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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Face à l’ampleur du non-recours desvoyageurs, l’institution a élaboré, en lien avecles voyageurs et les associations une brochureà destination des « Gens du voyage » sur leursdroits et les recours possibles pour les fairevaloir, et mis en ligne un dossier d’informationainsi que des fiches pratiques, reprenant dessituations très concrètes de refus de droitsopposés aux voyageurs
    1. For larger collections of books it may be thought preferable to use a libraryclassification, such as Mr. Dewey's Decimal Classification, but I doubt very muchif the gain will be in proportion to the additional labour involved.

      Some interesting shade here, but he's probably right with respect to the additional work involved in a personal collection which isn't shared at scale.

      The real work is the indexing of the material within the books, the assigned numbers are just a means of finding them.

  2. Mar 2024
    1. qu'est-ce qu'on 00:59:30 voit on voit des effets de ce de ce dispositif pour les bénéficiaires de l'intervention la probabilité de candidater à une université dont le niveau est au moins égal au leur c'est la même norme que 00:59:43 celle qu'on a utilisé dans les graphiques que vous vous rappelez bleu clair et bleu foncé plus haut augmente elle augmente beaucoup elle augmente de 56 % et ça c'est demandé l'université et leur inscription effective dans 00:59:55 l'université augmente de presque autant 46 % ça veut dire qu'ils vont être pris dans ces universités il y a pas de problème ils ont le niveau et ils auraient dû le faire et ils peuvent le faire mais ils ne le font pas et leur donner l'information les les aider à 01:00:09 comprendre comment faire et bien vous voyez ça change énormément de choses
    2. aux États-Unis il voit que les lycéens de famille modeste mais toujours il regardent les les élèves de très bon niveau comme dans le papier de tout à l'heure euh il demandent pas les aides 00:58:40 financière ce qui fait que il ne candidate pas aux meilleurs universités qui sont assez chers mais pour lesquelles en fait il pourrai aller sans aucun problème parce que les aides financières existent
    1. faute de professeurs

      Et c bien le problème, Les problèmes de non remplacement vont accentuer éventuellement les difficultés si le non remplacement affecte tout particulièrement des groupes ayant de forts besoins

  3. Feb 2024
    1. Ajam (Arabic: عجم, romanized: ʿajam) is an Arabic word meaning mute. It generally refers to someone whose mother tongue is not Arabic,[1] as well as non-Arabs.[2]

      Also see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shu%27ubiyya

      And they speak "mute" (non-Arabs)

    1. After Muhammad's death, this institution was adapted by the Umayyad dynasty to incorporate new converts to Islam into Arab-Muslim society and the word mawali gained currency as an appellation for converted non-Arab Muslims in the early Islamic caliphates.

      Non-Arabs integration into Arab Muslim society

    1. Shu'ubiyya (Arabic: الشعوبية) was a literary-political movement which opposed the privileged status of Arabs within the Muslim community and the Arabization campaigns particularly by the Ummayads.[1] The vast majority of the Shu'ubis were Persian.[2][3]
    1. Scholarship - partially taxable. Amount spent on tuition and qualified education expenses (provide link) not taxable, the remainder is taxable ordinary income. Reported on 1098-T if from USA stipend is treated as a Scholarships
    1. Mining authorities and traders78 told the Group that from September 2021 to atleast March 2022, illicit cross-border trading in untagged coltan 79 from mines inMasisi territory into Rwanda had increased. This was confirmed by the InternationalTin Association (ITA) (see annex 44). Four private sector sources described how theincreased smuggling was due to, inter alia, the creation of a new joint venture, CongoFair Mining, in December 2020 and changes in buying practices on the part of coltantrading houses in Goma (see annex 45).79. A criminal network of traders, including some COOPERAMMA members, withthe support of Robert Habinshuti Seninga (see S/2021/560, para. 64),80 transportedhundreds of kilograms of coltan from mines in Masisi territory to Go ma, together withvarying quantities of tourmaline from the Rukaza mine (see S/2021/560, para. 62).From Goma, the minerals were being smuggled into Rwanda for onward sale (seeannex 46). This compromised the integrity of some coltan supply chains in Rwandacovered by the International Tin Supply Chain initiative (ITSCI) for responsiblesupply chains of ITA. Rwandan authorities told the Group that no smuggled mineralshad been intercepted in Rwanda in 2020 or 2021.80. Congolese authorities took steps to intercept the illicit trading. In February2022, they apprehended several hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of untaggedcoltan intended for transport to Goma. One load was accompanied by an FARDCmember (see annex 47)




  4. Jan 2024
    1. Elle prend en compte les situations, besoins et contraintes des publics les plus concernés par le non-recours lorsqu’elle crée une démarche ou dématérialise un service. Elle associe, dès la conception du service, les usagers les plus susceptibles d’être en difficulté pour réaliser leurs démarches ainsi que les agents et acteurs locaux en contact avec eux. Elle anticipe les risques d’exclusion ou les dysfonctionnements qui peuvent générer du non-recours
    2. L’administration suit les difficultés rencontrées par les usagers ainsi que les situations d’exclusion et de non-recours aux droits, et met en place des actions pour y remédier.
    1. Are you looking for a life-changing solution to boost your overall well-being? Look no further than IV therapy. In this in-depth guide, we will explore the remarkable effects of IV therapy and how it can transform your life. From understanding the basics of IV therapy to uncovering its benefits, common uses, the treatment process, safety considerations, and frequently asked questions, get ready to dive deep into the world of IV therapy and discover the incredible potential it holds.

    1. for - spiritual collectives - non-dogmatic spirituality

      summary adjacency between - spiritual collectives - Deep Humanity - Adjacency statement - There is a growing movement of people disenchanted with the contradictions, trauma or dogma of many mainstream religions. - Evangelical pastors and followers are converting to a more open and inclusive spiritual practice. - This growing movement has close resemblance to Deep Humanity in its openess to all religions and spiritual practices as long as they do not bring harm, and the lack of dogmatism. - There could be a good opportunity for synergies since spiritual collectives take an open source / commons approach to spiritual practice wherein we collaborate to surface the best principles to live by. - From a commons / open source perspective, we give this the name - open source religion - open source spirituality

  5. Dec 2023
    1. The difference between asyncio.sleep() and time.sleep() is that asyncio.sleep() is non-blocking.
    2. What does it mean when something is non-blocking?

      "Non-blocking" means a program will allow other threads to continue running while it's waiting. This is opposed to "blocking" code, which stops execution of your program completely. Normal, synchronous I/O operations suffer from this limitation.

  6. Nov 2023
    1. It is also worth noting that lib/tasks typically has application-specific tasks, thus not fitting into the condition for lib. Which makes me question the criteria for lib
    2. lib/ is intended to be for non-app specific library code that just happens to live in the app for now (usually pending extraction into open source or whatever).
    3. Stuff like a generic PhoneNumberFormatter is exactly what lib/ is intended for.
    4. If application code lives in app, then doesn't that imply that things in lib (such as PhoneNumberFormatter) are not application code? I think that's one of the reasons why your recommendation of app/lib felt right to me -- my classes feel like they belong in app somewhere.
    1. médecins chargés du contrôle médical scolaire,les infirmiers et infirmières scolaires

      faire un point pour savoir si tous les postes sont pourvus

    2. réseau d’aides spécialisées

      faire un point pour savoir si tous les postes sont pourvus

    1. : Why do you think it is so hard for people to awaken to the true nature of things, even after being told of scientific research or after having a personal experience of no-self? FV: My hypothesis is that evolution has shaped human beings to disregard the basic sources of our being. We were built to forget how we were put together.
      • for: evolution - forgetting our non-self nature, adjacency - evolution - non-self - Fransisco Verella, adjacency - evolution - no-self - Fransisco Verella

      • adjacency between

        • evolution
        • non-self
        • Francisco Verella
      • adjacency statement
        • Verella makes the interesting claim that evolution designer is to be blind to our lack of self
        • in fact, major evolutionary transitions in individuality embed the creation of a new higher order individual at each major stage of transition.
        • More fundamentally, major evolutionary transitions to individuals at each level need to define a biological self through a new physiological boundary between what constitutes a new unitary individual "self" (our inner world) and the rest of the environment ( our new outer world)
        • It will be interesting to see how Verella's claim reconcile with that
  7. Oct 2023
    1. I-A44 - Circulaire du 27 décembre 2022 relative à l’obligation de publicité desemplois vacants sur un espace numérique commun aux trois fonctions publiques(legifrance.gouv.fr/circulaire)
    1. https://www.caf.fr/> https://monenfant.fr/
    2. https://www.anccef.fr/
    3. https://www.caf.fr/> https://www.msa.fr/lfy/presse/parcours-je-me-separe
    4. https://fd78.centres-sociaux.fr/reseau/
    5. https://www.yvelines.gouv.fr/Actualites/COVID-19-Accompagnement-des-victimes-de-violences-conjugales-sexistes-et-sexuelles
    6. https://www.caf.fr/> https://monenfant.fr/
    7. https://www.caf.fr/> https://www.msa.fr/lfy/famille/mediation-familiale
    8. https://monenfant.fr/
    9. https://www.caf.fr/> https://www.msa.fr/lfy/famille/offre-msa
    10. ce.casnav-oepre@ac-versailles.fr
    11. pcb@udaf78.asso.fr
    12. https://www.pension-alimentaire.caf.fr/> https://www.caf.fr/aripa> https://www.msa.fr/lfy/continuite-du-versement-et-du-recouvrement-de-la-pension-alimentaire-la-msa-accompagne-les-parents
    1. we have Dharma friends in Russia we have Dharma friends in Ukraine they're 00:01:20 in touch with each other the Dharma uh links these people even though their countries are at War um we also have Dharma friends in Israel 00:01:36 and okay there's some crossover here s
      • for: non-polarization, transcending differences during war
    1. Bill Atkinson had an idea about the freedom to associate knowledge not by what comes next on the list but by the links that are associated with it. This means that information can be organized in a non-linear fashion, allowing for connections to be made between seemingly unrelated ideas. By expanding on this idea, we can create new and innovative ways of storing and accessing information, potentially leading to breakthroughs in fields such as artificial intelligence and data analysis.

  8. Sep 2023
    1. in 2018 you know it was around four percent of papers were based on Foundation models in 2020 90 were and 00:27:13 that number has continued to shoot up into 2023 and at the same time in the non-human domain it's essentially been zero and actually it went up in 2022 because we've 00:27:25 published the first one and the goal here is hey if we can make these kinds of large-scale models for the rest of nature then we should expect a kind of broad scale 00:27:38 acceleration
      • for: accelerating foundation models in non-human communication, non-human communication - anthropogenic impacts, species extinction - AI communication tools, conservation - AI communication tools

      • comment

        • imagine the empathy we can realize to help slow down climate change and species extinction by communicating and listening to the feedback from other species about what they think of our species impacts on their world!
    1. I think "purely functional, not a single re-assigned variable" often introduces significant extra complexity, when Ruby is a language that embraces both functional and imperative programming.
    2. One of my favorite aspects of Ruby is how easy it is to write in a functional programming style, and including the scan operation would expand the number of use cases covered by functional methods.
    1. what about the visual field itself? Can it reveal anything about its being seen by an eye? Yes. Why, because there is a structure of a vanishing point and vanishing lights, 00:06:14 converging towards the vanishing point. The vanishing point is the expression in the visual field of it being seen from somewhere. Namely, from an eye.
      • for: visual field, visual field - clues of a seer, nondual, non-dual, nonduality, non-duality, science - blind spot, science - subject
      • question
        • does the visual field reveal anything about the eye?
      • answer: yes
        • vanishing points indicate that the world is being seen from one perspective.
    2. The creator, he said, 00:01:17 wanted to look away from himself. That's why he created the world. You could just revert to the proposition and say, okay, since we are so absolved into the world, we tend to look away from ourselves. And it's exactly what we want to revert now. How can we become of this blind spot? 00:01:40 How can we become aware of the blind spot of science? That's my question
      • for: quote, quote - Nietzsche, duality, nonduality, nondual, non-duality, non-dual

      • quote

        • The creator wanted to look away from himself. That's why he created the world
      • author: Nietzsche, Zarathustra

      • comment

        • Bitbol's work is to invert this and explore how we can become aware of the blind spot of science that creates the objective world to study, whilst ignoring the subject..
    3. From the very beginning, his work has been guided by what Edmund Husserl called the mothers of knowledge. Namely, the dynamics of lived embodied experience,
      • for: Edmund Husserl, the Mother of Knowledge, nondual, nonduality, non-dual, non-duality, the ground of existence
      • definition: the mother of knowledge
        • the dynamics of lived embodied experience
      • author: Edmond Husserl
    4. what can you say about the transcendental? Can you speak of it? Can you use words to describe it? Can you characterize the condition of possibility of it? 00:09:24 And Kant says no. This, namely, the transcendental, cannot be further analyzed or answered because it is of such condition that we are in need for all our answers and for all our thinking about objects. So, the transcendental itself cannot be an objective thought. It is a condition for any objective thought.
      • for: nondual, nonduality, ground of existence, transcendental, Kant - transcendental, non-duality, non-dual, quote, quote - Michel Bitbol, quote - nonduality, quote - transcendental

      • quote

        • What can you say about the transcendental?
        • Can you speak of it?
        • Can you use words to describe it?
        • Can you characterize the condition of possibility of it?
        • And Kant says no.
        • This, namely, the transcendental, cannot be further analyzed or answered because it is of such condition that we are in need for all our answers and for all our thinking about objects.
        • So, the transcendental itself cannot be an object of thought.
      • author: Michel Bitbol
      • comment
        • Michel Bitbol explains Kant's definition of transcendental that makes sense to me for the first time!
        • It is really quite similiar to the defintion of the nondual.
    1. According to general Buddhist analysis, the individual that may be assumed to exist as a singular, enduring, and controlling self is mere appearance devoid of causal efficacy, and thus epiphenomenal [68]. In the case of a Bodhisattva, this understanding is carried forward so as to encompass a critique of the apparent foundations of cognition: object, agent, and action.
      • for: emptiness, shunyata, non-existence of self, no-self, illusory self, deconstructing self
      • comment
        • this short description of the reasoning behind deconstructing the self is quite fresh and insightful, especially relating it to cognition.
    2. Another feature of this vision that aligns well with Buddhist ideas is the lack of a permanent, unique, unitary Self [68]. The picture given by the evolutionary cell-biological perspective is one where a cognitive agent is seen as a self-reinforcing process (the homeostatic loop), not a thing [69,70,71].
      • for: illusory self, non-self, lack of self, organism - as process, human INTERbeCOMing, bio-buddhism, biology - buddhism
      • for: nonduality, non-duality, duality, dualism, hard problem of consciousness, explanatory gap, relativistic theory of consciousness, human INTERbeing, human INTERbeCOMing, Deep Humanity, DH
      • title: A Relativistic Theory of Consciousness
      • author: Nir Lahav, Zahariah A. Neemeh
      • date: May 12, 2022

      • abstract

        • In recent decades, the scientific study of consciousness has significantly increased our understanding of this elusive phenomenon.
        • Yet, despite critical development in our understanding of the functional side of consciousness, we still lack a fundamental theory regarding its phenomenal aspect.
        • There is an “explanatory gap” between
          • our scientific knowledge of functional consciousness and
          • its “subjective,” phenomenal aspects,
        • referred to as the “hard problem” of consciousness.
        • The phenomenal aspect of consciousness is the first-person answer to “what it’s like” question, and
          • it has thus far proved recalcitrant to direct scientific investigation.
        • Naturalistic dualists argue that it is composed of a primitive, private, non-reductive element of reality that is independent from the functional and physical aspects of consciousness.
        • Illusionists, on the other hand, argue that it is merely a cognitive illusion, and that all that exists are ultimately physical, non-phenomenal properties.
        • We contend that both the dualist and illusionist positions are flawed because they tacitly assume consciousness to be an absolute property that doesn’t depend on the observer.
        • We develop a conceptual and a mathematical argument for a relativistic theory of consciousness in which
          • a system either has or doesn’t have phenomenal consciousness with respect to some observer.
        • Phenomenal consciousness is neither private nor delusional, just relativistic.
          • In the frame of reference of the cognitive system, it will be observable (first-person perspective) and
          • in other frame of reference it will not (third-person perspective).
        • These two cognitive frames of reference are both correct,
          • just as in the case of
            • an observer that claims to be at rest
            • while another will claim that the observer has constant velocity.
        • Given that consciousness is a relativistic phenomenon, neither observer position can be privileged,
          • as they both describe the same underlying reality.
        • Based on relativistic phenomena in physics
          • we developed a mathematical formalization for consciousness which bridges the explanatory gap and dissolves the hard problem.
        • Given that the first-person cognitive frame of reference also offers legitimate observations on consciousness,
          • we conclude by arguing that philosophers can usefully contribute to the science of consciousness by collaborating with neuroscientists to explore the neural basis of phenomenal structures.
      • comment

        • This is a promising approach to solving the hard problem of consciosness
    1. ‘There is no such thing as a baby … if you set out to describe a baby, you will find you are describing a baby and someone.’
      • for: Donald Winnicott, quote, quote - Donald Winnicott, quote - human INTERbeing, human INTERbeing, human INTERbeCOMing, white - humans INTERbeCOMing, DH, Deep Humanity, altricial, mOTHER, non-duality

      • quote: Donald Winnicott

        • There is no such thing as a baby … if you set out to describe a baby, you will find you are describing a baby and someone.
      • comment

        • what Winnicott says here is the essence of:
          • the Deep Humanity concepts of
            • the individual / collective gestalt and
            • human INTERbeCOMing,
          • the Buddhist concepts of:
            • emptiness,
            • non-duality in the human realm,
            • Indra's net of jewels in the human realm and
            • Thich Nhat Hahn's INTERbeing
          • complexity
  9. Aug 2023
  10. Jul 2023
    1. Alternative approach to consider: don't rebuild older posts. Transform them from Markdown into HTML in situ and then never worry about recompiling that post again. You could do this by either keeping both the Markdown source and the output document around, or by crafting the output in such a way that the compilation process is reversible—so you could delete the Markdown source after it's compiled and derive it from the output in the event that you ever wanted to recover it.

    1. GRINDE mapping: 1. Grouped: grouping knowledge together 2. Reflective: reflective of your (non-linear) thinking 3. Interconnected: making more & distant connections (stronger than the groups) 4. Non-verbal (visuals) 5. Directional: which relations are the strongest, in which order can you sequence them? 6. Emphasise (visually) the most important things (see directional as well)

    1. All source material is handled more or less the same way when working with a Luhmann-style zettelkasten.

      I like the fact that Bob Doto is explicitly carving out the space of a Luhmann-style zettelkasten versus all the other flavors.

  11. Jun 2023
    1. Chords that are not built on superimposed layers of thirds are still to be in-vestigated. They are of three kinds in principle:Fig. 5.1. Infrastructure, superstructure, and developed chord

      the major sixth chord (C6) C-E-G-A • the minor sixth chord (Cm6) C-E b-G-A • the “sus4” chord (C7sus4 or just C7sus, “sus” meaning “suspended”) C-F-G-B b. The first two are usually seen as enriched perfect chords, in which case the sixth is considered an enrichment, like the ninth, eleventh, or thirteenth. The third case is less straightforward and depends on the context. In a tonal situation, the “sus4” chord is a form of suspension.10 In other contexts, it will be considered a specific chord. The question is asked of the distinction between the fourth and eleventh on the one hand, and the sixth and thirteenth on the other hand. How do we decide that F in a C chord is a fourth or eleventh or A a sixth or thirteenth? The reality shows that it is a total mess in the practice of jazz musicians. When a figuring including “4” or “11” (even more so with “6” or “13”) occurs, it is impossible to know for sure what exact degree the author is referring to. It seems to me that the rule should be this: if there is a fourth then there is no third, and if there is a sixth then there is no seventh. Implicitly, this comes down to considering that the fourth is a substitute for the third (as mentioned before, this is easy to understand in a tonal system) and the sixth a substitute for the seventh. This is a consequence of chords being built up on superimposed layers of thirds (which confirms the structuring nature of such a build-up, by the way). For F to be an eleventh, the third (E or E b) must have existed beforehand. The same applies for A to be a thirteenth: a seventh, B or B b, must have existed beforehand. Yet, the “7/6” figuring often occurs, which contradicts this rule (the “13” figuring should include the seventh implicitly). This does not reveal a different approach to that chord but a lack of rigor in figuring practices, with the implicit idea behind it that, as jazz is a type of music based on oral traditions and practices, any localized ambiguity can be clarified at a later stage.

    1. undertakesto supply a substantial part of the materials necessary for such manufactureor production

      It does not mean that buyetr cannot supply any materials. Sometimes it has to, however, the bottom line is where this "substantial part" lies. There are three ways to define: economic value, vilume, respective contribution to the end product. Most scholars favour economic value test. This means that CISG does not apply where the value ofb contributions of a buyer to the supply of materials is 50% or more. The importanrt rule is to compare party's contributions to each other and not to the value pf end product.

  12. May 2023
    1. native writers received feedback on content in the form of questions and qualified criticism, while non-native writers mainly received feedback on grammatical correctness and clarity in the form of recasts and questions. Furthermore, tutors tended to use more overtly directive forms of feedback for both native and non-native writers, including recasts and criticism.

      feedback native and non-native tutees receive.

  13. Apr 2023
    1. Sole Source – Non-Competitive Justification (NCJ) If you can’t find what you need through one of those processes described above and you feel that only one source can provide this, you must justify why this item can’t be bid by submitting an NCJ.  The NCJ requires a very detailed and thorough explanation as to why a bid is not possible and it requires approval by Procurement Services and the campus CBO.  The NCJ form can be found in the forms section of this website. Contracts: Departments seeking to justify a sole-source purchase associated with a contract must complete the NCJ form and type in “see attached NCJ” in the “no bid explanation” field in the University’s Contract Management System. Requisitions/Purchase Orders: Departments must attach the NCJ form in the Market Place Requisition System and choose “sole source” as the order type. *NCJ forms must be filled out completely and signed before attaching to the requisition or contract.
  14. Mar 2023
    1. Because they follow this specification, most authoritative DNS servers won't allow you to include CNAME records at the root. At CloudFlare, we decided to let our users include a CNAME at the root even though we knew it violated the DNS specification. And that worked, most of the time. Unfortunately, there were a handful of edge cases that caused all sorts of problems.
    1. Non-parametric tests don’t make as many assumptions about the data, and are useful when one or more of the common statistical assumptions are violated. However, the inferences they make aren’t as strong as with parametric tests.
    1. Die schiere Menge sprengt die Möglichkeiten der Buchpublikation, die komplexe, vieldimensionale Struktur einer vernetzten Informationsbasis ist im Druck nicht nachzubilden, und schließlich fügt sich die Dynamik eines stetig wachsenden und auch stetig zu korrigierenden Materials nicht in den starren Rhythmus der Buchproduktion, in der jede erweiterte und korrigierte Neuauflage mit unübersehbarem Aufwand verbunden ist. Eine Buchpublikation könnte stets nur die Momentaufnahme einer solchen Datenbank, reduziert auf eine bestimmte Perspektive, bieten. Auch das kann hin und wieder sehr nützlich sein, aber dadurch wird das Problem der Publikation des Gesamtmaterials nicht gelöst.

      link to https://hypothes.is/a/U95jEs0eEe20EUesAtKcuA

      Is this phenomenon of "complex narratives" related to misinformation spread within the larger and more complex social network/online network? At small, local scales, people know how to handle data and information which is locally contextualized for them. On larger internet-scale communication social platforms this sort of contextualization breaks down.

      For a lack of a better word for this, let's temporarily refer to it as "complex narratives" to get a handle on it.

    1. When I looked it up in the OED (the Oxford English Dictionary), I discovered to my surprise that it wasn't even in the main volumes but had been added in the Supplement, because the first known written reference in English ("non-fictional wares") occurred in a library journal in 1903. That is to say, "nonfiction" was evidently a term coined by a librarian trying to decide how to label all the works of narrative prose in her collection that weren't fiction, and rather than call them, say, "fact," had thoughtlessly exiled them into the Slough of Non.

      According to the Oxford English dictionary, 'non-fiction' was coined in 1903 in a library journal by a librarian attempting to define the opposite of fiction.

    2. Why "Verity"?<br /> by Richard Rhodes

      Richard Rhodes uses the word verity rather than non-fiction as a means of defining his writing work in a more positive framing rather than defining it as the opposite of fiction (i.e. non-fiction).

    1. http://www.greaterbooks.com/verity.html

      This is a spectacular looking list of verity works over the last century. So many I've already read or which are already on my ever-growing list.

  15. Feb 2023
    1. a new and insidious tactic is threatening to undermine our efforts to build a more sustainable future: climate delay

      = climate delay - redirecting responsibility onto individuals - advocating non-transformative solutions - focusing on negatives of climate action - wokewashing and white saviorism - doomism - giving up

    1. L’enquête « Accès aux droits » confirme cedécalage conséquent entre les discriminationsressenties ou vécues et les recours engagésauprès de la police, de la justice ou encore duDéfenseur des droits. Parmi les personnesayant déclaré avoir été confrontées à unediscrimination, quel qu’en soit le motif, seules20 % ont entamé une démarche en saisissantune instance de recours [Défenseur des droits2020].
    2. La très grande majorité des réclamationsadressées au Défenseur des droits met encause une personne morale : moins de 5 % desréclamations liées à la protection de l’enfancemettent en cause une personne physique.Ce résultat peut s’expliquer en partie parl’invisibilité des atteintes aux droits de l’enfantau sein de la sphère intrafamiliale en particulier,et des difficultés pour les victimes comme pourles témoins potentiels d’engager un recours.Enfin, dans de nombreux cas de violencesintrafamiliales portés à la connaissance duDéfenseur des droits, le mis en cause n’estpas l’auteur des violences mais une institution(telle que l’Éducation nationale, une association,l’aide sociale à l’enfance...) qui, selon lesvictimes ou les témoins, ne réagit pas ouinsuffisamment face à ces atteintes aux droits.Parmi les organismes mis en cause, lesservices de l’Éducation nationale sont les plusfréquemment cités dans les dossiers relatifsaux droits de l’enfant, suivis des services descollectivités territoriales et des services sociauxet médicosociaux (Tableau 11).
    1. [Episode!]! represents an array of Episode objects. Since it is also non-nullable, you can always expect an array (with zero or more items) when you query the appearsIn field. And since Episode! is also non-nullable, you can always expect every item of the array to be an Episode object.

      Note that this still allows an empty array, []. It only disallows: null and [null].

  16. Jan 2023
    1. to dabbling in the then-current neoliberal thought which Foucault encountered while teaching in California in the 1970s. He liked the idea of busting down the welfare state, which he believed had created dependent, docile subjects. He heretically supported both the conservative French president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and the Iranian revolution, while denouncing the dirigisme of the French communist and socialist parties. He had more in common with Thatcher and Reagan than Mitterrand.


    1. The LibNFT Project: Leveraging Blockchain-Based Digital Asset Technology to Sustainably Preserve Distinctive Collections and Archives

      CNI Fall 2022 Project Briefings

      YouTube recording

      K. Matthew Dames, Edward H. Arnold Dean, Hesburgh Libraries and University of Notre Dame Press, University of Notre Dame, President, Association of Research Libraries

      Meredith Evans, President, Society of American Archivists

      Michael Meth, University Library Dean, San Jose State University

      Nearly 12 months ago, celebrities relentlessly touted cryptocurrency during Super Bowl television ads, urging viewers to buy now instead of missing out. Now, digital currency assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum are worth half what they were this time last year. We believe, however, that the broader public attention on cryptocurrency’s volatility obscures the relevance and applicability of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the academy. For example, Ingram has announced plans to invest in Book.io, a company that makes e-books available on the blockchain where they can be sold as NFTs. The famed auction house Christie’s launched Christie’s 3.0, a blockchain auction platform that is dedicated to selling NFT-based art, and Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Wyoming have invested in Strike, a digital payment provider built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Seeking to advance innovation in the academy and to find ways to mitigate the costs of digitizing and digitally preserving distinctive collections and archives, the discussants have formed the LibNFT collaboration. The LibNFT project seeks to work with universities to answer a fundamental question: can blockchain technology generally, and NFTs specifically, facilitate the economically sustainable use, storage, long-term preservation, and accessibility of a library’s special collections and archives? Following up on a January 2022 Twitter Spaces conversation on the role of blockchain in the academy, this session will introduce LibNFT, discuss the project’s early institutional partners, and address the risks academic leaders face by ignoring blockchain, digital assets, and the metaverse.

    1. Depuis plusieurs années, c’est notammentsur le terrain de la communication entrel’administration et l’usager que surgissent,en nombre, les atteintes aux droits. Absencede réponse, délais déraisonnables, difficultéà joindre l’agent responsable du dossier,impossibilité de prendre rendez-vous à unguichet, et, quand on y arrive, de faire aboutirune démarche...
    1. These may occur on rock walls, but were commonly engraved onto robust bones since at least the beginning of the European Upper Palaeolithic and African Late Stone Age, where it is obvious they served as artificial memory systems (AMS) or external memory systems (EMS) to coin the terms used in Palaeolithic archaeology and cognitive science respectively, exosomatic devices in which number sense is clearly evident (for definitions see d’Errico Reference d'Errico1989; Reference d'Errico1995a,Reference d'Erricob; d'Errico & Cacho Reference d'Errico and Cacho1994; d'Errico et al. Reference d'Errico, Doyon and Colage2017; Hayden Reference Hayden2021).

      Abstract marks have appeared on rock walls and engraved into robust bones as artificial memory systems (AMS) and external memory systems (EMS).

    2. We also demonstrate that the <Y> sign, one of the most frequently occurring signs in Palaeolithic non-figurative art, has the meaning <To Give Birth>. The position of the <Y> within a sequence of marks denotes month of parturition, an ordinal representation of number in contrast to the cardinal representation used in tallies.

      parturition<br /> the action of giving birth to young

      <Y> potentially one of the first written "words"

    1. crypto kitties was probably one of the  first nft projects to make it into the spotlight

      Crypto kitties as the first NFT project

      Each kitty image was a token—a "non fungible" token. It was traded as an asset; people bought them expecting them to go up in value. The supply outgrew demand and the market crashed.

  17. Dec 2022
    1. What that amounted to for Einstein, according to a 2006 paper, was a “cosmic religious feeling” that required no “anthropomorphic conception of God.” He explained this view in the New York Times Magazine: “The religious geniuses of all ages have been distinguished by this kind of religious feeling, which knows no dogma and no God conceived in man’s image; so that there can be no church whose central teachings are based on it. Hence it is precisely among the heretics of every age that we find men who were filled with this highest kind of religious feeling and were in many cases regarded by their contemporaries as atheists, sometimes also as saints. Looked at in this light, men like Democritus, Francis of Assisi, and Spinoza are closely akin to one another.”

      !- interpretation of God : cosmic religious feeling without anthropomorphic conception of God" - Einstein, Democritus, Francis of Assisi and Spinoza all had this kind of view when using the word "God"

  18. Nov 2022
    1. https://www.reddit.com/r/antinet/comments/z3f8kb/oblique_strategies_a_custom_zettelkasten_for/

      Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt published a card index of un-numbered and purposefully unordered ideas in 1975 as a tool for increasing creativity. They called it "Oblique Strategies". Each card contained an aphorism for helping one to reframe their approach to problems or questions they faced.

      Black box with cards containing aphorisms to help increase creativity. Photo by V&A Images from the David Bowie Archive.

      Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oblique_Strategies<br /> Canonical site with complete list of versions: http://www.rtqe.net/ObliqueStrategies/OSintro.html

      ZK practitioners might profitably have a subsection in their box with these strategies to help themselves randomly increase their own creativity while working either inside or outside of their boxes. Potentially useful for writing, music, art, etc.

  19. Oct 2022
    1. In the past whenwe attempted to share it, we foundourselves spending more time gettingoutsiders up to speed than on our ownresearch. So I finally had to establishthe policy that we will not provide thesource code outside the group
    1. Kyle McCann has always prided himself in his ability to make the best of any situation. So when his boss fired him from the job he started just eight weeks earlier, McCann held back tears and decided to focus on the bright side. 
  20. Sep 2022
    1. Such schemas cannot easily be refactored without removing the benefits of sharing. Refactoring would require forking a local copy, which for schemas intended to be treated as an opaque validation interface with internal details that may change, eliminates the benefit of referencing a separately maintained schema in the first place.
    1. The discussion here can get very fast-paced. I am trying to periodically pause it to allow new folks, or people who don't have quite as much time, to catch up. Please feel free to comment requesting such a pause if you would like to contribute but are having trouble following it all.

      Why is it necessary to pause Can't new person post their question/comment even if it's in reply to comment #10 and the latest comment happens to be comment #56? There's no rule against replying/discussing something that is not the very latest thing to be posted in a discussion!

      Possibly due to lack of a threaded discussion feature in GitHub? I think so.

      Threads would allow replies to "quick person" A to go under their comment, without flooding the top level with comments... thus alowing "new person" B to post a new comment, which in so doing creates a new thread, which can have its own discussion.

  21. Aug 2022
    1. Another thing I’ll do when I’m King of the World is declare that executable code will always be inseparable from it’s source code. Using a script language solves that, of course, because a script is it’s source. For compiled code a second-best solution is the executable always contain pointers to where the source originated, but since that source may disappear the better solution is for language compilers to simply tack the original source code (and related make files and resources) onto the end of the executable in a way that can be commonly extracted. The law will be known as the “All boots shall contain their own bootstraps” decree.
    1. In getting my books, I have been always solicitous of an ample margin; this not so much through any love of the thing in itself, however agreeable, as for the facility it affords me of penciling suggested thoughts, agreements and differences of opinion, or brief critical comments in general. Where what I have to note is too much to be included within the narrow limits of a margin, I commit it to a slip of paper, and deposit it between the leaves; taking care to secure it by an imperceptible portion of gum tragacanth paste. — Edgar Allen Poe on marginalia

      Poe used the book itself as his "slip box".

  22. Jul 2022
    1. readable

      Readable how? I think the better approach over what we do now, where we run source code through what are essentially compilers for making websites and then treat the output similar to object files—i.e. opaque blobs that are unsuitable for anything other than either (a) executing/experiencing, or (b) publishing to others—would be to pursue non-destructive compilation. So after the Markdown is compiled (if there is any compilation step at all), you don't have to keep the original sources around. The tooling should be sufficiently advanced to work with the publishable form as input, too, and not demand only Markdown. In instances where the Markdown files are kept around because the spartan experience of opening a plain text file where the content is almost entirely unadorned by formatting concerns is the preferred way to get things done, the tooling should be able to derive the original Markdown (or a good enough rendition) from the output itself. HTML is rich enough to be able to encode the necessary structure for this on the first Markdown-to-HTML pass. Systems that implement this kind of thing could be said to support a sort of "reversible Markdown", making the publishable form a suitable source of truth—a treatment that is right now reserved only for the originals that are collected and kept off-site.

      Make the writing and editing experience more like Word or Google Docs and less like LaTeX.

    1. While we are in the process of updating our Minecraft Usage Guidelines to offer more precise guidance on new technologies, we wanted to take the opportunity to share our view that integrations of NFTs with Minecraft are generally not something we will support or allow. Let’s have a closer look!

      Above-the-fold statement on NFTs in Minecraft

    1. Both types of inauthentic existence involve running away from the awareness of death, not allowing the fact of death to penetrate into consciousness, not facing up to the human situation, and not undergoing the crucial moral catharsis. So Kierkegaard, Becker, and Socrates all agree: the denial of death is indeed at the center of human inauthenticity. Kierkegaard and Socrates would further insist that authentic human living–the open embrace of life structured by death–can only be rejected or embraced to begin with, because perishing meaning and non-perishing meaning co-constitute conscious existence.

      Here we find Kierkegaard, Becker and Socrates all in agreement. Both types of inauthentic existence involves running away from death and disallowing the fact of our own death from penetrating into consciousness, and avoiding our human existential condition.

      This also prevents us from reaching the next stage of moral catharsis. Denial of death lay at the center of human inauthenticity.

      Hughes closes by saying that an open embrace of life structured by death is embraced when perishing and non-perishing meaning co-constitute our conscious existence. This is similar to the Buddhist principle of the middle way and the Stop Reset Go maxim:

      To be or not to be, that is the question To be AND not to be that is the answer

  23. Jun 2022
  24. May 2022
    1. over the past decade and change a dynamic ecosystem has developed around cryptocurrencies and blockchains. And it’s constantly getting more complicated. We’ve now got non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, unique digital bits purchased with crypto that have mostly been associated with weird pieces of digital art and are an arena that looks very much like a bubble. There are stablecoins, cryptocurrencies that are supposed to be less volatile, pegged to something like the US dollar. There’s also the burgeoning world of decentralized finance, or DeFi, which tries to replicate a lot of the financial system but without intermediaries, and there are decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, essentially internet collectives. Now, much of this is falling under the still-nascent umbrella of Web3, a relatively fuzzy reimagining of the internet on blockchains.

      Putting it all together.