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  1. Sep 2019
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    1. This page describes a method of teaching designed specifically for adults. The instructional design theory is Keller's "ARCS," which stands for attention, relevance, confidence, and satisfaction--all features that adult learning experiences should be characterized by. The text on this page is readable but the popups and graphics are a bit annoying. rating 3/5

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    1. Learning Confidence Sets using Support Vector Machines

      也是一篇讨论“置信度”的文章。将二分类问题转化为一个分别独立的“三分类”问题,且分类边界可学习,而边界的取定用 SVM。文章里似乎有不少详尽的数学理论推导,值得练手推推看~

    2. Inhibited Softmax for Uncertainty Estimation in Neural Networks

      这种关乎网络“置信度confidence”或者叫“不确定度uncentainty”的 paper 还是挺有意义的,虽然现在还是婆说婆有理的阶段。文内综述了很多 Related 工作,还是挺值得 mark 下的。作者提的Inhibited Softmax蛮好理解的,另repo里放了不少ipynb文档[good]。

    3. Learning Confidence for Out-of-Distribution Detection in Neural Networks


      关键在于最后一层处,并行的多安排了一层表示学习confidence 的输出层。不过,总觉得这种操作很片面,有点以偏概全~

    1. blog is called Rebecca’s Pocket. In her oft-cited essay “Weblogs: a history and perspective”, she writes about how blogging not only helped her gain knowledge about herself and her own interests, blogging actually led her to value more highly her own opinion and her own point of view. Partly, this was because she carefully considered her ideas as she wrote.

      This demonstrates how blogging is one of those informal yet vital places where people become great writers.

  6. Jul 2018
    1. This result is consistent with analysis by the data science team at Quora, a site where users ask and answer questions. That team found that women use uncertain words and phrases more often than men do, even when they are just as confident.
  7. Jul 2016
    1. You might even notice that your confidence isn’t the only thing that goes up, this was my first step in growing internally, and you’ll find that in the end Social Development isn’t just about learning to talk to other people, it’s a deep discovery about who you truly are.
    2. Basically it makes you go from walking in a mild pace towards your goals to sprinting at them full speed with a rocket pack strapped to your back!
    3. Self-Acceptance + Self Assurance = Confidence
  8. Jan 2016
    1. I am now viewing the "Workman's Sandwich" and wondering what it would take humankind to provide the WorkWOMAN's Sandwich... Ladies on the job deserve just as much roast beef as any male laborer. If I may, I'd like to propose an ideal sandwich: it would include the contents of; Cheese churned from the breast milk of strong, independent mothers, Turkey of the female farmer's land, and mustard from a female CEO-owned grocery store on Wall Street.

  9. Oct 2013
    1. Let reading, therefore, be at first sure, then continuous, and for a long time slow, until, by exercise, a correct quickness is gained.

      learning at their own pace and building confidence along the way.

    1. we believe that we cannot and shall not fail, or that we shall succeed completely

      confidence is key to success

    2. Confidence is, about what things we feel it, and under what conditions. It is the opposite of fear, and what causes it is the opposite of what causes fear; it is, therefore, the expectation associated with a mental picture of the nearness of what keeps us safe and the absence or remoteness of what is terrible: it may be due either to the near presence of what inspires confidence or to the absence of what causes alarm.
    1. the three, namely, that induce us to believe a thing apart from any proof of it: good sense, good moral character, and goodwill

      these things are confidence builders