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  1. Feb 2020
    1. Rather, the question focuses on the curriculum and where in it we teach students the critical assessment tools needed to ascertain the validity of online information.

      If a large number of medical students are not fact-checking the online sources, I think that students taking a non-majors, general education course are less likely to evaluate the credibility of a source. I think that one of the goals of a non-majors science course is to develop skills in evaluating the accuracy of what they view and read on the Internet.

  2. Dec 2019
    1. Might be a little too low-level (even with GUIs) for some teams of users. GPG and Git both require some setup and experience in these tools, or the willingness to learn. Porting a GPG key from machine to machine is not trivial.
    1. "You usually think of an argument as a serial sequence of steps of reason, beginning with known facts, assumptions, etc., and progressing toward a conclusion. Well, we do have to think through these steps serially, and we usually do list the steps serially when we write them out because that is pretty much the way our papers and books have to present them—they are pretty limiting in the symbol structuring they enable us to use. Have you even seen a 'scrambled-text' programmed instruction book? That is an interesting example of a deviation from straight serial presentation of steps.3b6b "Conceptually speaking, however, an argument is not a serial affair. It is sequential, I grant you, because some statements have to follow others, but this doesn't imply that its nature is necessarily serial. We usually string Statement B after Statement A, with Statements C, D, E, F, and so on following in that order—this is a serial structuring of our symbols. Perhaps each statement logically followed from all those which preceded it on the serial list, and if so, then the conceptual structuring would also be serial in nature, and it would be nicely matched for us by the symbol structuring.3b6c "But a more typical case might find A to be an independent statement, B dependent upon A, C and D independent, E depending upon D and B, E dependent upon C, and F dependent upon A, D, and E. See, sequential but not serial? A conceptual network but not a conceptual chain. The old paper and pencil methods of manipulating symbols just weren't very adaptable to making and using symbol structures to match the ways we make and use conceptual structures. With the new symbol-manipulating methods here, we have terrific flexibility for matching the two, and boy, it really pays off in the way you can tie into your work.3b6d This makes you recall dimly the generalizations you had heard previously about process structuring limiting symbol structuring, symbol structuring limiting concept structuring, and concept structuring limiting mental structuring.
  3. Nov 2019
    1. Component Registration components A map of component names to plain JavaScript components. frameworkComponents A map of component names to framework (React, Angular etc) components.
    1. Wandering its halls, I mused on how much access to space is a function of privilege.

      another surprise. this piece keeps you guessing!

    2. To explain why Amanda Palmer was looking at a bum in Vienna, you might go back to the late 2000s, when drought in Syria exacerbated volatile food prices, raising tensions that by 2011 exploded into civil war.

      there it is

    3. Embedded journalism. Unpleasant memories of Iraq went through my head.


    4. “Compassion is very complicated. When I was fourteen years old, a man tied me to a table in his basement.”

      I thought this apparent non sequitur would be tough to beat, but later on we will see that achievement unlocked.

    1. When the grid is initialised, it will fire the gridReady event. If you want to use the API of the grid, you should put an onGridReady(params) callback onto the grid and grab the api from the params. You can then call this api at a later stage to interact with the grid (on top of the interaction that can be done by setting and changing the props).
  4. Aug 2019
    1. Our icons are free for everyone to use. Please don’t try to sell them.
  5. Jan 2019
    1. Um, so, but the other way is, you know, when, when they do make these transactions, they're all recorded on the exchanges that you, I moved those, that data to a spreadsheet and that's where I do the tax tracking.
    2. Mostly with the shitty little Exce
    3. Oh, go into my own trading journal, document it to make sure I have a system of record to hold myself accountable and for being able to look in the future to see over time how I perform on a weekly and monthly basis.
    1. media do notemerge independently and outside of specific historical practices. Yet atthe same time history is itself a system of meaning that operates across amedia-technological abyss of non-meaning that must remain hidden

      I was with Siegert until the "media-technological abyss of non-meaning that must remain hidden." Why must non-meaning remain hidden?

    1. There are some environmental elements of the Withdrawal Agreement which our current proposals do not cover, namely those concerning the independent body’s scope to enforce implementation of the “non-regression” clause. We will consider these provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement ahead of publishing the final Bill


    2. The text sets out that, if the protocol is required, the UK and EU will not reduce their respective levels of environmental protection below those in place at the end of the implementation period

      note the 'if' attached to N-R

  6. Nov 2018

      testing the highlight of a wave

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    1. Under late capital, the non-profit has been asked to take over the space of providing for community needs or supporting community interests that had formerly been occupied by the state as the entity responsible for the public welfare.

      I know the book American Amnesia talks about the value built up by a strong government working in conjunction with a capitalist machine over the past century or so. I wonder if the later half of the book gets into how to shift things back in this manner?

    1. Re-cent work by Reinecke et al. [39] is one example of how culture affects the ways in which people organise them-selves around time, and Adam [1] provides a useful account of different cultural metaphors of time, contrasting, for in-stance, timelines, which emphasise linear, directional movement, with cyclic representations, which represent rhythm and stability.

      Papers that include non-western interpretations of time.

      This could be a paper in and of itself for CSCW on possible friction points for SBTF practices that are Western-oriented with a global volunteer base. Should look at the Ning to get a better handle on how distributed folks are.

    2. Research in HCI has illustrated how this notion of immedi-acy is upheld through the social conventions associated with technologies, as well as through their design. For ex-ample, Harper et al. [16] have described the lived experi-ence (or durée, following Bergson [6]) of Facebook as be-ing located firmly in the now, and have noted that this ne-cessitates a particular approach to the performance of iden-tity on the site by its users. They observe that interactions privilege the present and underpin an impression of events unfolding as they happen (even if this is not the case in terms of spatial time, or Bergson’s temps). Because of this, the performance of identity is one of the moment: users reported feeling it inappropriate to post old content, and were similarly aggrieved when others uploaded photos that surfaced ‘out of time’.

      Look up Harper paper.

      Friction point of out-of-order, non-chronological streams of events on social media.

    3. Research by narrative theorist Ruth Page [35] (a co-author on the above paper) considers fur-ther how Facebook users learn to interpret social media posts when reading the newsfeed. While the series of snip-pets of ‘breaking news’ posted by a variety of members of one’s social network do not offer a typical narrative, readers nevertheless draw their own story-like experience, using their knowledge of those posting content to build a backsto-ry, whilst imagining what may happen next.

      Look up Page paper.

      Could help to bolster argument about crowdsourcing process friction caused by non-chronological social media.

  10. Feb 2018
    1. In this sense, allusion and other intertextual references ‘should be distinguished from the customary rhetorical situation in which texts are considered by artists and audience alike to be mimetic analogs or representations of real-life people, places, or things.’31By drawing attention to itself, intruding on the conventional narrative flow, systematically deployed allusion continually reminds audiences that they are dealing with an artificial construct.

      Naturalism and allusion don't coincide. The Great Gatsby may be an example of this missing reality-- a sort of artificial construct of Fitzgerald's imagination with dramatic, over-top descriptions of gatsby as Trimalchio in his mansion that looks like "the world's fair." https://www.enotes.com/homework-help/chapter-5-begins-with-nick-observing-gatsys-house-436789

  11. Jan 2018
    1. "new crops, big changes."

      He really tend to ridicule the counterargument through the use of derogatory quotation marks.

      In my opinion, this is a weak way of destroying the opposite argument.

      We could also say that he tries to influence the interpretive lenses of the audience.

    2. But as Kentaro Toyama

      He refers to this guy to increase his credibility.

    3. "a 1,000-pound gorilla."


  12. Sep 2017
    1. avec le vieillissement relatif de la population, la concentration territoriale des difficultés sociales et la pression financière que les « dépenses contraintes » font peser sur la majorité des foyers renforcent le désenchantement du monde thématisé voici un siècle par Max Weber 1 . Une pauvreté durable pour beaucoup et un monde social marqué pour la plupart par l’emprise des données que nous consommons et émettons par tous les canaux d’information, et qui augmentent en permanence l’inquiétude de l’avenir. Tout nous incite à tenir les biens immatériels qui sont au cœur du social pour des instanc

      Oui mais non.

    1. We first emphasize that technology is not neutral. The design of products, applications, and services embodies choices, largely made in early development stages by equipment producers and service providers, about how devices ought to be used, by whom and for what purpose. A technology’s architecture embodies power relationships between equipment makers, service providers, and users. Relationships between various stakeholders have social and economic implications

      Este caracter no neutro de la tecnología era conversado entre los miembros de la comunidad de software libre local desde hace años. Para el caso de Smalltalk, la idea de que todo el sistema se puede cambiar, es consecuente con reconfigurar las relaciones de poder, si bien hay algunas fuertemente reificadas en el sistema (por ejemplo el paradigma objetual), aunque sistemas como COLA (Colaborative Object Lambda Architecture) pretenden dar los mismos privilegios al usuario, que al diseñador del lenguaje, incluso en términos de la sintaxis, la semántica y la pragmática.



  13. Aug 2017
  14. Jun 2017
    1. devServer.contentBase - Assuming you don't generate index.html dynamically and prefer to maintain it yourself in a specific directory, you need to point WDS to it. contentBase accepts either a path (e.g., 'build') or an array of paths (e.g., ['build', 'images']). This defaults to the project root.

      For situations where you don't want to generate index.html

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  17. Mar 2017
    1. Meryl Streep Wins Supporting Actress: 1980 Oscars

      The material contained in this video are the contents of Meryl Streep's first Academy Award for Kramer vs Kramer in 1980.

      During her speech she gives praise and thanks to the director, crew members such as costume, lighting etc.

      She also goes on to thank her co-star Dustin Hoffman whom also wins for Best Actor this year.

      Meryl does not express any of her political concerns during this moment. A moment that will not compare to her future wins because nothing compares to your first.

  18. Feb 2017
  19. www.digitalrhetoriccollaborative.org www.digitalrhetoriccollaborative.org
    1. indissolubility

      I'm quite interested in this term, and other contra-structural approaches (such as gutters by, and in, which absence becomes "meaningful"). They as a species suggest something of a "non-linear" logic in which elements resist isolations performed to offer an analysis or critique.

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    1. business

      Right: But where this argument fails is in interrogating whether, and why, this must necessarily be the case. Many socially necessary functions are provided outside market structures. Is there an iron law of nature dictating that scholarly communication must happen in a marketplace?

  23. Dec 2015
    1. They suggested that the CHA’s heat infra-structures conjoined wastefulness and neglect in ways that encouraged tenants’attachments to heat and, with respect to heat consumption, placed them perma-nently beyond practices of self-sufficiency

      I completely agree with this statement. They were unable to control levels of heat within their homes so when it consistently stayed too hot, they opened windows to let in cold air... hello.. That's like having your sprinklers on for your yard when it's pouring rain outside.. and there's a drought.

  24. Nov 2015
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  26. Jul 2014
    1. (SF)

      This will need to be switched to Brea. The calls will be routed to them starting on 8/1/14.

  27. Feb 2014
    1. The innate qualities of intellectual pr operty, however, in combination with INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: POLICY FOR INNOVATION 15   strong economic motivations have led U.S. intellectual property policy to operate according to rights - based, non - utilitarian theory, possibly as a result of lobbying (capture theory).

      Lobbying has led to a rights-based non-utilitarian theory copyright policy in the US at the present time (2014).

    2. Fisher points out that the rights - based, non - utilitarian theory is greatly influenced by two concepts: (1) the western ideology of property from Locke (that people are entitled to own the fruits of their labors, and should be rewarded in proportion to their contributions); and (2) the “romantic conception of authorship” of the divinely inspired individual genius or artist (1999, Sect. II. B).

      The first is the soul of the rights-based theory

    3. The critical difference comes out in the details, especially the amount of time rights are protected and the scope of rights allowed
    4. This is understatement to be sure, but the debate has been principally between two theories: a utilitarian policy theory, and a rights - based , non - utilitarian property theory (Long, 1995, n.pag.) .

      The debate in intellectual property law has centered around utilitarian policy theory and a rights-based non-utilitarian property theory.

    1. T h e k e y t o r e s o l v i n g t h e t e n s i o n l i e s i n u n d e r s t a n d i n g w h y f a c t s a r e n o t c o p y r i g h t a b l e . T h e s i n e q u a n o n o f c o p y r i g h t i s o r i g i n a l i t y . T o q u a l i f y f o r c o p y r i g h t p r o t e c t i o n , a w o r k m u s t b e o r i g i n a l t o t h e a u t h o r . S e e H a r p e r & R o w , s u p r a , a t 5 4 7 - 5 4 9 . O r i g i n a l , a s t h e t e r m i s u s e d i n c o p y r i g h t , m e a n s o n l y t h a t t h e w o r k w a s i n d e p e n d e n t l y c r e a t e d b y t h e a u t h o r ( a s o p p o s e d t o c o p i e d f r o m o t h e r w o r k s ) , a n d t h a t i t p o s s e s s e s a t l e a s t s o m e m i n i m a l d e g r e e o f c r e a t i v i t y . 1 M . N i m m e r & D . N i m m e r , C o p y r i g h t § § 2 . 0 1 [ A ] , [ B ] ( 1 9 9 0 ) ( h e r e i n a f t e r N i m m e r ) . T o b e s u r e , t h e r e q u i s i t e l e v e l o f c r e a t i v i t y i s e x t r e m e l y l o w ; e v e n a s l i g h t a m o u n t w i l l s u f f i c e . T h e v a s t m a j o r i t y o f w o r k s m a k e t h e g r a d e q u i t e e a s i l y , a s t h e y p o s s e s s s o m e c r e a t i v e s p a r k , " n o m a t t e r h o w c r u d e , h u m b l e o r o b v i o u s " i t m i g h t b e . I d . , § 1 . 0 8 [ C ] [ 1 ] .

      The sine qua non of copyright is originality.