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    1. Candido, D. S., Claro, I. M., Jesus, J. G. de, Souza, W. M., Moreira, F. R. R., Dellicour, S., Mellan, T. A., Plessis, L. du, Pereira, R. H. M., Sales, F. C. S., Manuli, E. R., Thézé, J., Almeida, L., Menezes, M. T., Voloch, C. M., Fumagalli, M. J., Coletti, T. M., Silva, C. A. M. da, Ramundo, M. S., … Faria, N. R. (2020). Evolution and epidemic spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Brazil. Science. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.abd2161

    1. We created a strategy that focused on providing some of that in-store expertise as content online. We called it non-product content because it was aimed not at selling you something, but at helping you achieve a task



  4. Jul 2020
    1. What is the Presidential Election Campaign Fund? You can choose to have $3 go to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. This fund helps pay for Presidential election campaigns. The fund reduces candidates' dependence on large contributions from individuals and groups and places candidates on an equal financial footing in the general election. The fund also helps pay for pediatric medical research.

      What does pediatric medical research have to do with the Presidential Election Campaign Fund?

  5. Jun 2020
    1. Refactoring is intended to improve the design, structure, and/or implementation of the software (its non-functional attributes), while preserving its functionality.

      First sighting: "non-functional attributes".

    1. Si, en France, la réalité, l’ampleur et la persistance des discriminations sont désormais attestées par de nombreuses enquêtes22, il n’en demeure pas moins que les victimes sont peu nombreuses à chercher à faire reconnaître leur préjudice
    2. Ces difficultés, et parfois leur cumul, ont de quoi préoccuper dans la mesure où elles peuvent produire un abandon des démarches, et ainsi favoriser le non-recours aux droits
    3. La complexité des démarches et l’absence de réponse sont d’autant plus problématiques qu’elles conduisent parfois au dépassement des délais impartis pour obtenir certains droits ou prestations, voire au renoncement. L’enquête « Accès aux droits » révèle que 12 % des personnes qui rencontrent des difficultés dans leurs démarches avec les services publics les abandonnent. Ces difficultés, et parfois leur cumul, ont de quoi préoccuper dans la mesure où elles peuvent produire un abandon des démarches, et ainsi favoriser le non-recours aux droits.
    1. Ferguson, N., Laydon, D., Nedjati Gilani, G., Imai, N., Ainslie, K., Baguelin, M., Bhatia, S., Boonyasiri, A., Cucunuba Perez, Z., Cuomo-Dannenburg, G., Dighe, A., Dorigatti, I., Fu, H., Gaythorpe, K., Green, W., Hamlet, A., Hinsley, W., Okell, L., Van Elsland, S., … Ghani, A. (2020). Report 9: Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID19 mortality and healthcare demand. Imperial College London. https://doi.org/10.25561/77482

    1. In systems engineering and requirements engineering, a non-functional requirement (NFR) is a requirement that specifies criteria that can be used to judge the operation of a system, rather than specific behaviors. They are contrasted with functional requirements that define specific behavior or functions

      This is a strange term because one might read "non-functional" and interpret in the sense of the word that means "does not function", when instead the intended sense is "not related to function". Seems like a somewhat unfortunate name for this concept. A less ambiguous term could have been picked instead, but I don't know what that would be.

  6. May 2020
    1. Grifoni, A., Weiskopf, D., Ramirez, S. I., Mateus, J., Dan, J. M., Moderbacher, C. R., Rawlings, S. A., Sutherland, A., Premkumar, L., Jadi, R. S., Marrama, D., de Silva, A. M., Frazier, A., Carlin, A., Greenbaum, J. A., Peters, B., Krammer, F., Smith, D. M., Crotty, S., & Sette, A. (2020). Targets of T cell responses to SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in humans with COVID-19 disease and unexposed individuals. Cell, S0092867420306103. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2020.05.015

    1. Internal platform groups (those focused on a non-user facing part of our product, like a set of internal APIs) tend to create heavy coordination costs on other groups which depend on platform improvements to deliver valuable features to users. In order to stay efficient, it is important to ensure each group is non-blocking and is able to deliver value to users directly. This is why we avoid internal platform groups.
    1. If you update your pages and push to github, people revisiting the pages who have already got cached copies will not get the new pages without actually cleaning their browser cache. How can a script running in a page determine that it is stale and force an update?
    1. What roles do you think digital technologies and the internet have played in making open education possible? Are there types of open educational activities that are dependent on digital technologies and the internet?

      I think they play a very important role, because they make open materials available to a much wider audience, and not just audience, but potential adapters of shared materials. It is also much easier to let others know about resources and teaching methods that have been valuable. One example of an activity that I've assigned students that is dependent on digital technologies and the internet is content creation for Wikipedia.

  7. Apr 2020
    1. Rails also adds a test method that takes a test name and a block. It generates a normal Minitest::Unit test with method names prefixed with test_. So you don't have to worry about naming the methods, and you can write something like:

      Or you could use the "it" format mentioned on https://devhints.io/minitest.

      Or better yet, just use rspec...

    1. Enter a single time activity timesheetLearn how to enter a single timesheet in your QuickBooks Online. This is useful for your business when entering or editing a single day or event at a time. If you need to enter a weekly timesheet, get more help here. Note: Timesheets only allow a single hourly rate. If you need to enter multiple hourly rates, you can sign up for a QBO Payroll subscription. What you should do? Select + New. Select Single time activity. Enter the date the activity occurred in the Date field.Note: The current date is automatically entered on the date field, but you can change it if necessary. From the dropdown ▼, select the name of the employee or vendor. For each type of activity, enter an activity line: Choose a customer from the dropdown ▼ if you want to bill the activity to the customer or track expenses for the customer. Complete the following optional fields.Note: If you don't see the fields, they are turned off. You can turn them on by going to your  Account and Settings. Service: If you use the services to enter time, choose a service that represents the activity. Class Location Enter a description of the activity.Note: If the activity is billed to a customer, the description appears on their invoice, depending on your company settings. If you select an item from the optional Service field, text for the description appears automatically. Select the Billable checkbox if you want to bill the activity to the customer. Enter a rate per hour. Select Taxable if applicable. Note: Turn on this option, Go to Settings ⚙, then select the Make time activities billable checkbox. Enter the number of hours and minutes worked in the Time field.Note: Enter the Enter start and end times checkbox to enter the work started, ended and the amount of time taken for Break. Select Save.
    1. Duration from onset of symptoms to radiological confirmation of pneumonia, days5 (3–9)5 (3–7)Duration from onset of symptoms to ICU admission, days9 (6–12)11 (7–14)Heart rate, beats per min89 (20)89 (15)Systolic blood pressure, mm Hg133 (20)140 (21)
    1. In this review, the most common traditional techniques, such as cyclic voltammetry, chronoamperometry, chronopotentiometry, impedance spectroscopy, and various field-effect transistor based methods are presented along with selected promising novel approaches, such as nanowire or magnetic nanoparticle-based biosensing

      Good comprehensive review

    1. Then the programmer(s) will go over the scenarios, refining the steps for clarification and increased testability. The result is then reviewed by the domain expert to ensure the intent has not been compromised by the programmers’ reworking.
    1. Enable Frictionless Collaboration CucumberStudio empowers the whole team to read and refine executable specifications without needing technical tools. Business and technology teams can collaborate on acceptance criteria and bridge their gap.
  8. Mar 2020
    1. Since Neural Networks are non-convex

      neither convex neither non-convex

      "The fact that J has multiple minima can also be interpreted in a nice way. In each layer, you use multiple nodes which are assigned different parameters to make the cost function small. Except for the values of the parameters, these nodes are the same. So you could exchange the parameters of the first node in one layer with those of the second node in the same layer, and accounting for this change in the subsequent layers. You'd end up with a different set of parameters, but the value of the cost function can't be distinguished by (basically you just moved a node, to another place, but kept all the inputs/outputs the same)."

    1. In situ probes using fluorescence and infrared spectroscopy are also available on the market and have been extensively studied

      Good references for bio-monitoring in situ

      • Purely analytical methods, not biosensors

      Other points from the same paper

      • capable of monitoring the chemical properties of fermentation broths such as biomass, glucose, and protein concentration.
      • infrared spectroscopy can have problems with sensitivity, for low abundance products such as protein products or substrates such as glycerol or glucose.
      • fermentation broths are extremely complex and hence there might be interference?
  9. Dec 2019
    1. Might be a little too low-level (even with GUIs) for some teams of users. GPG and Git both require some setup and experience in these tools, or the willingness to learn. Porting a GPG key from machine to machine is not trivial.
    1. "You usually think of an argument as a serial sequence of steps of reason, beginning with known facts, assumptions, etc., and progressing toward a conclusion. Well, we do have to think through these steps serially, and we usually do list the steps serially when we write them out because that is pretty much the way our papers and books have to present them—they are pretty limiting in the symbol structuring they enable us to use. Have you even seen a 'scrambled-text' programmed instruction book? That is an interesting example of a deviation from straight serial presentation of steps.3b6b "Conceptually speaking, however, an argument is not a serial affair. It is sequential, I grant you, because some statements have to follow others, but this doesn't imply that its nature is necessarily serial. We usually string Statement B after Statement A, with Statements C, D, E, F, and so on following in that order—this is a serial structuring of our symbols. Perhaps each statement logically followed from all those which preceded it on the serial list, and if so, then the conceptual structuring would also be serial in nature, and it would be nicely matched for us by the symbol structuring.3b6c "But a more typical case might find A to be an independent statement, B dependent upon A, C and D independent, E depending upon D and B, E dependent upon C, and F dependent upon A, D, and E. See, sequential but not serial? A conceptual network but not a conceptual chain. The old paper and pencil methods of manipulating symbols just weren't very adaptable to making and using symbol structures to match the ways we make and use conceptual structures. With the new symbol-manipulating methods here, we have terrific flexibility for matching the two, and boy, it really pays off in the way you can tie into your work.3b6d This makes you recall dimly the generalizations you had heard previously about process structuring limiting symbol structuring, symbol structuring limiting concept structuring, and concept structuring limiting mental structuring.
  10. Nov 2019
    1. Component Registration components A map of component names to plain JavaScript components. frameworkComponents A map of component names to framework (React, Angular etc) components.
    1. Wandering its halls, I mused on how much access to space is a function of privilege.

      another surprise. this piece keeps you guessing!

    2. To explain why Amanda Palmer was looking at a bum in Vienna, you might go back to the late 2000s, when drought in Syria exacerbated volatile food prices, raising tensions that by 2011 exploded into civil war.

      there it is

    3. Embedded journalism. Unpleasant memories of Iraq went through my head.


    4. “Compassion is very complicated. When I was fourteen years old, a man tied me to a table in his basement.”

      I thought this apparent non sequitur would be tough to beat, but later on we will see that achievement unlocked.

    1. When the grid is initialised, it will fire the gridReady event. If you want to use the API of the grid, you should put an onGridReady(params) callback onto the grid and grab the api from the params. You can then call this api at a later stage to interact with the grid (on top of the interaction that can be done by setting and changing the props).
  11. Aug 2019
    1. Our icons are free for everyone to use. Please don’t try to sell them.
  12. Jan 2019
    1. Um, so, but the other way is, you know, when, when they do make these transactions, they're all recorded on the exchanges that you, I moved those, that data to a spreadsheet and that's where I do the tax tracking.
    2. Mostly with the shitty little Exce
    3. Oh, go into my own trading journal, document it to make sure I have a system of record to hold myself accountable and for being able to look in the future to see over time how I perform on a weekly and monthly basis.