be correctly recognized as an integer and formatted as such.

      This is interesting and I believe quite different from how ATS handles types, aside from the fact that it can't match against non-algebraic datatypes. I think this is probably easier to understand as well, since it appears to not rely on constraint solving in order to determine types.

    2. An alternate form of creating a 2-sized tuple is with the relation operator (->). This is a popular shortcut for representing key-value pairs in tuples:

      Also very Perl-like.