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    1. Best B school in Kerala

      Nowadays Kerala is a promising ideal destination for MBA aspirants because the state is a location of many prestigious business schools with excellent MBA programs. Kerala is regarded as the state with the highest rate of literacy in India and as the centre of the nation's education system. Kerala's rapidly expanding economy, which accounts for roughly 4% of all economic activity in India, makes the state an ideal place to pursue an MBA. Marian Institute of Management is the top-ranked MBA school in Kerala with excellent placement rates.

      The MBA programs offered by MIM - The MBA colleges in Kerala with the greatest placement combine top-notch instruction with recruitment to prestigious businesses. Kerala is the top choice for postgraduate study among students all around India. The two-year MBA program develops professionals with entrepreneurial solid skills out of the applicants.

      MBA programs give students a thorough understanding of and training in business operations and business administration management. MBA programs are open to students from all backgrounds, including the humanities, sciences, and business. When a student is looking for jobs at reputable organizations, interpersonal qualities like leadership, problem-solving, analytical ability, goal-oriented, and strong communication may be an advantage. The best placements are at MIM, Kerala's leading MBA school.

      MIM is a part of Marian College, a reputable institution that attracts MBA candidates with its excellent climate and location in the most picturesque hilly region of the Idukki District. This location is blessed with access to global infrastructure, reasonable fees, and a high hiring rate by prestigious firms. Students choose to study at MIM from all across India and other countries as well.

      MIM has been approved by the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, to admit 180 students. The college is approved by the Kerala government and affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam. The National Board of Accreditation has granted college accreditation (NBA). Since its founding in 2009, the college has had great success placing its graduates in prestigious organizations that offer competitive salaries.

      Best B schools in Kerala, MBA admission

      For more details


  2. Jan 2023
    1. I've seen a bunch of people sharing this and repeating the conclusion: that the success is because the CEO loves books t/f you need passionate leaders and... while I think that's true, I don't think that's the conclusion to draw here. The winning strategy wasn't love, it was delegation and local, on the ground, knowledge.

      This win comes from a leader who acknowledges people in the stores know their communities and can see and react faster to sales trends in store... <br /> —Aram Zucker-Scharff (@Chronotope@indieweb.social) https://indieweb.social/@Chronotope/109597430733908319 Dec 29, 2022, 06:27 · Mastodon for Android

      Also heavily at play here in their decentralization of control is regression toward the mean (Galton, 1886) by spreading out buying decisions over a more diverse group which is more likely to reflect the buying population than one or two corporate buyers whose individual bad decisions can destroy a company.

      How is one to balance these sorts of decisions at the center of a company? What role do examples of tastemakers and creatives have in spaces like fashion for this? How about the control exerted by Steve Jobs at Apple in shaping the purchasing decisions of the users vis-a-vis auteur theory? (Or more broadly, how does one retain the idea of a central vision or voice with the creative or business inputs of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of others?)

      How can you balance the regression to the mean with potentially cutting edge internal ideas which may give the company a more competitive edge versus the mean?

  3. Dec 2022
    1. In my line of work as a writer, there’s a near endless stream of new applications coming out that touch different stages in my workflow: e-book readers, notetaking apps, tools for managing PDFs, word processors, bibliographic databases. The problem is that it’s very tricky to switch horses midstream with these kinds of tools, which means you have a natural tendency to get locked into a particular configuration, potentially missing out on better approaches.

      Steven Johnson indicates that it can be difficult to change workflows, tools, apps, etc.

    2. I quickly found myself in the ironic situation of spending so much time building a tool to help with my schoolwork that I stopped actually doing my schoolwork.

      Early example of being overwhelmed by one's tool.

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    1. It occurs to me that keeping a “wish-list” of intellectual/creative challenges, even if you’re not exactly sure yet what the exact subject matter will be for those challenges, would be a productive routine to have, for writers and non-writers alike.
  6. Sep 2022
    1. As noted by the IE SA, the HTML publication of contact information was not considered necessary by Facebook’s Security Team and was subsequently discontinued117. The EDPB considers that the analysis of the principle of data minimisation (Article 5(1)(c) GDPR) is relevant for the necessity assessment on the basis of Article 6(1)(b) GDPR118. Consequently, the EDPB further finds that such analysis should have complemented the LSA’s assessment on the necessity of the processing for the performance of the contract, with specific regard to the publication of the contact information in the HTML source code on the Instagram website. The EDPB considers that the IE SA could not have concluded that the publication of the contact information of child users in the HTML source code may be regarded as

      EDPB rightly smacks the IE SA around a bit for generally cocking this all up.

  7. Aug 2022
    1. In addition to Australia, Europe and the U.S., ADS-B mandates are in effect in Colombia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Taiwan and Vietnam. Regulatory activity is ongoing in Canada, China and Saudi Arabia.
    1. Amherst College library described in Colin B. Burke's Information and Intrigue, organized books and cards based on author name. In both cases, the range of books on a shelf was random.

      Information and Intrigue by Colin B. Burke

  8. Jul 2022
    1. difference is that the matrix

      Hi, sorry I may have read inattentively, but how to implement this matrix in code?

  9. Jun 2022
    1. The course Marginalia in Books from Christopher Ohge is just crying out to have an annotated syllabus.

      Wish I could follow along directly, but there's some excellent reference material hiding in the brief outline of the course.

      Perhaps a list of interesting people here too for speaking at https://iannotate.org/ 2022 hiding in here? A session on the history of annotation and marginalia could be cool there.

    2. Matthew Fay (Institute of English Studies, University of London)


      Short Bio

      Over the years, Matthew has turned his hand to several disciplines, from high school teaching to theatre directing, before taking the MA in the History of the Book at London University. He is now undertaking research for a PhD on an archive formed by his great-grandfather, Frank Fay (1870-1930), an Irish actor and producer, who collaborated with W. B. Yeats and Lady Gregory on the plays that were performed at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. Matthew is interested in the provenance of books and theatre history.


      • Thesis: ‘The Fay Archive: Towards a Checklist and Copy-specific Analysis of Key Research Items by W. B. Yeats, J. M. Synge and Lady Gregory.’ (in progress)
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  11. Apr 2022
    1. Payne, R. P., Longet, S., Austin, J. A., Skelly, D. T., Dejnirattisai, W., Adele, S., Meardon, N., Faustini, S., Al-Taei, S., Moore, S. C., Tipton, T., Hering, L. M., Angyal, A., Brown, R., Nicols, A. R., Gillson, N., Dobson, S. L., Amini, A., Supasa, P., … Zawia, A. A. T. (2021). Immunogenicity of standard and extended dosing intervals of BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine. Cell, 184(23), 5699-5714.e11. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2021.10.011

    1. Prof. Christina Pagel 🇺🇦 [@chrischirp]. (2021, November 24). As well as Tom’s new one (B.1.1.529), C.1.2 seems to be spreading in S Africa—C.1.2 was the one with lots of worrying mutations first reported in August... Plus cases in S Africa suddenly increasing again in the middle of their summer. Https://t.co/fCqfOMcO83 [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/chrischirp/status/1463504890530086917

    1. Dr Emma Hodcroft [@firefoxx66]. (2021, November 26). We now have B.1.1.529 sequences (designed at @nextstrain clade 21K) up in our Africa build. You can check them out below. These are from South Africa & Botswana—You can see the high number of mutations. CoVariants focal build & updates will come ASAP. https://t.co/fqBldneF5U [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/firefoxx66/status/1464145615571623938

    1. Edward Nirenberg 🇺🇦 [@ENirenberg]. (2021, November 30). This is also not limited to the vaccine- any infection we encounter will do the same thing. It’s how we evolved to get around a massive genetic and bioenergetic challenge and it’s brilliant and it’s happening all the time regardless of any vaccines we get. [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/ENirenberg/status/1465698637434933254

  12. Mar 2022
    1. L’autisme est un trouble neuro-développemental caractérisé par des anomalies dans l’interaction sociale, dans la communication et dans le comportement (activités répétitives et stéréotypées). Ces anomalies causent, pour la personne atteinte d’autisme, de grandes difficultés cognitives : d’attention, d’apprentissage, de mémorisation et  de décodification de l’information.

      L’autisme est un trouble neuro-développemental caractérisé par des anomalies ==>problème de définition du champ dans l’interaction sociale, dans la communication et dans le comportement (activités répétitives et stéréotypées). Ces anomalies causent, pour la personne atteinte d’autisme, de grandes difficultés cognitives ==>elles ne sont pas conséquence des interactions sociales ni des stéréotypies mais liées au développent du cerveau

      Qu’est-ce que le trouble du spectre de l’autisme : Jadhav, M., & Schaepper, M. A. (2021, août). What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? American Psychiatric Association. Consulté le 11 mars 2022, à l’adresse https://www.psychiatry.org/patients-families/autism/what-is-autism-spectrum-disorderDiagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders : signs and symptoms on Social communication & Restricted interests and repetitive behaviors

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    1. La lutte contre les trafics illégaux

      Arg3: Les Etats tentent également de lutter contre les trafics illégaux

      • Lutte contre la pêche illicite Selon FAO = 15 et 20 % des prises => 23 Milliards $ /an Moins de préservation du stock renouvelable = surpêche Concurrence déloyale = pecheurs + respect quotas

      • Lutte contre le trafic de cocaïne 2017 - 2019: Cocaïne saisie à bord d'embarcations commerciales x3 = 73 tonnes Moyens ? Sous marins artisanaux, Ou ? Antilles = plaque tournante Quelles saisies ? 3 tonnes sous marins par police espagnole en 2019

      • Lutte contre le trafic des déchets Cout traitement + législation contraignante = Etats exportent leurs déchets / filières illégales ==> Pays d'Asie et d'Afrique: ++ déchets électroniques Malaisie => FR: 43 conteneurs de plastique illégaux

    2. La lutte contre la piraterie maritime

      Arg2: les EM sont confrontés à de la piraterie maritime à laquelle les Etats tentent de faire face

      • Opération de lutte contre la piraterie 2008: Eunavfor = Opération ATALANTE / Golfe d'Aden : Somalie. Soutient bases militaires = Djibouti => Dissuasion => Répression
    3. Les espaces maritimes, des espaces de plus en plus militarisés

      Arg1: La militarisation des EM

      • l'hégémonie américaine EU: 10 portes avions + bases militaires + 7flottes = forte capacité de projection

      • le rattrapage chinois et russe CHINE: 2 portes avions -Liaoning et Shandong depuis Décembre 2019) = Sécurisation Nouvelles routes de la Soie + enjeux M de Chine méridionale et orientale RUSSIE: Forces navales car coopération militaire (Syrie) et ambitions (Arctique). Nouveau SNLE en Mer Blanche (Mai 2018)

      • les puissances émergentes Iran, Inde, Turquie, Brésil (commande de 4 SNA à Naval Group - Décembre 2020)

    4. e tourisme de croisière

      Arg6: le tourisme de croisière reste un enjeu économique majeur

      • Un secteur en essor 2019 - 30M de personnes croisière Caraïbes, Mer Méditerranée, Asie Pacifique

      • Qui est marqué par une forte concurrence et de lours freins Multinationales: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, MSC Emissions CO2, risques accidents + COVID19: mauvaise réputation

    5. Les ressources génétiques marines

      Arg5: Les fonds marins regorgent de ressources génétiques marines

      • Le génome des espères sous marines constitue un enjeu commercial et scientifique algues: produits cosmétiques enzymes des éponges: lutte cancer (pharmacie, santé)
    6. Les ressources minérales

      Arg4: Les ressources minérales sont également très convoitées

      • les utilisations technologiques minerais: Cobalt, cuivre, nickel, or, diamant terres rares: cérium, scandium Nodules polymétalliques = hautes technologies (tel, odrinateurs)

      • jeu géopolitique dps 2010's fouilles Etat // monopole chinois Chine = 90% terres rares M

    7. Les ressources énergétiques

      Arg3: les ressources énergétiques sont également exploitées dans les Mers et les Océans

      • les hydrocarbures 30% hydrocarbures proviennent de gisements offshore Mer du Nord, Mer Caspienne, Golfe de Guinée, Golfe Arabo-persique, Mer de Chine méridionale

      espaces inexploités: conditions extrêmes (Arctique), fonds marins profonds = ++ pression (Brésil qui se lance dans l'exploitation d'hydrocarbures au dela du plateau continental)

      • les énergies renouvelables off shore Usines marémotrices: UM de la Rance (Côtes d'Armor, FR) Parcs éoliens off shore: projets aux îles de Lérons, Europe = 1er prod mondial électricité = 5000 éoliennes off shore (Mer du Nord ++)

      • les avancées scientifiques possibles Bathymétrie est mal connue = couts ++ 90% des espèces marines resteraient à découvrir

    8. Les ressources halieutiques Ŕ doc 1 p. 62 sur l’exploitation des ressources halieutiques

      Arg2: les ressources halieutiques constituent un enjeu économique majeur

      • La pêche et l'aquaculture subviennent aux besoins énergétiques et protéiniques de la population 1950 - auj = production halieutique*8 1950 - 2016 = 19M tonnes - 170M tonnes (dont 150M pour conso° humaine directe) 1980 - 2016 = 4,5M - 80M de tonnes prod° aquaculture

      • les ressources halieutiques sont exportées 27% prod° halieutique = int 143 Milliards $ = CA

      • des intérêts économiques vitaux pour les Etats 60M travailleurs = secteur de la pêche situations précaire = 95% des pêcheurs vivent en Afrique ou en Asie

    9. Selon l’OCDE, les mers et les océans rapportent chaque année près de 1500 milliards de dollars

      Les bénéfices économiques de l'économie bleue

      Economie bleue - Bertrand Blancheton, Introduction aux politiques économiques (2020)

      Mers et océans rapportent 1500 Milliards $/an 3000 Milliards en 2030 "Qui tient la mer tiens le commerce du monde, qui tient le commerce tient la richesse, qui tient la richesse tient le monde lui-même", Walter Raleigh => Halford Mackinder

  15. Dec 2021
    1. The results of the study showed that object control motor skills (such as kicking, catching, and throwing a ball), were better in the children who played interactive games.“This study was not designed to assess whether interactive gaming can actually develop children’s movement skills, but the results are still quite interesting and point to a need to further explore a possible connection,” said Dr. Lisa Barnett, lead researcher on the study.“It could be that these children have higher object control skills because they are playing interactive games that may help to develop these types of skills (for example, the under hand roll through playing the bowling game on the Wii). Playing interactive electronic games may also help eye-hand coordination.”

      This is a deductive argument because the logical premise which is that video games can improve motion control skills is supported by a logical premises which is the evidence from Dr. Lisa Barnett. This premises leads to the conclusion that video games can improve motor skills.

  16. Nov 2021
  17. Oct 2021
    1. Andreano, E., Paciello, I., Piccini, G., Manganaro, N., Pileri, P., Hyseni, I., Leonardi, M., Pantano, E., Abbiento, V., Benincasa, L., Giglioli, G., De Santi, C., Fabbiani, M., Rancan, I., Tumbarello, M., Montagnani, F., Sala, C., Montomoli, E., & Rappuoli, R. (2021). Hybrid immunity improves B cells and antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 variants. Nature, 1–7. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41586-021-04117-7

  18. Sep 2021
    1. John Burn-Murdoch. (2021, August 23). NEW: in the last couple of weeks there have a lot of new studies out assessing vaccine efficacy, many of which have touched on the question of waning immunity. Unsurprisingly, these have prompted a lot of questions. Time for a thread to summarise what we do and don’t know: [Tweet]. @jburnmurdoch. https://twitter.com/jburnmurdoch/status/1429878189011111936

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    1. black hole is a region of spacetime where gravity is so strong that nothing—no particles or even electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from it. The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass can deform

      This has been a powerful source of inspiration for me since day immoral

    1. What we want to do isactivate within children the desire and will and greatpleasure that comes from bein

      authors of their own learning."

      way to setup the learning

    2. Although it isn’teasy, we have to make our own paths, as teachersand children and families, in the forest.

      finding our way, living together is not easy, we build relationships to work together in the forest

    3. your happiness, your sadness,your hopes, your pleasures, the stresses from yourlife.

      Both children and teachers bring life each day, how will that be played out in school. How can we grow relationships and connections together to build a strong learning environment

    4. sense very quickly the spirit of what is going onamong the adults in their world.

      body language, openness, being authentic with questions to learn more from the child, inspires a child to take the lead in their learning experiences

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  25. earlybritishlit.pressbooks.com earlybritishlit.pressbooks.com
    1. “Art thou that Beowulf with Breca did struggle, On the wide sea-currents at swimming contended, Did you take part in a swimming-match 10 Where to humor your pride the ocean ye tried,

      meaning he lost in the match with Breca and his honorand pride were in game after that.

  26. Jan 2021
    1. This variant presents 14 non-synonymous mutations, 6 synonymous mutations and 3 deletions. The multiple mutations present in the viral RNA encoding for the spike protein (S) are of most concern, such as the deletion Δ69-70, deletion Δ144, N501Y, A570D, D614G, P681H, T716I, S982A, D1118H
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