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  1. May 2024
    1. The Latin word was praecoquum, from pre-coquere, pre-cook, toripen early, as in ‘precocious,’ meaning premature

      Apricots are compared to "blushing with shame, shame comes with age" and then directly referenced to Oliver's butt. Clearly representing Oliver with age and reference to his butt, so it characterizes Oliver as two things; shameful, and "premature" and "ripen early", which is ironic considering his age -- what does this say about youth, identity, and contradictions?

  2. Apr 2024
    1. “I have youth spies, people that report to me and I give them poppers for good information. But mostly I’m still interested in life. I don’t think it was better when I was young. I think the kids that are 15 and getting into trouble are having as much fun as I did. So I’m still curious. I don’t have fear of flying. I have fear of not flying. Always thinking that tomorrow is going to be better than yesterday.”

      It may require having something like "youth spies" to keep up with the more interesting parts of contemporary culture, and these can be used for expanding one's combinatorial creativity horizon.

  3. Jan 2024
  4. Dec 2023
      • for: James Hansen - 2023 paper, key insight - James Hansen, leverage point - emergence of new 3rd political party, leverage point - youth in politics, climate change - politics, climate crisis - politics

      • Key insight: James Hansen

        • The key insight James Hansen conveys is that
          • the key to rapid system change is
            • WHAT? the rapid emergence of a new, third political party that does not take money from special interest lobbys.
            • WHY? Hit the Achilles heel of the Fossil Fuel industry
            • HOW? widespread citizen / youth campaign to elect new youth leaders across the US and around the globe
            • WHEN? Timing is critical. In the US,
              • Don't spoil the vote for the two party system in 2024 elections. Better to have a democracy than a dictatorship.
              • Realistically, likely have to wait to be a contender in the 2028 election.
      • reference

    1. Washington is a swamp it we throw out one party the other one comes in they take money from special interests and we don't have a government that's serving the interests 01:25:09 of the public that's what I think we have to fix and I don't see how we do that unless we have a party that takes no money from special interests
      • for: key insight- polycrisis - climate crisis - political crisis, climate crisis - requires a new political party, money in politics, climate crisis - fossil fuel lobbyists, climate change - politics, climate crisis - politics, James Hansen - key insight - political action - 3rd party

      • key insight

        • Both democrats and conservatives are captured by fossil fuel lobbyist interests
        • A new third political party that does not take money from special interests is required
        • The nature of the polycrisis is that crisis are entangled . This is a case in point. The climate crisis cannot be solved unless the political crisis of money influencing politics is resolved
        • The system needs to be rapidly reformed to kick money of special interest groups out of politics.
      • question

        • Given the short timescale, the earliest we can achieve this is 2028 in the US Election cycle
        • Meanwhile what can we do in between?
        • How much impact can alternative forms of local governance like https://sonec.org/ have?
        • In particular, could citizens form local alternative forms of governance and implement incentives to drive sustainable behavior?
    2. I 01:22:57 think now what is more important is to affect the political system
      • climate crisis - leverage points - young people - politics

      • comment

        • Hansen considers politics to be the key leverage point for young people now, not protesting and raising awareness
  5. Nov 2023
  6. Sep 2023
    1. Interview mit dem philippinischen Anwalt Tony Opposa, der die Kampagne World's Youth for Climate Justice unterstützt. Es geht dabei darum, das Recht junger und zukünftiger Generationen auf eine intakte Umwelt vor dem Internationalen Gerichtshof einklagbar zu machen. Oposa hat schon sehr früh in den Philippinen Prozesse geführt, bei denen es um die Rechte zukünftiger Generationen geht. https://taz.de/Anwalt-ueber-Klimaklagen/!5954750/

  7. Aug 2023
  8. Jul 2023
  9. Nov 2022
    1. locally-based staff and carries out its programs in conjunction with local partners. Teams of international instructors and volunteers support the programs through projects year-round.

      So many good features in your project!

      Employing local staff that know the setting and can be role models for the kids.

      Supporting mentoring by volunteers to scale.

      Working with bodies to get a visceral experience that change is possible.

      Mentoring in groups to build a community.

      Spotlighting diversity and building bridges beyond the local community.

      Some related resources: Ballet dancer from Kibera

      Fighting poverty and gang violence in Rio's favelas with ballet

    1. 11/30 Youth Collaborative

      I went through some of the pieces in the collection. It is important to give a platform to the voices that are missing from the conversation usually.

      Just a few similar initiatives that you might want to check out:

      Storycorps - people can record their stories via an app

      Project Voice - spoken word poetry

      Living Library - sharing one's story

      Freedom Writers - book and curriculum based on real-life stories

  10. Jul 2022
    1. Could social systems be finally reprogrammed, at long last, ‘as if peoplemattered’ [ 8]?
      • They are currently programmed by minority power holders to serve their interest.
      • Many individuals and projects are trying to do this
      • Climate change is a classic example of power holders dictating the agenda
    1. We should think of it as a bill for a public health measure that was taken on our behalf. And it's our obligation now, whether or not we agreed with those decisions, to pay that bill. We can't stiff our children.
  11. Jun 2022
    1. multilateral cooperation is key to accelerate such action that new and additional voices need to be heard and engaged with especially 00:10:11 those of youth women indigenous groups and local communities the need to centre action on the principles of reaching out to the furthest first and leaving no one behind something like gandhian talisman

      There is a need to integrate top down, middle and bottom up actors into a grand synthesis to achieve the greatest efficacy in a Marshall plan.

      The community is the building block of society. Community action is still an idling capacity, an untapped resource. There is a natural synergy between communities and youth, and the bridge is schools.

  12. Mar 2022
  13. Jan 2022
    1. “youth culture”

      Definition: Youth culture refers to the societal norms of children, adolescents, and young adults

      • today's societal norms I feel like would revolve around the likes of something such as Tiktok. The app that blew up over quarantine is definitely something that I feel creates modern "youth culture". Almost everything from the hottest celebrities, and fashion and makeup trends, to sabotaging political activities is found within this app.
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  21. icla2020b.jonreeve.com icla2020b.jonreeve.com
    1. light soft hair

      Seems the opposite of her mother in her looks: soft, delicate, and light - perhaps her characters says something about youth/its potential to become bitter over time and through hardship?

    2. The duties of the priest towards the Eucharist and towards the secrecy of the confessional seemed so grave to me that I wondered how anybody had ever found in himself the courage to undertake them

      The naivety of youth is apparent in this passage. The child assumes that every priest undertook the "duties" of priesthood with unadulterated integrity and commitment; he cannot yet entertain the complexities of life which necessitate compromise and disappointment. Oftentimes the pursuit of priesthood is not driven by "courage" or other such pure motives, nor do people undertake "grave" duties with complete seriousness at all times.

  22. Oct 2020
    1. an old towel with a knot in it

      I wonder if William's dislike for the new toys is that they're foreign, that they're like too extravagant for the kids, or simply just "back in my day" nostalgia. It seems like a mix, but this passage about his toy makes it seem like he's implying that sort of like modern boomer sentiment we see where older generations think kids have it too easy/are spoiled now.

    2. Oh, you may as well bring me a chocolate, too.

      I will not have this hot chocolate slander. But really, she's upset she got kicked out of the casino and effectively has to spend the day at the kid's table. She's above sweet things, typically associated with children and being young, something we see by Hennie diving head first into his glass. At the same time though she's totally loving this, doing the whole "I guess I'll have one too but not because I wanted one or anything." It's interesting in comparison with how in The Garden Party the food from the party given as a gift was a reflection of class, and here while still clearly food of the upper class, it's also associated with age.

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  27. Feb 2019
    1. Connected learning is realized when a young person is able to pursue a personal interest or passion with the support of friends and caring adults, and is in turn able to link this learning and interest to academic achievement, career success or civic engagement

      Helping students to have a relatable interest with their learning can help them to succeed in their futures. Making our lessons more understandable and related to their interests is important when setting up their learning environment.

    1. Sponsorship of Youth Interests

      It is important to get on our students levels when we are teaching them information. We need to find out what their favorite things are and try to base our lesson plans on incorporating what they like along with the curriculum that we need to teach them.

  28. Jul 2018
    1. There are also instances where students in our program participate in the programs of other Hive organizations
    1. I know Mozilla has initiatives for education and open internet and code-learning initiatives and stuff like that. Hearing about all those initiatives and all the people who have made those initiatives would just open me up to more opinions and more backgrounds and more ways of thinking.
    2. I’ve definitely learned, through being a part of Girls Who Code and through having multiple jobs in tech companies, how to present myself and how to interview well and how to best represent myself.
    3. Related was the challenge of trying to assert ourselves as two very capable females in tech who wanted to organize a hackathon. When we reached out to potential sponsors our capacity was overshadowed by the fact that we were high school students — they assumed we didn’t know what we were doing.

      Caitlin and Emily were exemplary in their confidence and tenacity. I was beyond impressed when they first reached out to Hive for support for their event. They were professional and easy to work with, and it made us want to support them even more.

    4. It definitely fosters a community, especially for people who weren’t originally in the technology community. They’re now open to new pathways that they probably hadn’t seen before. They’re opened up to new communities on social media and to other hackathons and stuff where — even if they don’t necessarily interact with the people they met at def hacks() — they’re interacting with more people in the community because of def hacks().
    5. The reason I created def hacks() with my friend, Emily Redler, was because we wanted to create a hackathon environment that was specifically receptive to high-school students, because typically this group is overlooked when it comes to hackathons — college students are more welcome because they have more experience and they’re a little bit older. We wanted to target high school students because — at the time — we were high school students. Also this group is important because they are younger, which gives them more flexibility to learn.
  29. Nov 2017
    1. To develope the reasoning faculties of our youth, enlarge their minds cultivate their morals, & instil into them the precepts of virtue & order.

      The main goal of a higher institution or university is to educate students and the youth to make a future brighter. In addition, they want the future generation to build a better place for everyone. I agreed with this statement because it illustrates that even though education is significant having morals and order as or more equal to being intelligent. I personally think it is important for a person to be kind and smart. Because if we have only smart people but indifferent people then no one will help each and no one will agree with each other. -Alexander An

    1. The researchers also found that adolescents’ materialism was highest when advertising spending made up a greater percentage of the U.S. economy.
  30. Jul 2017
  31. May 2017
    1. “Give me my Romeo, and, when I shall die, Take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine That all the world will be in love with night, And pay no worship to the garish sun. “

      They may know the only way to reconcile the issues between the two families is for them to learn to love each other as she did with Romeo. However, it seems the only way to reconcile those differences is in death.

  32. Feb 2017
  33. Jan 2017
    1. Almost half of eight- to 11-year-olds have agreed impenetrable terms and conditions to give social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram control over their data, without any accountability, according to the commissioner’s Growing Up Digital taskforce. The year-long study found children regularly signed up to terms including waiving privacy rights and allowing the content they posted to be sold around the world, without reading or understanding their implications.
  34. Dec 2016
    1. Skill Trees

      No representation of skill trees captures the concept completely, but what I hope is evident on this page is that any Badge, with its related Playlist, should be connected to other Badges and Playlists that come before (in this case, above) it, and it should be one of a few available choices (represented in this case by other Badges and Playlists on the same row), and that it leads to other Badges and Playlists (below it), and that what comes next has choices as well.

  35. Nov 2016
  36. Jul 2016
  37. Jun 2016
    1. Title: LGBT and Black Lives Matter – What About Gay Rights for People of Color?

      Keywords: black youth, lgbt people

      Summary: The Court's Obergefell v. Hodges decision wouldn't be handed down for nearly two months; on this day, the justices were hearing the case.<br>The plaintiffs were attempting to establish the right of same-sex couples to marry in Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee and Ohio; the marriage-equality activists who surrounded me were hoping the justices would use the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause not to just affirm a right to marriage in all fifty states but also to create a federal precedent under which any number of other rights for LGBT people might be argued for in the future.<br>This was stage-managed political theater, and the Human Rights Campaign, the LGBT-rights advocacy group, was its director.<br>Gay Men's Chorus belted out the Civil Rights-era protest song "We Shall Overcome."<br>The caucasity of the crowd couldn't be ignored.<br>That unseemly co-optation festered in my mind as I drove forty miles up I-95 to a city on fire.<br>Gray had been allegedly illegally arrested—even State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby later stated so—before he was shackled, thrown in the back of a van without being strapped in, and given a "rough ride" that is believed to have severed his spine.<br>Baltimore had quickly emerged as the new ground zero for the burgeoning Black Lives Matter movement, but the threat of ongoing violence was getting all the news.<br>As day faded into night, the nation wondered if more fires and mayhem would come.<br>Then something unexpected happened, something amazing: Black youth took control and started dancing.<br>They defiantly asserted themselves.<br>No tear gas stung our eyes.<br>These young people stared down the threat of police brutality and defiantly asserted themselves: 'We, by voguing, claim this space as our own.'<br>

  38. May 2016
    1. Researching the chosen issue

      Although there is much more that is possible in connecting youth in the middle of their research process, our experience of having students post at many and early stages of their inquiry/research process is invaluable!

  39. Mar 2016
    1. Plantains are higher in starch than bananas, low in sugar and is similar to a potato in texture. Plantains have similar nutritive value as fresh bananas plus vitamin A, and are an excellent source of carbohydrates, according to the University of Florida Extension. Plantains are also a good source of vitamin C and are low in sodium and calories.

      Plantains are high in starch and low in sugar, but they are just as good for you as bananas, plus they are healthier! I love them!

    2. Green plantains taste more like a potato with a starchy texture. Because of this, plantains are not suitable for eating raw unless they're very ripe,

      Plantains look like bananas, but they are more like potatoes. They are starchy, and like a potato, you would want to cook them first. I love cooking plantains!

    1. Beyond

      So there's more to it than building things and surviving? A student who plays minecraft told me today that he thinks you actually do learn what you are simulating in the game. "Like when you build a garden, you learn how to farm," he told me. Hmmmm.

  40. Feb 2016
    1. With more than 18 million downloads to date, Minecraft is the best-selling computer game of all time; the game’s free-form structure has made it popular with kids and adults alike. But little by little, teachers, parents, and students have discovered that the game can be used for educational purposes, too.

      18 million downloads. This is a popular game. Parents, teachers, and students are using the game for educational purposes. This surprises me because I never though a game would help kids.

  41. Jan 2016
    1. President Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address on January 12, 2016 at 9PM ET. Watch as he reflects on the road we've traveled in the last seven years.

      Join teachers and students from around the country to annotate Obama's last State of the Union address on Tuesday at 9PM. Join Jeremy Dean, as he leads an "annotatathon" -- one of many we hope to see during this electoral season, as part of the Letters to the Next President project, co-sponsored by the NWP and WQED. Keep your eye out for the link to the transcript of the speech then join us on hypothes.is to annotate it live -- or later this week. Have your students join us live or later in the week as well!

  42. Dec 2015
    1. Life expectancy is how long a person is expected to live. It is based on many factors such as country and life style including smoking, diet, and exercise.

      I see in the sentence is different ways that can cut your life short by doing different things.What makes this sentence important is that it states different thing that you can stop in order to live longer *This connects to me cause i could take this and adjust people lives by telling them what can you the fastest

  43. Nov 2015
    1. Four-fifths of the city lay submerged as residents frantically signaled for help from their rooftops and thousands were stranded at the Superdome, a congregation of the desperate and poor.

      It's hard to remember how much of New Orleans was devastated and for how long.

  44. Sep 2015
  45. Aug 2015
    1. As of 2013, there were nearly 100,000 fewer black residents than in 2000, their absences falling equally across income levels. The white population decreased by about 11,000, but it is wealthier.

      Perhaps New Orleans is a global symbol of what Naomi Klein has called Disaster Apartheid Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein

    2. American dysfunction and government negligence

      "Bush doesn't care about Black people," made clear the neglect that we felt immediately, but it was only later the I became aware of the years of incompetence and broken systems that led to the storm surge doing so much damage. Immediately -- and for me to this day -- New Orleans was a symbol of carbon corporate power. Where is BP in this sentence in the Times?

  46. Jul 2015
    1. sounded the alarm or choked us at the exit.

      And I guess that the point is that we have to live with both sides of the oppositions presented in this paragraph

    2. Maybe that saved me. Maybe it didn’t.

      And what about the other side of this? What if a school, like the Lyons Community School in Brooklyn practices Restorative Justice. Does that prepare those youths to deal with cops who treat them with disrespect and violence in the streets? See Act Three. The Talking Cure. of This American Life 538: "Is this Working?" October 17, 2014.

      the feeling that your funky little system is cool when we're in school and all, but don't try and take it and apply it to our world. You're in over your head.

      Actually listen to the whole thing to see that they also end up, like Coates, with "maybe, yes, maybe, no."

    3. a catalog of behaviors and garments

      The fashion and lifestyles of fear. I love the details in this paragraph. I wonder what to do with this critical perspective. Do we look at sagging pants and think, "I know something you don't. I know that you are responding to the fear in your life." Of course not, but then how do we integrate Coates insights? Or do we just listen to what he is saying to his son, and take something from what he is saying in the context of explaining something to his son. Perhaps it's enough to understand that fashion and lifestyle choices have meaning, and it's worth exploring these meanings with the youth making these decisions.

    4. You must always remember that the sociology, the history, the economics, the graphs, the charts, the regressions all land, with great violence, upon the body.

      What does this central thesis -- I think -- feel like, get understood to mean... to a 15 year old?

  47. May 2015
    1. incredibly efficient as livestock; they convert a high percentage of their feed into protein, have less waste and consume less water.

      Though this is extremely efficient, its just grooooss. I think that it does have something to do with psychology but, I just can't bring myself to eat anything that squirms.

    1. 63 percent in 2008 to 90 percent in 2014

      While this is a decent amount of increase, it is still way too low. This school, along with many others, need a lot of help with their graduation rates.

  48. Apr 2015
    1. W h e n   n o n v i o l e n c e   i s   p r e a c h e d   a s   a n   a t t e m p t   t o   e v a d e   t h e   r e p e r c u s s i o n s   o f p o l i t i c a l   b r u t a l i t y ,   i t   b e t r a y s   i t s e l f .   W h e n   n o n v i o l e n c e   b e g i n s   h a l f w a y   t h r o u g h t h e   w a r   w i t h   t h e   a g g r e s s o r   c a l l i n g   t i m e   o u t ,   i t   e x p o s e s   i t s e l f   a s   a   r u s e .   W h e n n o n v i o l e n c e   i s   p r e a c h e d   b y   t h e   r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s   o f   t h e   s t a t e ,   w h i l e   t h e   s t a t e d o l e s   o u t   h e a p s   o f   v i o l e n c e   t o   i t s   c i t i z e n s ,   i t   r e v e a l s   i t s e l f   t o   b e   a   c o n .   A n d n o n e   o f   t h i s   c a n   m e a n   t h a t   r i o t i n g   o r   v i o l e n c e   i s   " c o r r e c t "   o r   " w i s e , "   a n y   m o r e t h a n   a   f o r e s t   f i r e   c a n   b e   " c o r r e c t "   o r   " w i s e . "   W i s d o m   i s n ' t   t h e   p o i n t   t o n i g h t . D i s r e s p e c t   i s .   I n   t h i s   c a s e ,   d i s r e s p e c t   f o r   t h e   h o l l o w   l a w   a n d   f a i l e d   o r d e r   t h a t s o   r e g u l a r l y   d i s r e s p e c t s   t h e   c o m m u n i t y .

      The power of this concluding paragraph says it all! Wow. And it's not just cops who show this disrespect.

    2. T h e r e   w a s   n o

      This parallel list, with the devastating quotations interspersed is powerful indeed!

    3. a d m i r a t i o n   a n d   r e s p e c t

      I wonder how many cops even seek to receive admiration and respect. I agree that fear and caution are a much less human level of respect, but how do we move from a culture where only the lower levels of safety are sought or given?

    4. i n t u i t i v e l y

      What this means is that there is a gap between what people feel on their gut level (or whatever you want to call it and what they are willing to act upon on an intellectual and political level. Intuitions can be true, but isn't it important to help people move from the intuitive levels of understanding to more committed levels that will lead to more sustained political action and change?

    5. m y s t e r i o u s l y   i n   s o m e   b a c k   a l l e y

      Seems to me like we need to value the lives lost mysteriously in back alleys too, no?

    1. certain roadblocks can make it difficult

      These roadblocks are usually imposed by home problems, that pertain with parents. There should be no way that parents hurt their kids at a good future, and the 2 parties should be separated.

    2. The value of a high school diploma is increasing at a faster rate than ever. When students are left degree-less and have no options to get to college without a GED, many are hurt and can seriously effect your paycheck in the future.

    1. r e m a i n s u n c e r t a i n

      One could also describe this as "contested." "Remains uncertain" already feels like the authors are moving toward an inevitable certainty of using nuclear power. Or am I being paranoid?

    1. soldiers, Shia militia forces, Sunni tribal fighters and members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corp

      Coalition of enemies!

    2. ISIS executed some of its own fighters for trying to flee

      That doesn't sound good for ISIS. What kind of impact does that have on morale when they kill their own fighters for trying to escape the enemy?

    3. ISIS control

      It's odd to think how little territory is actually controlled by ISIS, at least in the area of Tikrit.

    1. Mr. Sadr’s loyalists had sat out recent battles after he said he was “freezing” their participation, in part because of allegations of atrocities committed by Shiite militias in Diyala and Anbar Provinces after driving out Islamic State militants.

      Okay, so it's paragraphs like this that make me want to throw up my hands. Check out what is being said here. First, who is Sadr? "Sadr is one of the most influential religious and political figures in the country," according to Wikipedia. And he is sitting this one out. Why? Because forces who are supposed to his allies, the Shiite militias. Sadr is also a Shiite, I think. But after defeating ISIS, they kill the people who live there? I think I remember something like this being reported on Democracy Now. So yeah, what kind of unity is this? Sounds like mad confusion! Here's a Human Rights Report.

    2. but

      So what's the truth? Do Shiites slaughter Sunnis when they get a chance to or not? This article leaves me more confused than when I started.

    3. Qaeda-linked Sunni

      And the Sunnis are connected to Qaeda?

    4. whose numbers are much greater than that of the regular armed forces,

      Oh, so the Peace Brigades aren't the official troops, but they vastly outnumber the government's soldiers, and without them, nothing happens. I get it.

    5. Iraqi government troops

      So Mr. Sadr's Peace Brigrades aren't the official government troops of Iraq? Makes you want to give up on ever understanding this stuff.

    6. Peace Brigades

      That's some name for militias of soldiers!

    7. Sunni militia

      So this is implying that the Sunnis and the Shiites, from the above paragraph are working together with the Islamic government. Is that the case or is this a small exception tot the rule of not working togeter?

    8. 700 fighters

      700 in a force of 30,000? Seems like this could only be symbolic.

    9. share a measure of credit for an expected victory and to position themselves

      This makes it sound like some sort of game.

    10. called for unity

      If you have to call for unity, it's implied that you don't have it currently. Also later in this same paragraph. It feels chaotic and splintered to refer to fighters as a "faction" -- faction of what? I assume a faction of the Iraqi government forces.

    1. One man, Khalid, said that gunmen cam

      gunmen have been taking people from their house and kidnapping them , some of them never return home some of them return but dead .

    2. Mosul is largely

      ISIS have put a lot of car bombs an trap to the Islamic state , to kill and eliminate people in from he Islamic state , the recorded them and puts the up in the internet so the whole world can see what they are doing .

    3. The group has made t

      the group Isis has been taking a lot of cities in Iraq , but at the same time the Syrian state have been bombarding their owns cities killing civilians in every part of the country .

    4. The Islamic State has used similar

      some of the militant fighters are taking over cities over this year ,and when something happen the police work is the minimal over the cities, They castigated and murdered mes if they see them taking a shower in the rivers because women can see them

    5. Electricity has been cut off

      Things in the Islamic state aren't going really well , they don't even have electricity or even have good water , food is to expensive and the taxes are going way up .

  49. Mar 2015
    1. porque era muy triste el cuento y me gusto mucho.

      I'd love to know why you enjoyed a sad story.

    2. su cuarto se quedo hay toda la noche sin hacer ningun tipo de ruido la abuela iba se ponia alado de la puerta pero no pudo escuchar nada

      esta parte es importante porque la buela quería sabe lo que estaba siendo isaac pero no escuchaba na.

    3. padre hijo perdoname por todo no soy el mejor padre del mundo pero hice lo que pude , hijo sigue tu camino se que sera un camino solitario pero conoceras cosas maravillosas y alguien contara tu legado te amo " en ese mismo momento cerro los ojos como si el ya supiera que no tenia tiempo y queria solo decir sus ultimas palabras , isaac salio de la casa corriendo y pidio ayuda para sacarlo al papa

      esta parte es importante porque el padre isaac se puso tan feliz que sero los ojo y se murio y le dijo a isaac que siguiera su camino que él es joven.

    4. arriba , subio y encontro a un hombre que se quedo palido cuando lo vio y le dijo " isaac eres tu " respondio y dijo " si , y quien eres tu " el hombre le dijo " Soy tu padre"

      esta parte es importante porque isaac el control a su padre y también porque isaac quería sabe la la verdad.

    5. una caja sucia y mal oliente la queria botar pero la curiosidad no lo dejo , luego la saco de hay y la abrio adentro encontro algo que le cambio la vida , vio fotos se sus padres y cartas que ellos escribian

      esta parte es importante porque isaac jayo cartas y foto que sus padres le escribieron y esto se eso cambió su vida y estaba enojado con su abuela.

    6. an tenía que salir a trabajar todos los días para tener dinero para la comida, era muy difícil po

      esta parte es importante porque juan tenía que sali todos los días para ganar dinero y también para compra comida.

    7. En la casa había muchas cosas que hacer, Juan tenía que salir a trabajar todos los días para tener dinero

      esta parte es importante por que juan ternia

    8. nació Valentina una linda hija que ellos no esperaban tener, a la cual llegaron a amar mucho .

      esta parte es importante porque ellos no esperaban una hija. Cuando nació Valentina era una sorpresa para ellos pero la recibieron con mucho amor. Estaban felix.

    1. 51-year-old Korean woman

      This makes me wonder how complicated this story is, with biases and struggle all over the place.

    1. And when I kick it flows, But you already know, And then you will see that you’re ready to go And that’s how you know that you’re ready to go and you see that I be, the one that can flow, yo!

      I like how the final four lines, all of which start with "and," make connections between the reader and you, showing how we know about each other and motivate each other.

    1. hard and endlessly

      One of the problems is that teachers burn out after their first few years of hard and endless works.

    1. Why are they “cool” and I am “weird”?

      I think we all feel this way at times. I wonder why it overwhelms us sometimes, makes us angry at other times, and we just brush it off still other times.

  50. Nov 2013
    1. I wish I had not known the wretched-ness of wasting so much of my youth in this way. I wish that the scholars of rhetoric and dialectic would heed my advice and would sometimes think of the truth and usefulness of their subjects instead of tenaciously and obstinately quarreling over matters which they have naively accepted at a first hearing, without ever giving them proper consideration

      Regret. Ever achievable? Too quick to argue. Maybe difference between education and schooling?

  51. Oct 2013
    1. To beginners should be given matter designed, as it were, beforehand in proportion to the abilities of each. But when they shall appear to have formed themselves sufficiently on their model, a few brief directions may be given them, following which, they may advance by their own strength without any support. 6. It is proper that they should sometimes be left to themselves, lest, from the bad habit of being always led by the efforts of others, they should lose all capacity of attempting and producing anything for themselves. But when they seem to judge pretty accurately of what ought to be said, the labor of the teacher is almost at an end, though should they still commit errors, they must be again put under a guide. 7.

      Autonomy in learning and expression

    1. On such subjects did the ancients, for the most part, exercise the faculty of eloquence, borrowing their mode of argument, however, from the logicians. To speak on fictitious cases, in imitation of pleadings in the forum or in public councils, is generally allowed to have become a practice among the Greeks, about the time of Demetrius Phalereus.
    1. That mere boys should sit mixed with young men, I do not approve; for though such a man as ought to preside over their studies and conduct may keep even the eldest of his pupils under control, yet the more tender ought to be separate from the more mature, and they should all be kept free, not merely from the guilt of licentiousness, but even from the suspicion of it
    1. We make it also a subject of inquiry when a boy may be considered ripe for learning what rhetoric teaches. In which inquiry it is not to be considered of what age a boy is, but what progress he has already made in his studies. That I may not make a long discussion, I think that the question when a boy ought to be sent to the teacher of rhetoric is best decided by the answer, when he shall be qualified.

      Age is less important than ability.