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    1. La performance de testimonios como forma potencial de resistencia (narrativa digital) puede ofrecer una manera de expresar y también atestiguar cómo los derechos humanos son negados tras la detención y deportación de inmigrantes.

      En este tipo de performance, los individuos pueden compartir sus experiencias de primera mano, narrando los detalles de su situación, las condiciones en las que son detenidos y los abusos que enfrentan durante el proceso de deportación. Al hacerlo, no solo están expresando su propia voz y resistencia, sino que también están arrojando luz sobre las prácticas sistemáticas injustas y violatorias de derechos.

      La narrativa digital amplifica aún más el impacto de estos testimonios al permitir que se compartan a través de plataformas en línea, alcanzando audiencias más amplias y facilitando la solidaridad y el apoyo de comunidades globales. Además, el uso de diferentes medios digitales, como videos, fotos, textos y redes sociales, enriquece la experiencia narrativa y hace que sea más convincente y accesible para aquellos que buscan comprender y abogar por un cambio.

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    1. Aunque Brysk (2013) se pregunta si las redes sociales puedenser utilizadas como una herramienta performativa (o como unamáscara) para reclamar derechos –ya que estas pueden generaruna respuesta emocional, aun cuando ese momento de cuidadopuede evaporarse rápidamente sin tener un efecto duradero–,propongo que la performance de ser persona –en su carácter de más-cara que permite reclamar derechos– no es el único acto de hablaa través del cual afirmar la propia humanidad.

      Debemos considerar tanto las limitaciones como las posibilidades de las redes sociales en la afirmación de nuestra humanidad. No debemos depender únicamente de la “performance” en línea; hay múltiples formas de expresar nuestra existencia y lucha. La afirmación clave. La “performance de ser persona” se refiere a cómo nos presentamos en línea para reclamar derechos y reconocimiento. Sin embargo, hay otros actos de habla que también afirman nuestra humanidad, como la resistencia, la solidaridad y la narración de experiencias. Brysk plantea una pregunta interesante. Las redes sociales pueden ser una plataforma para expresar nuestras identidades y luchas, pero también pueden convertirse en una “máscara” detrás de la cual ocultamos nuestra verdadera realidad. Las redes sociales pueden generar respuestas emocionales inmediatas, pero estas pueden desvanecerse rápidamente. A veces, la atención momentánea no se traduce en cambios duraderos.



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    1. Practice, learning, getting better at what you do is hard work and not “fun” or “flow”. “Flow” is for performance, rather than practice, for when you’re on stage, rather than in the rehearsal studio.

      Comment: Flow as being performance rather than practice

    1. Don't worry about performance too early though - it's more important to get the design right, and "right" in this case means using the database the way a database is meant to be used, as a transactional system.
    2. The only issue left to tackle is the performance issue. In many cases it actually turns out to be a non-issue because of the clustered index on AgreementStatus (AgreementId, EffectiveDate) - there's very little I/O seeking going on there. But if it is ever an issue, there are ways to solve that, using triggers, indexed/materialized views, application-level events, etc.
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    1. The next point when using a parallel execution model like multiprocessing or sub interpreters is how you share data.

      Once you get over the hurdle of starting one, this quickly becomes the most important point. You have two questions to answer:

      • How do we communicate between workers?
      • How do we manage the state of workers?
    1. Interpreting accuracy is one of the most commonly used indicators of cognitive demands in experimental interpreting studies. One possibility to assess interpreting performance is to analyse interpreting accuracy based on meaning units. The methodological approaches used thus far, however, have some drawbacks: (a) they are limited to an assessment of sense consistency with no indication of the logical cohesion of the rendition, (b) they do not take into account the difference between unintended and strategic omissions or, more generally, the prioritization of source speech information as an interpreting strategy, and (c) they do not allow for the observation of fluctuations of cognitive load or effects of fatigue. In this article, we will present a refined approach to unit-based accuracy analysis that may contribute to solving the issues mentioned above.

      This piques my interest, especially (b).


      源語訊息的權重:每個meaning unit肯定有不同權重,而且權重的認定很主觀。


    1. While social media emphasizes the show-off stuff — the vacation in Puerto Vallarta, the full kitchen remodel, the night out on the town — on blogs it still seems that people are sharing more than signalling.

      Social media as performance, blogs as voice. Especially over longer periods of time, blogs become a qualitatively different thing, where the social media timelines remain the same. Vgl [[Blogs als avatar 20030731084659]] https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2020/08/your-blog-is-your-avatar/ Personal relationships are the stuff of our lives.

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    1. All about Caching: Strategies, Challenges and Optimization

      Caching is a crucial technique in modern #webservices, helping to improve #performance, reduce #latency, and minimize the load on servers and networks. The principle is simple: storing copies of data in a more quickly accessible location to enable faster access to that data. But, as with many technologies, the devil is in the details. In fact, creating a good configuration is very difficult and the smallest mistake can be very detrimental to the performance of our #website.


    1. A more efficient but more complicated way to simulate perfect guessing is to guess both options simultaneously

      NB: Russ talking here about flattening the NFA into a DFA that has enough synthesized states to represent e.g. in either state A or state B. He's not talking about CPU-level concurrency. But what if he were?

  8. Sep 2023
    1. TurboWish is a framework for profiling Rust programs, focused on illuminating the performance and resource usage of task-oriented code written with async/await.


  9. Aug 2023
    1. Serializing the data with a function specialized to your data shape can be more than 10x compared with JSON.stringify.
    1. Ten minutes before sleep, do the following: PRAY

      It's a combination of visualization, commitment, and meditation

      Request the subconscious through this act of prayer.

      Also visualize the outcome and process of that which you aspire to do the following day, and even that which you want to achieve the following month(s). Thus, visualize the following: Big Picture, Milestones, and yourself the next day.

    2. In the morning, process your subconscious state by instead of immediately inputting, you start outputting!

      This can be done through journaling.

    3. Put the phone on airplane mode (in addition to blocking blue light) before sleep, for quite some time before sleep, in order to avoid (over)stimulation and the creation of dopamine which negatively impacts (falling a)sleep

    4. What is done right before and right after sleep sets the stage for literally everything.

      How you do anything is how you do everything.

    1. Ideally in the evening, before sleep, do some activity or activities that turn off the mind. You want to relax and stop thinking so much.

      Interestingly enough, forgiveness, or the act of forgiving makes relaxing easy. So, if you have someone, or even yourself, to forgive... Do this right before going to sleep :)

    2. Apparently, cold shower for roughly 3-4 minutes (rather than a hot shower) before sleep are helpful for sleep, as it decreases the core body temperature.

    3. When you wake up, get sunlight in. Andrew Huberman also advocates for that. It tells the brain and body to wake up. It creates cortisol.

      Can be combined with movement/exercise as well which also increases sleep quality. (Movement should not to be too late, however.)

    1. Apparently, some Magnesiums can help with deep sleep.

      Author takes 400mg.

    2. It is important to block blue light in the evening. Blue light sends signals to your body to be awake.

    3. One of the things to optimize sleep is to take care of meal timing. Author eats: - Breakfast at 8 - Lunch at noon (12) - Dinner between 5 and 6.30

      Discipline and consistency is important here.

      Essential is to eat dinner 3+ hours before you go to sleep.

      Food increases core body temperature which negatively impacts sleep.

    1. In 1999 Lisa Samuels and Jerry McGann published an essay about the power of what they call “deformance.” This is a portmanteau that combines the words performance and deform into an interpretative concept premised upon deliberately misreading a text, for example, reading a poem backwards line-by-line.
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    1. I tried precompiling the JavaScript code to QuickJS bytecode (to avoid parsing overhead), but that only saved about 40 milliseconds (I guess parsing is really fast!).
    1. only a small fraction of the features of each component, and your program con-sumes 10 or 100 times the hardware resources of a fully custom program, butyou write 10% or 1% of the code you would have written 30 years ago.

      You use only a small fraction of the features of each component, and your program consumes 10 or 100 times the hardware resources of a fully custom program, but you write 10% or 1% of the code you would have written 30 years ago.

      • Caffeine as backbone of civilization
      • caffeine archetype ( I am the mindful master)
      • high correlation between flow & caffeine
      • associate caffeine with flow (I also do this with flow music)
      • shortcut struggle phase with caffeine
      • caffeine timing (1 to 1.5 hours until waking & 10 hours before sleep no caffeine)
      • proper dosage (test what works) 4.1 higher dosage when lack of sleep
      • what caffeine synergizes most (for me, probably coffee, in particular espresso) 5.1 double water intake when drinking caffeine (I always try to do this) 6 keep caffeine sensitivity high (1 day per week off, 1 week per quarter off)
  11. Jun 2023
    1. Huberman states that doing these 4 things consistently and regularly, as a habit, might seem to take time, therefore decreasing performance. BUT, in reality they increase performance, as these things improve your health, focus, and awareness significantly.

      Therefore they are so-called Performance Enablers

    2. The 4 (behavioral) keypoints for great physical and mental as well as cognitive health:

      One) (2:00-4:05) View sunlight early in the day. The light needs to reach the eyes--increasing alertness, mood, and focus, through certain receptors. Also increases sleep quality at night, according to Huberman. Ideally five to ten minutes on a clear day, and ten to twenty minutes on an overcast day. No sunglasses, and certainly not through windows and windshields. If no sun is out yet, use artificial bright light. Do this daily.

      Two) (4:05-6:10) Do physical exercise each and every day. Doesn't have to be super intense. Huberman recommends zone two cardiovascular exercise. Walking very fast, running, cycling, rowing, swimming are examples. He says to get at least between 150 and 200 minutes of this exercise per week. Some resistance training as well for longevity and wellbeing, increases metabolism as well. Do this at least every other day, according to Huberman. Huberman alternates each day between cardiovascular exercise and resistance training.

      Three) (6:20-9:10) People should have access to a rapid de-stress protocol or tools. This should be able to do quickly and instantly, without friction. You can just do one breath for destress. ( Deep long breath through nose, one quick breath in nose to completely fill the longs, and then breathe out through mouth long.)

      Four) (9:12-14:00) To have a deliberate rewiring nervous system protocol to use. A thing that can be done is NSDR (Non-Sleep Deep Rest protocol), this is specifically to increase energy.

      Ideally the NSDR should be done after each learning session as well to imitate deep sleep (REM) and therefore accelerate neuroplasticity and thus rewire the nervous system; increasing the strength of connections between neurons and therefore increase retention significantly.

      NSDR is also a process of autonomity and control, it allows one to find that they are in control of their body and brain. It makes one realize that external factors don't necessarily have influence. According to Huberman, NSDR even replenishes dopamine when it is depleted, making it also suitable for increasing motivation.

    1. The musical depiction of the lyrics from Figure 9.2 illustrates an additional aspect of bluesperformance practice—the use of call and response. Originally practiced by a large groupof people, this improvisational technique involves sharing ideas between the leader andher/his followers. Mastering the call and response technique is especially important at thebeginning of our encounter with jazz improvisation. It engages us in a meaningfuldialogue that includes exchanging and communicating musical ideas. The communicativeaspect of call and response is relatively straightforward in the context of verbal conversation.

      In a musical setting, however, when spoken words and sentences are replaced with motifs and melodic phrases, the structure of the call and response might not be as obvious. To be a good communicator, we have to know how to listen, pay close attention to what the other musicians are playing, and try to be receptive to their ideas. In certain scenarios, however, the use of call and response technique might create less than desirable effects. For instance, when the call and response takes the form of exact and immediate repetition, it might be impressive but not necessarily in keeping with the surrounding musical context. A much more subtle way of thinking about the call and response technique involves musical interaction at the level of the entire performance in which non-adjacent sections relate to one another, and where the flow of the performance is regulated by logically introduced musical ideas. In creating a musical narrative, then, we can also respond to each other’s playing, but these responses are not as obvious as simple repetitions tend to be. We can demonstrate our listening skills, for instance, by incorporating an idea that we have previously heard (i.e. a rhythmic motive from the drummer, or a melodic gesture from the guitarist) and develop it in such a way that leads to a more satisfying musical discourse. The call and response aspect of improvisation means that musicians understand each other’s intentions, have an unspoken agreement, so to speak, and project them with a high level of personal expression and musical commitmen

  12. May 2023
    1. In addition, data model policy requires that RAs maintain a record of the date of allocation of a DOI name, and the identity of the registrant on whose behalf the DOI name was allocated.


    2. The policy provides a simple test of an RA’s competence: the ability to make a DOI Kernel Declaration, which requires that the RA has an internal system which can support the unambiguous allocation of a DOI name, and is fundamentally sound enough to support interoperability within the network.

      {Competence} {Unambiguous Allocation}

    3. The second aim of DOI data model policy is “to ensure minimum standards of quality of administration of DOI names by Registration Agencies, and facilitate the administration of the DOI system as a whole”.

      {Administrative Capacity}

    1. Designing and implementing specific operational processes for e.g. quality control of input data and output data; Integrating the community into other DOI related activities and services.

      {Quality Assurance}

    2. Providing applications, services, marketing, outreach, business cases etc. to introduce the DOI system to the community; Designing and implementing specific operational processes for e.g. quality control of input data and output data;


    3. Providing information and advice to the community

      {Community Advice}

  13. Apr 2023
    1. This is an American form,and it sent me straight into the arms of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. And

      Sets the historical context of Hamilton's work.



    1. Immediately before stepping on stage, he suggests using the tip of your right pinky finger to find the upper end of your trousers zipper. If your fingernail clicks against the zipper’s metal pull-tab, then you are safe and ready to make your entrance. If your pinky slides in up to your knuckle, however, then you have to XYZ PDQ (eXamine Your Zipper, Pretty Darn Quick)!

      Harry Lorayne used a pinky check, in which he used the fingernail of his pinky finger against his the pull-tab of his zipper to ensure his fly was closed, every night before appearing on stage to prevent embarrassment and to maintain credibility as a memory expert.

      MAGIC MENTOR MONDAY: Harry Lorayne - Chamber Magic<br /> by Steve Cohen

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    1. I'm still against frozen-string-literal by default. It is arguable if the string creation limits performance so much in real-world programs. We need to first measure how much Ruby can be faster by frozen-string-literal. If it is not significant, Ruby should prefer dynamics and flexibility.
    1. Because endpoints are URLs, you can – and should – monitor them to ensure they stay online. When talking about online services and websites, you’ll often hear the word “uptime”. This is the percentage of time your application stays up – in other words, the percentage of time your app is accessible and functioning. Outages and performance errors will lower your overall percentage.Monitoring your endpoints also gives you metrics on which endpoints are being accessed and what types of API calls developers are making. This can help you track user behavior, and gain insight into which endpoints are highly trafficked so you can maintain your performance.
  17. Dec 2022
    1. If you write an algorithm in a straightforward way in Node, you can expect it to run about as fast as if you write it in a vectorized way using Numpy, or twenty times as fast as if you write it in a straightforward way in CPython.
  18. Nov 2022
    1. Scaffolding is the act of providing learners with assistance or support to perform a taskbeyond their own reach if pursued independently when “unassisted.”

      Wood, Bruner, & Ross (1976) define scaffolding as what? (Metiri Group, Cisco Sytems, 2008) The act of providing learners with assistance or support to perform a task beyond their own reach if pursued independently when "unassisted."

      What term do Wood, Bruner, & Ross (1976) define as "The act of providing learners with assistance or support to perform a task beyond their own reach if pursued independently when 'unassisted.'"? (Metiri Group, Cisco Sytems, 2008) Scaffolding

    1. It's not entirely the Twitter people's fault. They've been taught to behave in certain ways. To chase likes and retweets/boosts. To promote themselves. To perform.

      Twitter trains users to behave a certain way. It rewards a specific type of performance. In contrast, until now at least, M is focused on conversation (and the functionality of the apps reinforce that, with how boosts and likes work differently)

    1. Google Scholar is needed to access annotations in context "Listen to the noise: noise is beneficial for cognitive performance in ADHD"

    2. The most intriguing result in the present study is thepositive effect of white noise on performance for theADHD children. This noise effect was present in boththe non-medicated and medicated children. Thissupports the MBA (Moderate Brain Arousal) model(Sikstro ̈m & So ̈derlund, 2007), suggesting that theendogenous (neural) noise level in children withADHD is sub-optimal. MBA accounts for the noise-enhancing phenomenon by stochastic resonance(SR). The model suggests that noise in the environ-ment introduces internal noise into the neural sys-tem through the perceptual system. Of particularimportance, the MBA model suggests that the peakof the SR curve depends on the dopamine level, sothat participants with low dopamine levels (ADHD)require more noise for optimal cognitive performancecompared to controls.

      Author's self-described "most intriguing result"

    3. It has long been known that cognitive processing iseasily disturbed by noise and other distractors(Broadbent, 1958).

      Known for who? General populations? Specific subpopulations?

    4. The MBAmodel predicts that noise enhances memory perfor-mance for ADHD and attenuates performance forcontrols. We will also argue for a link between theeffects of noise, dopamine regulation, and cognitiveperformance.

      Prediction of Moderate Brain Arousal model and author's additional argument.

    5. Results: Noise exerted a positive effect on cognitive performance forthe ADHD group and deteriorated performance for the control group, indicating that ADHD subjectsneed more noise than controls for optimal cognitive performance

      Explains why studies on music at general population have conflicting results (ie, general decrease in capacity to focus with noisy environment). Wonder if this relates to atonal or discordant and dissonant music (free jazz, avant-guarde, etc) or polyrhythmic and odd metered time signatures

    1. Rust lets us explicitly state our desires to the compiler

      This is the key. It follows that the same results, then, could be seen if we devised a way to communicate the same desires to the machine when we're dealing with JS. (My preferred thought experiment: imagine a docs/ directory in the repo where these sorts of things are documented for the benefit of other programmers—alongside any other rationale that you would naturally hope to communicate as well—and that the computer itself were made to be able to read and act upon the very same documentation to guide its behavior.) See http://cr.yp.to/qhasm/literature.html

  19. Sep 2022
    1. A falta de uma carga excêntrica além do desafio da posição, podem permitir um bom nível de transferência desse tipo de exercício para a performance na aceleração

  20. Aug 2022
    1. The lack of CPU power in those days also meant there was deep skepticism about the performance of interpreters in general, and in the user interface in particular. Mention "interpreted language" and what sprung to mind was BASIC or UCSD Pascal, neither regarded as fast.

      still widely held today

    1. The more I think about it, the less I think there is a meaningful definition of the one true run time. I have put significant effort into making sure that runtimes are consistent but, however we do this, it makes our experiments less realistic. With rare exceptions (perhaps some safety critical systems) our algorithms will not be used in highly controlled situations, moderated to reduce variability between runs or to maximise speed of this particular process. Algorithms will be run as part of a larger system, in a computer sometimes with many other processes and sometimes with few and, because of the way that computing has developed, sometimes in raw silicon and sometimes in virtual machines. So the more I think about it, the more I think that what matters is the distribution of run times. For this, your experiment on your hardware is important, but so are future recomputations on a wide variety of VMs running on a variety of different hardware.

      The truth of this has consequences not just for the metaissue of recomputation, but the entire raison d'etre of doing performance studies to begin with.

    2. If I can’t run your experiment at all, then I can’t reproduce your times.
    1. This is what I observed in hyper productive people: some of them have a unique, novel system of organizing their knowledge, but many of them don't. So, having such a system is probably not that important.

      I see these sorts of statements often, and never taken into account is the diversity of ways of thought, general intelligence, quality of memory, or many other factors that make individuals different as well as their outcomes different.

      Different people are going to use different tools differently and have different outcomes.

  21. Jul 2022
    1. Another key idea here is to separate meaning from tactics. E.g. the meaning of sorting is much simpler and more compact than the dozens of most useful sorting algorithms, each one of which uses different strategies and tactics to achieve the same goal. If the “meanings” of a program could be given in a way that the system could run them as programs, then a very large part of the difficulties of program design would be solved in a very compact fashion. The resulting “meaning code” would constitute a debuggable, runnable specification that allows practical testing. If we can then annotate the meanings with optimizations and keep them separate, then we have also created a much more controllable practical system.
  22. Jun 2022
    1. there is clear evidence that explicitly teaching reading strategies to students improves their overall academic performance, such instruction is often limited to developmental reading or study skills courses (Saxby 2017, 37-38).

      Teaching reading strategies to students improves their overall academic performance, but this instruction is often limited to developmental reading or study skills courses.

      ref: Saxby, Lori Eggers. “Efficacy of a College Reading Strategy Course: Comparative Study.” Journal of Developmental Education 40, no. 3 (2017): 36-38.

      Using Hypothes.is as a tool in a variety of courses can help to teach reading strategies and thereby improve students' overall academic performance.

  23. May 2022
    1. Cold starts depend a lot on what people actually deploy. They're really fast for an optimized Go binary, really slow for most Node apps.
    1. therefore the gases should be removed from the condenser. This can be achieved byinstalling vacuum pumps, compressors, or steam ejectors. The condenser heat removalis done either by using a cooling tower or through cold air circulation in the condenser.The condensate forms a small fraction of the cooling water circuit, a large portion ofwhich is then evaporated and dispersed into the atmosphere by the cooling tower. Thecooling water surplus (blow down) is disposed of in shallow injection wells. In singleflash condensation system, the condensate does have direct contact with the coolingwater.
    2. Single flash power plants are classified according to their steam turbines types, i.e., theturbine exit conditions. Two such basic types are the single flash with a condensationsystem and the single flash back pressure system. In the first type, a condenser oper-ating at very low pressure is used to condensate the steam leaving the steam turbine.The condenser should operate at low vacuum pressure to maintain a large enthalpy dif-ference across the expansion process of the steam turbine, hence resulting in a higherpower output. The geothermal fluid usually contains non-condensable gases which arecollected at the condenser. Such a collection of gases may raise the condenser pressure,
    1. Some people have expressed surprise end even doubt that it could be faster to read the files twice than reading them just once. Perhaps I didn't manage to explain very clearly what I was doing. I am talking about cache pre-loading, in order to have the files in disk cache when later accessing them in a way that would be slow to do on the physical disk drive. Here is a web page where I have tried to explain more in detail, with pictures, C code and measurements.
    2. Remember the caching. Reading two files sequentially into memory from the physical disk can be faster than reading them both in parallel, alternating between them (moving the read head back and forth). Everything you do later, with all the data cached in memory, is relatively much faster. But yes, it depends on the data, and this is an average. Two files that actually do differ in the beginning will be faster to compare byte by byte.
  24. Apr 2022
    1. (7) ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: “@ToddHorowitz3 probably- and I think there are many interesting questions around why he is there and whether he should be there. But to answer those properly, looking at the performance of the model seems important and interesting to me- that is all I am saying” / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved March 6, 2021, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1324389147050569734

    1. The law of the "Wild West of Programming" was still held in too high esteem! The same inertia that kept many assembly code programmers from ad- vancing to use FORTRAN is now the principal obstacle against moving from a "FORTRAN style" to a structured style.
    2. The amount of resistance and prejudices which the farsighted originators of FORTRAN had to overcome to !gMn acceptance of their product is a memorable indication of the degree to which programmers were pre- occupied with efficiency, and to which trick- ology had already become an addiction
    1. it's minified before encoding the link (with encoding) is only 224 characters, instead of 337

      Not even close to the dumbest thing I've ever read, but still very, very dumb.

  25. Mar 2022
    1. I just dislike how non-native it feels and looks.

      I suspect VS Code's non-native look has actually contributed to the uptake from a subset of its users. A fullscreen terminal-based editor like Vim is also non-native as far as widget sets are concerned, but pleasantly so in at least one respect. When Chrome was released, when you asked people what they liked about it, sure they'd say it was fast and whatnot, but for a non-trivial segment of the world, they just liked how visually slim it was. They appreciated how little chrome was actually in Chrome. VS Code managed to reap dividends on its imports of the same approach to its "shell", even while not being particularly fast. (People point to VS Code as an example of a snappy Electron app, and they're not wrong insofar as the comparison goes to other typical Electron apps; on an absolute, non-weight-class-adjusted scale, though, VS Code is still pretty clunky—people just ignore it because of how slim it appears in comparison to IDEs like MonoDevelop[1].)

      1. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/01/Monodevelop-main-window.png
  26. Feb 2022
    1. The unified approachhas the advantage, that the enterprise has more control overthe data and quality, and the data querying is significantlyfaster.
    2. However, federated querying andaccess control over fine-grained datasources drastically impedethe performance.
  27. Jan 2022
  28. scattered-thoughts.net scattered-thoughts.net
    1. It's typically taken for granted that better performance must require higher complexity. But I've often had the experience that making some component of a system faster allows the system as a whole to be simpler
    1. The latest SQLite 3.8.7 alpha version is 50% faster than the 3.7.17 release from 16 months ago. [...] This is 50% faster at the low-level grunt work of moving bits on and off disk and search b-trees. We have achieved this by incorporating hundreds of micro-optimizations. Each micro-optimization might improve the performance by as little as 0.05%. If we get one that improves performance by 0.25%, that is considered a huge win. Each of these optimizations is unmeasurable on a real-world system (we have to use cachegrind to get repeatable run-times) but if you do enough of them, they add up.
    1. fun, fairness, and challenge

      Fun, fairness, and challenge could inform the development of three standards with students that could be used to structure their PE sessions. Ask them how do you measure fun? How do you measure fairness: How do you measrue challenge? If they participate in the development of standards, they will be more interested in using them as a guide to improvement - have more fun, play more fairly, ramp up the challenge.

    2. My students do not arrive in the gym thinking about how their performance will be evaluated.

      If they are focused on improving something - like catching - then they should come with the intention of working on that. PE class is not recess. They should have fun, but if they are not focused on anything other than having fun, then they will not be able to improve in any substantive way and it will be impossible to provide any coaching that might lead to that.

    3. They will demonstrate the art of the catch. Their art of the catch.

      Similar problems in language and writing instruction. Ss want to show off their skills and to experiment and do things their own way. That is fine - accomplished writers do this all the time Shakespeare made up hundreds of words. We are not all Shakespeare though - we can make up words in specific contexts, but in writing instruction, the goal is to master common forms and structures before moving on to display personal creativity, yet, even within common forms, there is room for personal creativity. When assessing in this way, it is important to focus on the standards and what those mean in terms of performance - otherwise, be become bogged down and unable to provide clear, consistent, and actional feedback that can lead to improvement in performance.

    4. there are thousands of pieces that I miss

      All performances are complex, and when coaching, it is impossible to attend to every minute detail. Formative assessment - active coaching - is individualized feedback to improve overall performance. Evaluating that performance, is to focus on the performance as a whole.

    5. “performance'' because I teach physical education

      I think a performance focus in important in a lot of fields because, ultimately, education is about what folks are able to do. Knowledge of things is not useful until it is applied to some problem or task. A performance focus could improve assessment across the board and shift teachers away from merely testing "content".

  29. Dec 2021
    1. Edge computing is an emerging new trend in cloud data storage that improves how we access and process data online. Businesses dealing with high-frequency transactions like banks, social media companies, and online gaming operators may benefit from edge computing.

      Edge Computing: What It Is and Why It Matters0 https://en.itpedia.nl/2021/12/29/edge-computing-what-it-is-and-why-it-matters/ Edge computing is an emerging new trend in cloud data storage that improves how we access and process data online. Businesses dealing with high-frequency transactions like banks, social media companies, and online gaming operators may benefit from edge computing.

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  32. Aug 2021
    1. This still would not eliminate all delay, but I think this could be faster (no render blocking), and cleaner than having inline scripts scattered all over the parent document.
    1. All of these approaches use a comparison technique called "shallow equality". This means checking every individual field in two different objects, and seeing if any of the contents of the objects are a different value. In other words, obj1.a === obj2.a && obj1.b === obj2.b && ......... This is typically a fast process, because === comparisons are very simple for the JS engine to do. So, these three approaches do the equivalent of const shouldRender = !shallowEqual(newProps, prevProps).
    2. When trying to improve software performance in general, there are two basic approaches: 1) do the same work faster, and 2) do less work. Optimizing React rendering is primarily about doing less work by skipping rendering components when appropriate.
  33. Jul 2021
  34. Jun 2021
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  35. May 2021
  36. Apr 2021
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    1. “I’m not a musician. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. But I mean, I wasted a lot of my life playing instruments, which was foolish,” O’Rourke told the newsletter Tone Glow in an interview published in May 2020. “I have no interest in anything being a vessel for expressing something . . . I always like to say, ‘I do stuff.’ ”

      I have no interest in being a vessel for expressing something...

      Something fascinating about this perspective.

  37. Mar 2021
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    1. If a UTF8-encoded Ruby string contains unicode characters, then indexing into that string becomes O(N). This can lead to very bad performance in string_end_with_semicolon?, as it would have to scan through the whole buffer for every single file. This commit fixes it to use UTF32 if there are any non-ascii characters in the files.
    1. What is the point of avoiding the semicolon in concat_javascript_sources

      For how detailed and insightful his analysis was -- which didn't elaborate or even touch on his not understanding the reason for adding the semicolon -- it sure appeared like he knew what it was for. Otherwise, the whole issue would/should have been about how he didn't understand that, not on how to keep adding the semicolon but do so in a faster way!

      Then again, this comment from 3 months afterwards, indicates he may not think they are even necessary: https://github.com/rails/sprockets/issues/388#issuecomment-252417741

      Anyway, just in case he really didn't know, the comment shortly below partly answers the question:

      Since the common problem with concatenating JavaScript files is the lack of semicolons, automatically adding one (that, like Sam said, will then be removed by the minifier if it's unnecessary) seems on the surface to be a perfectly fine speed optimization.

      This also alludes to the problem: https://github.com/rails/sprockets/issues/388#issuecomment-257312994

      But the explicit answer/explanation to this question still remains unspoken: because if you don't add them between concatenated files -- as I discovered just to day -- you will run into this error:

         (intermediate value)(...) is not a function
             at something.source.js:1

      , apparently because when it concatenated those 2 files together, it tried to evaluate it as:

           // other.js
         (function() {
           // something.js

      It makes sense that a ; is needed.

    2. And no need to walk backwards through all these strings which is surprisingly inefficient in Ruby.
    3. Since the common problem with concatenating JavaScript files is the lack of semicolons, automatically adding one (that, like Sam said, will then be removed by the minifier if it's unnecessary) seems on the surface to be a perfectly fine speed optimization.
    4. reducing it down to one call significantly speeds up the operation.
    5. I feel like the walk in string_end_with_semicolon? is unnecessarily expensive when having an extra semicolon doesn't invalidate any JavaScript syntax.
    1. You could also use the NodeIterator API, but TreeWalker is faster
    2. All those 'modern' and 'super-modern' querySelectorAll("*") need to process all nodes and do string comparisons on every node.
    3. the fastest solution because the main workload is done by the Browser Engine NOT the JavaScript Engine
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  38. Feb 2021