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  1. Nov 2023
    1. In dem sogenannten Trilog-Verfahren haben sich Vertreter:innen des europäischen Parlaments und der europäischen Kommission auf eine endgültige Version des Nature Restoration Laws geeinigt, durch die bis 2030 20% der Land- und Wasserflächen der-unter Schutz gestellt bzw. wiederhergestellt werden sollen. Vor allem aufgrund des Einflusses der europäischen Volkspartei wurde die von der Kommission vorgelegte Version des Gesetzes stark verwässert. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/nov/10/eu-strikes-landmark-deal-nature-restoration-law

  2. Oct 2023
  3. Sep 2023
    1. Jerry Michalski says that The Brain provides him with a "neighborhood perspective" of ideas when he reduces the external link number for his graph down to 1.

      This is similar to Nicholas Luhmann's zettelkasten which provided neighborhoods of related notes based on distance from any particular note.

      Also similar to oral cultures who relied on movement through their environment for encoding memories and later remembering them. [I'll use the tag "environmental memory" to track this until a better name comes along.]

  4. Aug 2023
    1. The graph shows that ecological awareness does in fact lowers the footprint of high income consumption. They may shift from meat to plant based diet or fly less. Yet, they still consume more, fly more, travel more, buy more items, larger homes, larger cars etc. etc. This problem is why policies that promote circular-responsible-organic-whatever products will not deliver to targets.
      • for: sustainable consumption, individual change, impact of environmental awareness, Custora
      • comment
        • individual consumption choices have an impact, but far from enough
        • system change is also required on policy and structural level
        • voluntarily reducing our income could be one way
  5. Jul 2023
    1. Beim Treffen des Rats der Internationalen Meeresbodenbehörde kam es nicht zu einer Einigung über den Tiefsssebergbau. Einige Staaten, darunter Deutschland, wollen ein Moratorium durcchsetzen, haben damit aber weinig Aussicht auf Erfolg. Viele Firmen wollen in der Tiefsee Mineralien gewinnen, die für die Produktion erneuerbarer Energien verweendet werden können. Tiefseebergbau würde die Biodiversität in größtenteils unerforschten Ökosystemen enorm schädigen. https://taz.de/Bergbau-auf-dem-Meeresboden/!5946114/

      • Title
        • Is carbon tunnel vision real?
      • author Martin Daniel

      • This article introduces the concept of Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) as a way to validate if carbon tunnel vision is real

  6. May 2023
  7. Mar 2023
    1. // - This article provides an intersectional study of: - climate change, - collective action research - terror management theory / mortality salience - it explains the beneficial impacts of non-rational relational ontology and recommends the use of ritual practices based on this as a way to promote pro-environmental behavior


    2. Abstract

      // abstract - summary - Rationalist approaches to environmental problems such as climate change - apply an information deficit model, - assuming that if people understand what needs to be done they will act rationally. - However, applying a knowledge deficit hypothesis often fails to recognize unconscious motivations revealed by: - social psychology, - cognitive science, - behavioral economics.

      • Applying ecosystems science, data collection, economic incentives, and public education are necessary for solving problems such as climate change, but they are not sufficient.
      • Climate change discourse makes us aware of our mortality
      • This prompts consumerism as a social psychological defensive strategy,
      • which is counterproductive to pro-environmental behavior.
      • Studies in terror management theory, applied to the study of ritual and ecological conscience formation,
      • suggest that ritual expressions of giving thanks can have significant social psychological effects in relation to overconsumption driving climate change.
      • Primary data gathering informing this work included participant observation and interviews with contemporary Heathens in Canada from 2018–2019.
  8. Feb 2023
    1. cobalt mine in Idaho’s Salmon River Mountains,
      • = example tradeoff
        • cobalt mine in Idaho’s Salmon River Mountains
    2. Coosa County, Alabama, express similar concerns over plans to mine graphite,
      • = example tradeoff
        • graphite mine Alabama
    3. northern Nevada, where his group has joined a lawsuit against a proposed open-pit lithium mine in Thacker Pass
      • = example tradeoff
        • open pit Lithium mine in Nevada
    4. Twin Metals Mine near Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Wilderness as another example. Here the target is nickel, another important EV metal mined in only one U.S. location. In a political tug-of-war, the mine’s long-held leases were denied renewal by Obama, reinstated under Trump, and then canceled under Biden.
      • = example tradeoff
        • nickel in Minnesota
    5. Lange says that’s certainly the case in Alaska, where copper and cobalt rest beneath rolling tundra in the Ambler district south of the Brooks Range. Accessing it would require a 200-mile road through traditional Alaska Native lands, caribou habitat and Gates of the Arctic National Park, with gravel quarries dug every 10 miles. It’s something state leaders support but state and national environmental groups and several Indigenous communities oppose.
      • = example tradeoff
        • cobalt and copper in Alaska
    6. likely raise environmental concerns.
      • = tradeoff of environmental concerns
      • "lesser of two evils" choice
  9. Sep 2022
    1. "crisis many observers expressed concern that environmental issues would be put on the political backburner, treated as a ‘luxury’ that could be addressed only in times of prosperity" (188)

      opposite of patagonia "sale" in which we consider the earth the source of all wealth

  10. Jun 2022
    1. NY and NJ share the same bay, NJ will not join the Oyster program in fear people will eat them and get sick or die. Great post it actually cleaned up our waters where we now have all year visitors including whales, dolphins,tuna, seals all within sight of NYC.

      Despite those findings, Morris is optimistic about nature-based living reefs, which, she says, offer a much better economic and environmental investment than artificial counterparts. “You build these hard seawalls to withstand certain storms, certain events, certain future conditions,” she says, “But once these conditions are reached, they are not adaptive. You have to either build another seawall, or build the seawall higher, or repair them if they’re damaged in a storm.”

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  21. Oct 2020
    1. Developmental benzo[a]pyrene (B[a]P) exposure impacts larval behavior and impairs adult learning in zebrafish

      A truly enjoyable read about specific environmental factors and their effect on learning in adult zebra fish. Although the study was done on fish, it is known that this particular contaminant effects humans as well in many ways, including in intelligence. The fact that this contaminant was found to effect learning and memory in adult fish reminds us to consider multiple aspects when constructing educational environments. Physical location and learning environment can greatly impact adult learning outcomes and is rarely talked about in adult learning theory papers. 10/10 for interest, 1/10 for relevance to this class.

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  26. Jan 2020
    1. large amount of waste rock, tailings, and smelting slags are produced during the Sb mining, processing, and smelting. These are partly used for filling the underground voids and piled up in the waste slack yard. The tailings produced in mineral processing are piped to the tailings dam located in the southwest of the mining area, which is located in the natural depression between two mountain bodies in the southwest of the mining area. Downstream is a large area of farmland, at risk from contamination from tailings release.

      What happens to waste produced during Sb refining.

  27. Nov 2019
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  29. Jun 2019
    1. onald Worster, i

      I did a quick wikipedia search and read about Dr. Worster being considered one of the most influential voices on Environmental History. There is a quote at the end of the page where he defined farms as "domesticated ecologies" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Worster

  30. Mar 2019
    1. How to Design Education for Adults

      This wonderful how-to by Southern New Hampshire University provided several well explained tips about what adults need in their learning environments, including their own learning theory, goals, relevant instruction, treatment by the teacher, and participation. These are important things to keep in mind when training working adults because it may have an impact on what information is offered and how it is presented. I will use the information in this article later to help me present content in a meaningful way for my working adult learners. I want the content to be as relevant and inviting to them as possible. 9/10

    1. Behaviorism

      Learning-Theories.com published a very handy few pages that describe various learning theories. This is a quick, straightforward, simple way to access information on the different theories. This article, Behaviorism, explains that the theory assumes learners learn by responding to external stimuli in their environment. Learning under behaviorism is characterized by a change in the learner's behavior. I use this in my horse training as I use both positive reinforcement (clicker training) and negative reinforcement (pressure-release) to structure my horse's behaviors. Behaviorism can be translated to human work, too. I've used TAG teaching (clicker training for humans) to teach people to get on and off horses with ease and also to trim horses' hooves. I also use it to clicker train my cats! 6/10

    1. Overview of Learning Theories

      The Berkeley Graduate Division published an interesting and straightforward table of learning theories. The table compares behaviorism, cognitive constructivism, and social constructivism in four ways: the view of knowledge, view of learning, view of motivation, and implications for teaching. This is an easy-to-read, quick resource for those who would like a side-by-side comparison of common theories. 9/10

  31. Jan 2019
  32. Nov 2018
    1. Adult Learning, Education, and the Environment

      This article focuses on adult learning and education to pursue sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to education

      The United Nations Conference on Sustainable .Development in 2012 offered ideas for major environmental changes. The idea of "West versus the rest" (Clover and Hill, 2013, p.49) This report follows the attempts to align adult learning and education with sustainability and the environment beginning in 1972 and continuing through the time of this report, 2013. The overall analysis is that there has been little progress on environmentally friendly education for adult learners, which can negitively impact a vulnerable section of adult women.

      Rating 5/10

  33. Sep 2017
  34. Apr 2017
    1. Carson Templeton
      Carson H. Templeton was born in Wainwright, Alberta. He earned a diploma studying Mining Engineering at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary, Alberta. He worked at the Madsen Red Lake Mine in Northwest Ontario as an Assistant Assayer, Boat Boy, and Post Office Manager. He attended the University of Alberta to continue his studies of Mining Engineering and graduated with a Bachelor of Science. During World War II, Templeton worked on the Canol Pipeline Project. He then helped construct airports alongside the Alaska Highway for military use. In 1948, Templeton was appointed Assistant Chief Engineer of the Fraser Valley Dyking Board. In 1950, Templeton was appointed Chief Engineer of the Greater Winnipeg Dyking Board. In 1955, Templeton founded a consulting engineering firm which he named the Templeton Engineering Company. Before the Unicity Amalgamation of Winnipeg in 1972, his company worked as the City Engineer for several small cities in Canada. His company performed engineering estimates for the Royal Commission on Flood Cost-Benefits. These calculations led to the construction of the Winnipeg Floodway. Additionally, Carson Templeton’s consulting engineering firm conducted research that supported the writing of “Snow and Ice Roads: Ability to Support Traffic and Effects on Vegetation” by Kenneth Adam and Helios Hernandez (Adam and Hernandez 1977). In 1966, his company merged with Montreal Engineering and Shawinigan Engineering to form Teshmont Consultants Ltd. Teshmont Consultants Ltd. has completed over 50 percent of the world’s high-voltage, direct current projects. Templeton served as the Chairman of the Alaska Highway Pipeline Panel and Chairman of the Environmental Protection Board during the 1970s. As the Chairman of the Environmental Protection Board, Templeton orchestrated the hearing process for the Environmental Impact Assessments for the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry (Winnipeg Free Press 2004). 


      Adam, Kenneth, and Helios Hernandez. "Snow and Ice Roads: Ability to Support Traffic and Effects on Vegetation." Arctic, 1977: 13-27.

      Winnipeg Free Press. Carson Templeton OC. October 10, 2004. http://passages.winnipegfreepress.com/passage-details/id-89334/Carson_Templeton_#/ (accessed April 8, 2017).

  35. Mar 2017
    1. algal

      Algal bloom is noted by the EPA as a major environmental problem. Essentially, algal blooms are overgrowths of algae. Of course, a natural phenomenon such as this does not know political boundaries, and thus information given on Algal Bloom by the EPA is as valid in Canada as it is in the U.S. Algal blooms are also known as red tides, cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae. Algal blooms are commonly toxic, and the EPA advises people and other animals stay away from water sources that look like they may have algal bloom occurring. This water is commonly green, bad smelling, or scummy. Algal bloom can occur in both marine environments and fresh water environments. In fact, in both these environments, even non-toxic algal blooms can affect the economy and environment. This is because algal blooms can create “dead zones” in the environment they are present in. They also make treatment of drinking water much harder, raising costs of that process. They also hurt industries that rely on clean water to operate. Algal blooms essentially need three things to occur: slow moving water, sunlight, and nutrients. These nutrients include nitrogen and phosphorus. In terms of specific effects of the harmful algal bloom, the human health consequences can be seen as symptoms such as: respiratory problems, stomach illness, liver illness, rashes, and neurological effects. Children drinking nitrates (a common element in algal bloom water) is also very dangerous. Dioxins, which are used to treat water contaminated with the elements of algal bloom, can also be dangerous.

      EPA. “Harmful Algal Blooms”. Last modified January 23, 2017. https://www.epa.gov/nutrientpollution/harmful-algal-blooms

  36. Dec 2015
    1. They suggested that the CHA’s heat infra-structures conjoined wastefulness and neglect in ways that encouraged tenants’attachments to heat and, with respect to heat consumption, placed them perma-nently beyond practices of self-sufficiency

      I completely agree with this statement. They were unable to control levels of heat within their homes so when it consistently stayed too hot, they opened windows to let in cold air... hello.. That's like having your sprinklers on for your yard when it's pouring rain outside.. and there's a drought.