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  1. Oct 2019
  2. Sep 2019
    1. The issue that had roiled the grown-ups in his life seemed to have had no effect on him at all.

      I wonder if that suggests the tests matter less, or more?

    2. A 95 percent opt-out rate was a resounding success. It rivaled election results in Turkmenistan.

      Wow. That's an incredibly long reach to make an incendiary point.

  3. Aug 2019
    1. been set. This

      Acknowledging an opposing argument (i.e. a 'counterargument'), and then showing why that counter argument is invalid is an excellent strategy when arguing a point. Using a counter argument will help position you as a more sophisticated and accomplished writer. See the following for more help: https://11trees.com/guide/strengthen-your-argument-by-including-a-counterargument/.

  4. Jul 2019
    1. his, too, is false. Indeed, the data from released national tests show conclusively that the students have the most difficulty with those items that require understanding and transfer, not recall or recognition.

      interesting...maybe this goes to show that educators as a whole are focusing more on rote memorization and not true application of learning

    2. This perceived incompatibility is based on a flawed assumption that the only way to raise test scores is to cover those things that are tested and practice the test format.

      But is there any real way to get around this?

  5. May 2019
  6. Apr 2019
    1. excess toxicities withparticular cytotoxic therapies

      indication for genetic testing



    1. Ashley Norris is the Chief Academic Officer at ProctorU, an organization that provides online exam proctoring for schools. This article has an interesting overview of the negative side of technology advancements and what that has meant for student's ability to cheat. While the article does culminate as an ad, of sorts, for ProctorU, it is an interesting read and sparks thoughts on ProctorU's use of both human monitors for testing but also their integration of Artificial Intelligence into the process.

      Rating: 9/10.

  7. Mar 2019
    1. Particle-Based Approximate Inference

      This is just a testing and nothing more. $$a^2 + b^2 = c^2$$



    1. quick and dirty usability testing

      This page has an irritating pop-up ad as well as quite a bit of images that surround the text. Nonetheless, it offers tips and techniques for making sure that usability testing gets done at some level and can be done by the average person who may not have time, money, or a lab. Rating 2/5

    1. A field study at Google[4] covering over 100,000 consumer-grade drives from December 2005 to August 2006 found correlations between certain S.M.A.R.T. information and annualized failure rates: In the 60 days following the first uncorrectable error on a drive (S.M.A.R.T. attribute 0xC6 or 198) detected as a result of an offline scan, the drive was, on average, 39 times more likely to fail than a similar drive for which no such error occurred. First errors in reallocations, offline reallocations (S.M.A.R.T. attributes 0xC4 and 0x05 or 196 and 5) and probational counts (S.M.A.R.T. attribute 0xC5 or 197) were also strongly correlated to higher probabilities of failure. Conversely, little correlation was found for increased temperature and no correlation for usage level. However, the research showed that a large proportion (56%) of the failed drives failed without recording any count in the "four strong S.M.A.R.T. warnings" identified as scan errors, reallocation count, offline reallocation and probational count. Further, 36% of failed drives did so without recording any S.M.A.R.T. error at all, except the temperature, meaning that S.M.A.R.T. data alone was of limited usefulness in anticipating failures.[5]
  8. Feb 2019
    1. Students require a variety of learning situations and opportunities in order to be aware of and reflect on...variation, and to be able to make fine distinctions about the significant aspects of each new context. By identifying the differences between similar situations, the student is better able to respond appropriately. Such learning experiences are an important preparation for the unpredictable nature of the workplace

      Special Requirements



  9. Jan 2019
    1. A village scoring 1.5 and another scoring 1.49 would be almost equally insecure.

      This reminds me of an anecdote from Vietnam. A platoon was ordered to repeatedly bomb an empty village when the correct village was nearby.

  10. Dec 2018
    1. Then inject it inside a test by calling TestBed.get() with the service class as the argument. it('should use ValueService', () => { service = TestBed.get(ValueService); expect(service.getValue()).toBe('real value'); });

      this is for testing the service, directly

    2. However, you almost always inject service into application classes using Angular dependency injection and you should have tests that reflect that usage pattern. Angular testing utilities make it easy to investigate how injected services behave.

      key point

    1. We can even remove the AuthService import if we want, there really is no dependency on anything else. The LoginComponent is tested in isolation:

      that's a key point - isolating stuff. remember this is unit testing, not integration tests. we wish to have as little as dependencies as possible.

    2. That’s not very isolated but also not too much to ask for in this scenario. However imagine if LoginComponent required a number of other dependencies in order to run, we would need to know the inner workings of a number of other classes just to test our LoginComponent. This results in Tight Coupling and our tests being very Brittle, i.e. likely to break easily. For example if the AuthService changed how it stored the token, from localStorage to cookies then the LoginComponent test would break since it would still be setting the token via localStorage.

      key points - this shows the benefits (easy) of this kind of testing and its disadvantages (coupled, easy to break if a service changes its implementation)

  11. Nov 2018
    1. Mocking localStorage is optional, but without mocking getComputedStyle your test won’t run, as Angular checks in which browser it executes. We need to fake it.

      key point

    1. Or inside the beforeEach() if you prefer to inject the service as part of your setup. beforeEach(() => { TestBed.configureTestingModule({ providers: [ValueService] }); service = TestBed.get(ValueService); });

      this corresponds with the option mentioned above - inject it inside a single test

    1. Something that I've found helps greatly with testing is that when you have code with lots of nested function calls you should try to refactor it into a flat, top level pipeline rather than a calling each function from inside its parent function. Luckily in clojure this is really easy to do with macros like -> and friends, and once you start embracing this approach you can enter a whole new world of transducers. What I mean by a top level pipeline is that for example instead of writing code like this: (defn remap-keys [data] ...some logic...) (defn process-data [data] (remap-keys (flatten data))) (defn get-data [] (let [data (http/get *url*)] (process-data data))) you should make each step its own pure function which receives and returns data, and join them all together at the top with a threading macro: (defn fetch-data [url] (http/get url)) (defn process-data [data] (flatten data)) (defn remap-keys [data] ...some logic...) (defn get-data [] (-> *url* fetch-data process-data remap-keys)) You code hasn't really changed, but now each function can be tested completely independently of the others, because each one is a pure data transform with no internal calls to any of your other functions. You can use the repl to run each step one at a time and in doing so also capture some mock data to use for your tests! Additionally you could make an e2e tests pipeline which runs the same code as get-data but just starts with a different URL, however I would not advise doing this in most cases, and prefer to pass it as a parameter (or at least dynamic var) when feasible.

      testing flat no deep call stacks, use pipelines

    1. n

      Using the syntax #'a.b/d is a shortcut for (var a.b/d), with returns the "var" which points to the "function" a.b/d. When Clojure sees the var, it automatically substitutes the function before evaluation. I found this (mostly undocumented) behavior quite confusing for several years. – Alan Thompson May 26 '16 at 21:41

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  13. Sep 2018
    1. Douglas Crockford 2018-08-24 JSCheck is a testing tool for JavaScript. It was inspired by QuickCheck, a testing tool for Haskell developed by Koen Claessen and John Hughes of Chalmers University of Technology. JSCheck is a specification-driven testing tool. From a description of the properties of a system, function, or object, it will generate random test cases attempting to disprove those properties, and then report its findings. That can be especially effective in managing the evolution of a program because it can show the conformance of new code to old code. It also provides an interesting level of self-documentation, because the executable specifications it relies on can provide a good view of the workings of a program.
    1. Nightwatch.js is an easy to use Node.js based End-to-End (E2E) testing solution for browser based apps and websites. It uses the powerful W3C WebDriver API to perform commands and assertions on DOM elements.
    1. Let’s think of some properties for the rectangle area function: Given any two width and height values, the result is always a multiple of the two Order doesn’t matter. A rectangle which is 50×100 has the same area as one which is 100×50 If we divide the area by width, we should get the height Here we have three examples of how we can verify the test result for any given input without having to know the inputs up front. All of these should always hold true for any given valid input.
    1. JSVerify is a property-based testing library, highly inspired by QuickCheck. It is testing framework agnostic, you could use JSVerify with Mocha, nodeunit, Jasmine or any other framework.
  14. Aug 2018
    1. Then it gets the native element of the compiled HTML (the HTML rendered by the component).

      This explains what 'native element' is, at least in this case. Its the outcome HTML after the detectChanges()

    2. We use an async before each. The purpose of the async is to let all the possible asynchronous code to finish before continuing.

      Is this like putting your code in setTimeout() just to push it into the event loop task queue?...

    1. The CLI takes care of Jasmine and karma configuration for you.

      meaning, creating a new app using ng new will create the needed mentioned (below) config files

  15. Jul 2018
    1. From Weekend Edition on NPR. Annotations in source available here. “Robograders” are on the rise in high stakes testing, and other aspects of our classrooms. Keep in mind this is just an algorithm looking for patterns in student writing. An algorithm isn’t magic, it’s code (writing) written by people. “The idea is bananas, as far as I’m concerned,” says Kelly Henderson, an English teacher at Newton South High School just outside Boston. “An art form, a form of expression being evaluated by an algorithm is patently ridiculous.”
    1. Except that if the written assessment is such that it can be graded accurately by software, that’s probably not very good assessment. If what’s important are the facts and key concepts, won’t multiple-choice do?

      Terrific thought here. We don't teach good test design well enough and I suspect many faculty members, being people who test well, mistakenly conflate "multiple choice" with "easy" and "open ended" with "complex."

  16. Jun 2018
    1. In hindsight, I read these acts as cries for help, a kind of academic self-medication. I was bored, not because I’d mastered the required material – I got more than my share of non-A grades – but because the things I was asked to do were generally uninspiring. Perhaps nothing was more uninspiring than preparing for an AP exam.
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    1. Repudiandae cum blanditiis quas fuga expedita

      Misspelled? Latin? Who knows. Also, this is a great service.

  18. May 2018
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    4. Get the proper Explanation on the ETL testing Tools training and Tutorial Course with better Real time exercises and understanding of Testing Processes on different stages from Extraction to Loading of data in client location

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  19. Apr 2018
  20. staging3-mfr.osf.io staging3-mfr.osf.io
    1. Are the comments still there

      We are about to find out.

    2. add some comments

      Consider it done.

  21. Feb 2018
    1. The Bottom Line is that you will benefit from using the community group

      Unlike other approaches to learning new PM concepts that span many disciplines and competencies, we help you focus on your strengths and concerns within groups, while developing a holistic solution, that optimally increases your competitive advantage.

      Steps to Creating a Group:

      • Join the Community
      • Create your Own Group
      • Invite Others to Join
    1. ension up and running. It's time to start annotating some documents.

      Testing the things...

  22. Dec 2017
    1. Testing and Confinement - source that utilizes globals is somewhat more difficult to test because one cannot readily set up a 'clean' environment between runs. More generally, source that utilizes global services of any sort (e.g. reading and writing files or databases) that aren't explicitly provided to that source is difficult to test for the same reason. For communicating systems, the ability to test system invariants may require running more than one 'copy' of a system simultaneously, which is greatly hindered by any use of shared services - including global memory - that are not provided for sharing as part of the test.

      Important limitation to understand.

  23. Nov 2017
  24. Oct 2017
    1. lazy dog

      Really, are all dogs lazy?

    2. needless

      Is it really just needless consistency, or all consistency?

    3. A needless consistency is the hobgoblin of a small mind.

      Who really said this? Is this an accurate quote?

  25. Sep 2017
    1. test

      It's true that this whole methodology is completely test-based, presuming that that assessment produces valid, valuable data about reading habits.

    1. Testing of any kind is, however, a fundamentally limited approach to determining whether any fact about a computer system is true or untrue.

      Limits of testing

    2. “black-box testing,” which considers only the inputs and outputs of a system or component, and “white-box testing,” in which the structure of the system’s internals is used to design test case
    3. dynamic methods are limited by the finite number of inputs that can be tested or outputs that can be observed
    4. On the simplest level, some programming languages are designed to prevent certain classes of mistakes. For example, some are designed in such a way that it is impossible to make the mistake that caused the Heartbleed bug.45These techniques have also been deployed in the aviation industry, for example, to ensure that the software that provides guidance functionality on rockets, airplanes, satellites, and scientific probes does not ever crash, as software failures have caused the losses of several vehicles in the past
    5. static methods on their own say nothing about how a program interacts with its environment

      Issues with static methods - behavior of code may vary when used in different environments,

    6. Code can be complicated or obfuscated, and even expert analysis often misses eventual problems with the behavior of the program.

      Problems with static methods for testing



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    1. WebPack developers need not call compileComponents because it inlines templates and css as part of the automated build process that precedes running the test.
    2. You should write isolated unit tests for pipes and services.

      good to know

    1. Understanding these new mechanisms of political participation is central to this book’s project.

      Testing: Public Post. Understanding these new mechanisms of political participation is central to this book’s project.

    1. Teachers teach; they do not evaluate, and they do not hold their students’ fates in their hands directly

      Teachers teach; they do not evaluate, and they do not hold their students’ fates in their hands directly

    1. the qualities pertaining to the properties of the form

      Testing public annotations (from iOS Safari browser)

    1. Furthermore, the format of the test causes many educators to erroneously believe that the state test or provincial exam only assesses low-level knowledge and skill. This, too, is false. Indeed, the data from released national tests show conclusively that the students have the most difficulty with those items that require understanding and transfer, not recall or recognition.
  28. May 2017
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    1. this is a note that I am adding to this document. is there only one note that gets attached?

    2. Try it on this sentence.

      i am creating a comment on this sentence. what is different between using this and google docs? well it's an item on the web, for one. then how would using this integrate with google docs?

  30. Mar 2017
    1. for not very large numbers

      Would an approach using the Sieve or Eratosthenes work better for very large numbers? Or the best shot would be a probabilistic primality test?

    1. Unfortunately, penicillin was ineffective against the rabbit's infection. Disappointed, Fleming set the drug aside for a decade, as the rabbits had "proved" the drug was useless as a systemic medication.Years later, he administered the drug in desperation to a dying patient, for whom all other treatments were ineffectual. The penicillin performed a miracle, and the rest is history.

      Interesting how these two sources contradict each other with regards to why Fleming did not release Penicillin for ten years.

      Article: Understanding animal research

    1. Had Fleming himself carried out a simple and well established animal test - the mouse protection test - the potential of his discovery might have been realised 10 years earlier

      Interesting how these two sources contradict each other with regards to why Fleming did not release Penicillin for ten years.

      Article: Would drugs be safe for us without animal tests?

  31. Feb 2017
    1. According to the weather service, areas expected to be affected include campgrounds next to the river as well as ranches, farms and roadways.

      Probably not a good time to camp.

  32. Dec 2016
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    1. government on Sunday strongly reacted to Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit’s remark on Kashmir’s “freedom”, saying the “only outstanding issue is how t


    2. Singh said, “Our stand is very clear in the context of J&K issue. If at all there is any outstanding issue with Pakistan it is how to liberate the part of J&K which remains under illegal occupation of Islamabad after 60-65 years of Indpendence and make it a part of J&K and part of the Indian Union.


    3. Singh said, “Our stand is very clear in the context of J&K issue. If at all there is any outstanding issue with Pakistan it is how to liberate the part of J&K which remains under illegal occupation of Islamabad after 60-65 years of Indpendence and make it a part of J&K and part of the Indian Union.


    4. ongly reacted to Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit’s remark on Kashmir’s “freedom”, saying the “only outstanding issue is how to liberate part of J&K which

      Test control

    5. MoS in Prime Minister’s Office Jitendra Singh said, “Our stand is very clear in the context of J&K issue. If at all there is any outstanding issue with Pakistan it is how to liberate the part of J&K which remains under illegal occupation of Islamabad after 60-65 years of Indpendence and make it a part of J&K and part of the Indian Union.

      This is sdkfskdfvssf dshfjsvdhj ssfbhsfsshjfhsf sbdfhhsf

    6. “Whatever goes on in Islamabad and on behalf of Pakistani authorities is a reflection of confusion and frustration they suffer from,” he said.


    7. Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit had said that Pakistan was dedicating its Independence Day to Kashmir's “freedom” and would continue to extend full diplomatic, political and moral support to the people of the State.

      Test Annotaiton dflsdf

    8. “We are dedicating this year’s Independence Day to the freedom of Kashmir. And, we firmly believe that the sacrifices made by the people of Jammu and Kashmir will not go in vain. The ongoing unrest should be ended. Pakistan will continue to extend its full diplomatic, political and moral support to the valiant people of Jammu and Kashmir till they get their right to self determination,” Mr. Basit said.

      This is Test Annotaiton 10/10/2-16 3:23 PM

  35. Sep 2016
  36. Aug 2016
    1. O, shared governance! Where have you gone

      Reminds me of O Brother Where Art Thou?

    1. Digital Archiving Lab

      More testing...

    2. College

      I can annotate this, but I can't annotate the Tweets widget or the tweets in it.

    3. vision of Teaching and Learning Technologies is a group of creative, reflective educators and technologists who foster community around and drive advances in teaching, learning, and research, by developing pedagogical partnerships with faculty and academic units.  Work With Us

      Hmm, seems like I can annotate some things, and not others.

  37. Jul 2016
    1. students were being made to take them several times a year, including “benchmark” tests to prepare them for the other tests.

      Testing has gone sentient. Resistance is futile. At least in the US.

  38. Jun 2016
    1. The term “testing” evokes a certain response from most of us: the person being tested is being evaluated on his or her knowledge or understanding of a particular area, and will be judged right or wrong, adequate or inadequate based on the performance given. This implicit definition does not reflect the settings in which the benefits of “test-enhanced learning” have been established.

      Testing as a demonstration of learning progress.

    2. Setting aside the last few minutes of a class to ask students to recall, articulate, and organize their memory of the content of the day’s class may provide significant benefits to their later memory of these topics.

      Formalizing the exit slip procedure in the BILL would be a good way to do this.

    3. This theory posits that memory has two components: storage strength and retrieval strength. Retrieval events improve storage strength, enhancing overall memory, and the effects are most pronounced at the point of forgetting—that is, retrieval at the point of forgetting has a greater impact on memory than repeated retrieval when retrieval strength is high.

      This meshes well with cognitive load theories about learning.

    1. “separate but equal”

      But isn't this also what Roberta Davenport is doing at P.S. 307? Not waiting for racism to disappear, but accepting that it will always be with us, and trying to build an educational environment that resists injustice, that teaches the students how and why they are in segregated schools, and what we can do about it -- but also a stance that rejects judging schools by test scores and other standard measures.

  39. May 2016
    1.  accelerating simultaneously with the digital turn, and it is no coincidence. Source digitization has transformed historians’ practice in ways that facilitate border-crossing resea

      Testing public annotations of Canvas pdfs

    1.  Imagine an educational system in which we based our understanding of student potential and achievement upon individual interests and passions, developed and nurtured throughout the years of schooling. This is what most teachers intuitively seek to do. Imagine, then, how amazing schools could be without the false conventions of examinations and tests that are philosophically at variance with all that we know about learning and humanity. Imagine the traditionalist bereft of the Examination Excuse. The fact is, we know that we don’t need examinations for students to get into good colleges and we don’t even need good colleges to learn and be successful, so why is this absurdity still the unchallenged tail that wags the dog of our school systems?
    1. For this reason, integration tests should always be kept separate from unit tests, in order to keep the unit tests running as quickly as they can.

      Many integration tests can function without any network, I/O etc. and still run as fast, or almost as fast as a pure unit test.

      Perhaps worth separating integration tests into those which are purely in-memory/local and those which hit the outside world?

  40. Apr 2016
    1. Brief but useful contrast of Jest vs. Angular approaches to dependency injection.

      The argument is that most code uses one implementation in production and one mock in testing and that using require() as the seam for inserting test doubles makes code easier to write than Angular's approach of implementing its own module system and DI container.

  41. Feb 2016
    1. I'm not sure I like the requirement to use classes but some interesting notes on dependency injection for JS

  42. Dec 2015
    1. The basic principle is that you patch where an object is looked up, which is not necessarily the same place as where it is defined. A couple of examples will help to clarify this.

      This caught me out, as it did for a lot of other people apparently, see also this useful post about Python Mock gotchas: http://alexmarandon.com/articles/python_mock_gotchas/