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    1. for - stone age 2.0 - stone and lime - new stone age - stone and lime - sustainable building - stone and lime - post-modern construction - sustainable construction - stone and lime - post-modern construction

    2. What is required in the first half of the 21st century is a new form of post-modern construction, relevant to contemporary needs but as sustainable and as environmentally benign as pre-industrial traditional building used to be.

      for - sustainable building - stone age 2.0 - quote - stone age 2.0 - post-modern stone building

      quote - stone age 2.0 - post modern stone building - What is required in the first half of the 21st century is a new form of post-modern construction, - relevant to contemporary needs but as - sustainable and as - environmentally benign - as pre-industrial traditional building used to be.

    3. This would exploit the compressive strength of stone, which can be greater than that of concrete, combined with post-tensioning by stainless steel rods.

      for - sustainable building - stone age 2.0 - stone for compression - post-tensioned steel rods for tension

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    1. in the case of the new world the the the maize plant the wild maize plant had a little cob on it that was only about one centimeter long

      for - corn - thousands of years to breed from 1 cm cob to present size - transition - stone age to agriculture - importance of women

    2. when you've killed off all the big game and you're sort of running around hunting rabbits and small birds and you're starting to think this 00:11:49 really isn't good enough and probably in those those hunting societies is usually the women and children who do the gathering and they were probably uh producing 00:12:02 a bigger and bigger percentage of the food supply from their activities

      for - progress - transition from stone age hunter gatherers to agriculture - role of women and children

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    1. Ulysses has returned to his kingdom, Ithaca, having made a long journey home after fighting in the Trojan War. Confronted again by domestic life, Ulysses expresses his lack of contentment, including his indifference toward the "savage race" (line 4) whom he governs. Ulysses contrasts his present restlessness with his heroic past, and contemplates his old age and eventual death
    2. Alfred, Lord Tennyson, author of "Ulysses", portrayed by George Frederic Watts "Ulysses" is a poem in blank verse by the Victorian poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809–1892), written in 1833 and published in 1842 in his well-received second volume of poetry. An oft-quoted poem, it is a popular example of the dramatic monologue. Facing old age, mythical hero Ulysses describes his discontent and restlessness upon returning to his kingdom, Ithaca, after his far-ranging travels. Despite his reunion with his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus, Ulysses yearns to explore again.

      Return of Ulysses (old age) to his kingdom, Ithaca. Even after returning home, he wants to explore.

    1. dans la littérature économique et neuroscientifique on a beaucoup insisté sur l'importance d'Inter ir tô en 00:52:58 basage euh la métanalyse de gens ne trouve pas de différence systématique dans les impacts des interventions en fonction de de l'âge des enfants mais ils analysent des interventions pour la 00:53:11 tche d'âge 03 la deuxème manalyse de et prime qui a fondamentalement répliqué l'analyse de gens pour la trche d'âge 06 arrive à la même conclusion donc pas de 00:53:23 différence dans la tranche d'age Z 6 ans évidemment il pe y en avoir si comp parle des interventions qui interviennent de manière euh plus tardive
    1. the Age of Reason became unreasonable in the sense of treating us as

      for - quote - the age of reason became unreasonable - Ray Noble

      quote - the age of reason became unreasonable - Ray Noble - (see below)

      • The Age of Reason became unreasonable
        • in the sense of treating us as machines
      • Reason requires openness ,
        • it doesn't require a closed view of life and of humanity
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    1. Either system canbe s tart ed with a small li stof captions and be increasedscientifically.

      Scientific principles had bled so thoroughly into both culture and business that even advertising for filing systems in business in the 1930 featured their ability to be used and expanded scientifically.

    1. Eva Marie Saint

      In North by Northwest her character said she was 26 when Eva Marie Saint was approximately 35. Meanwhile Cary Grant was approximately 55.

    1. What are some top UX design principles when designing for kids?Some important UX design principles when designing for kids are as follows. Simplicity and clarity Interactive and engaging elements Age-appropriate content Safety and privacy Consistent feedback and rewards

      There's 5 in this list and there was 4 in the other - I think Safety and Privacy is the one additional but it's also in my proposal because I am concerned about it too.

    2. When UI/UX designers create solutions and interventions for children, they need to be cognizant of the age group they are working with – and for. It is important to note that the basic principles of human-centered design stay the same. In this case, the designers still need to prioritize the needs of their target audience – children.
    1. [Narrator]: The Cluttered Desk, Index Card,file folders, the in-out basket, the calculator.These are the tools of the office professional's past.Since the dawn of the computer age, better machines have always meant bigger and more powerful.But the software could not accommodate the needs of office professionals who are responsiblefor the look, shape and feel of tomorrow.

      In 1983, at the dawn of the personal computer age, Apple Inc. in promotional film entitled "Lisa Soul Of A New Machine" touted their new computer, a 16-bit dual disk drive "personal office system", as something that would do away with "the cluttered desk, index cards, file folders, the in-out basket, [and] the calculator." (00:01)

      Some of these things moved to the realm of the computer including the messy desk(top) now giving people two messy desks, a real one and a virtual one. The database-like structure of the card index also moved over, but the subjective index and its search power were substituted for a lower level concordance search.

      30 years on, for most people, the value of the database idea behind the humble "index card" has long since disappeared and so it seems here as if it's "just" another piece of cluttery paper.

      Appreciate the rosy framing of the juxtaposition of "past" and "future" jumping over the idea of the here and now which includes the thing they're selling, the Lisa computer. They're selling the idealized and unclear future even though it's really just today.

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    1. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to reading prior to preschool tend to develop larger vocabularies and are more likely to succeed during their formal education. If a child is not proficient in reading by 3rd grade, they are at a higher risk for not graduating from high school.

      THIS IS THE LINK for reading in early ages.

    1. le 00:33:08 trimestre de naissance agit sur le redoublement si vous êtes né à la fin de l'année que vous êtes avec des ENF des des camarades qui sont nés beaucoup plus tôt que vous qui sont donc plus âgés que vous même s'ils font partie de la même classe d'âge euh et bien vous avez une 00:33:21 probabilité plus élevé de redoublé ça c'est une c'est une forme d'injustice euh biographique
    1. Résumé de la vidéo [00:00:00][^1^][1] - [00:25:00][^2^][2]:

      Cette vidéo est une conférence sur les dangers de la pensée positive et la Loi de l'attraction, présentée par la créatrice du podcast Méta de Choc. Elle partage son expérience personnelle et explique comment ces croyances peuvent influencer notre perception de la responsabilité personnelle et de l'énergie universelle.

      Points forts: + [00:00:00][^3^][3] Introduction à la pensée critique * Importance de questionner les croyances + [00:02:25][^4^][4] Les dangers de la pensée positive * Risques de la Loi de l'attraction + [00:04:27][^5^][5] Définition de la pensée positive * Origines et implications dans la New Age + [00:07:03][^6^][6] Principes spirituels de la pensée positive * Impact des pensées sur la réalité + [00:10:32][^7^][7] Responsabilité personnelle * Conséquences de la projection des désirs + [00:13:46][^8^][8] Psychologie positive vs pensée positive * Distinction entre les deux concepts + [00:15:47][^9^][9] Application de la pensée positive * Techniques et affirmations + [00:18:08][^10^][10] Formulation des désirs * Importance de la clarté et de la méditation + [00:22:35][^11^][11] Demande et gratitude * Attitude et attentes dans la pratique + [00:25:00][^12^][12] Questions et réponses * Interaction avec le public sur le sujet Résumé de la vidéo [00:27:02][^1^][1] - [00:52:51][^2^][2]: La vidéo aborde les croyances du New Age, les entités spirituelles, et la pensée positive. Elle critique l'approche simpliste de la pensée positive et ses conséquences potentiellement néfastes, telles que le refus de la réalité et l'engrenage dans des croyances sans fondement scientifique.

      Points forts: + [00:27:02][^3^][3] Croyances New Age * Mantras de protection * Énergies et entités + [00:27:55][^4^][4] Entités variées * Anges et entités maléfiques * Influence des Reptiliens + [00:32:58][^5^][5] Émotions et énergies * Êtres se nourrissant d'émotions * Critique de la pensée positive + [00:38:59][^6^][6] Conséquences de la pensée positive * Vision simpliste et fausse * Risques de culpabilisation + [00:44:41][^7^][7] Impact de la pensée positive * Retards de connaissance * Refus du réel et relativisme + [00:50:01][^8^][8] Critiques internes du New Age * Remise en question de la Loi de l'attraction * Propositions de solutions spirituelles Résumé de la vidéo [00:52:56][^1^][1] - [01:18:19][^2^][2]:

      Cette partie de la vidéo aborde la pensée positive et ses effets, en soulignant les contradictions et les problèmes qu'elle peut engendrer, notamment lorsqu'elle est utilisée pour éviter de faire face à la réalité ou pour justifier des croyances sans fondement.

      Points forts: + [00:52:56][^3^][3] La pensée positive et l'Univers * Les affirmations et l'envoi de pensées positives + [00:53:18][^4^][4] Protection et rituels * Utilisation de mantras et évitement des vibrations basses + [00:53:45][^5^][5] Justification des croyances * Les détours pour maintenir une croyance + [00:54:03][^6^][6] Critiques internes * Remise en question après des années sans progrès + [00:54:35][^7^][7] Le juste milieu * Équilibrer pensée positive et confrontation aux problèmes + [00:55:25][^8^][8] Contradictions dans la pensée positive * Difficulté à définir un juste milieu entre positivité et négativité + [00:56:04][^9^][9] Les contradictions du New Age * Incohérences et pièges psychologiques dans le New Age + [00:57:05][^10^][10] Ignorer la souffrance * Risques de dépression en négligeant les problèmes réels + [00:58:35][^11^][11] Absence de solutions * Reconnaître quand il n'y a pas de solutions + [00:59:36][^12^][12] Étude sur la pensée positive * Effets négatifs des affirmations sur ceux qui en ont le plus besoin + [01:02:57][^13^][13] Obsession du positif * La quête constante du positif peut devenir problématique + [01:04:03][^14^][14] Réalisme vs pensée positive * Importance de la recherche d'erreurs et du réalisme + [01:05:07][^15^][15] Impact sur l'environnement et les enfants * Conséquences de la pensée magique sur l'entourage + [01:06:05][^16^][16] Pensée positive comme échappatoire temporaire * Comparaison avec un verre de whisky pour le réconfort + [01:08:40][^17^][17] Rapport victime-bourreau * Dangers de la pensée positive dans les relations abusives + [01:11:43][^18^][18] Optimisme et atteinte des objectifs * L'optimisme n'est pas toujours synonyme de succès + [01:14:58][^19^][19] Contraste mental et implémentation des intentions * Stratégies pour atteindre les objectifs en tenant compte des obstacles Résumé de la vidéo [01:20:06][^1^][1] - [01:44:51][^2^][2]:

      Cette partie de la vidéo discute des dangers de la pensée positive et de son lien avec le New Age, le néolibéralisme, et les croyances irrationnelles. L'orateur explore la complexité des croyances et la nécessité de rester ancré dans la réalité.

      Points forts: + [01:20:06][^3^][3] Critique de la pensée positive * Facile à prouver mais invalidée par ses effets négatifs + [01:21:31][^4^][4] Psychologie positive et néolibéralisme * Influence mutuelle et récupération de concepts + [01:24:45][^5^][5] Mythologie New Age * Entités reptiliennes et super-pouvoirs liés + [01:29:43][^6^][6] Sortie des croyances New Age * Réalisation personnelle de l'absence de fondements + [01:37:06][^7^][7] Auto-proclamation d'Enfant indigo * Pas de hiérarchie; croyances basées sur des critères vagues + [01:43:43][^8^][8] Vocabulaire New Age dans le langage courant * Termes comme "énergie" et "pensée positive" banalisés Résumé de la vidéo [01:44:56][^1^][1] - [01:48:19][^2^][2]:

      La partie 5 de la vidéo aborde le mysticisme quantique, l'optimisme et ses effets sur l'atteinte des objectifs, ainsi que les coûts personnels liés au changement de croyances.

      Points forts: + [01:45:00][^3^][3] Mysticisme quantique * Explique la corrélation avec la pensée New Age + [01:45:37][^4^][4] Optimisme * Les optimistes ont moins de chances d'atteindre leurs objectifs + [01:46:39][^5^][5] Changement de croyances * Perdre des amis est un coût du changement + [01:47:09][^6^][6] Soutien au podcast * Encourage à partager et soutenir le podcast + [01:47:55][^7^][7] Annonce * Révélations à venir dans une vidéo spéciale

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    1. me, Amin Taha + Groupwork and Pierre Bidaud of the Stone Masonry Company,

      for - new stone age - stone age renaissance - stone architecture - practitioners - Amin Taha - Steve Webb - Pierre Bidaud

    2. for - sustainable architecture - a new stone age - the return of stone - meme - a new stone age

      story details - Title: Why the time is ripe for a return to stone as a structural material - Author: Steve Webb - Date: 2023, May 29 - source: https://www.ribaj.com/intelligence/stone-as-a-structural-material-embodied-carbon-sustainability

      meme - new stone age

      summary - Stone buildings have lasted millenia. Compared to steel, concrete and CLT, post-tensioned stone has the least embodied energy of all. - Could we also modernize ancient animal and human powered labor to create a low carbon stone building industry? -

  7. Dec 2023
    1. it has happened before in the past the great german existential philosopher carl jaspers has spoke of the axial age between 600 bc 01:15:42 bce and 200 bce during which five human civilizations all shifted their cosmologies simultaneously they weren't communicating much with each other but that shift in cosmology laid the groundwork for modernity we may 01:15:56 be on the cusp of a second axial age in the 21st century and and because the moment that we face as a species is completely unprecedented we've never been in a situation like this before so it's it's quite conceivable that 01:16:09 unprecedented positive changes are possible for us
      • for: story of hope - a new axial age
    1. we are certainly special I mean 00:02:57 no other animal rich the moon or know how to build atom bombs so we are definitely quite different from chimpanzees and elephants and and all the rest of the animals but we are still 00:03:09 animals you know many of our most basic emotions much of our society is still run on Stone Age code
      • for: stone age code, similar to - Ronald Wright - computer metaphor, evolutionary psychology - examples, evolutionary paradox of modernity, evolution - last mile link, major evolutionary transition - full spectrum in modern humans, example - MET - full spectrum embedded in modern humans

      • comment

      • insights

        • evolutionary paradox of modernity
          • modern humans , like all the living species we share the world with, are the last mile link of the evolution of life we've made it to the present, so all species of the present are, in an evolutionary sense, winners of their respective evolutionary game
          • this means that all our present behaviors contain the full spectrum of the evolutionary history of 4 billion years of life
          • the modern human embodies all major evolutionary transitions of the past
          • so our behavior, at all levels of our being is a complex and heterogenous mixture of evolutionary adaptations from different time periods of the 4 billion years that life has taken to evolve.
          • Some behaviors may have originated billions of years ago, and others hundred thousand years ago.
      • Examples: humans embody full spectrum of METs in our evolutionary past

        • fight and flight response
          • early hominids on African Savannah hundreds of thousands to millions of years ago when hominids were predated upon by wild predators
        • cancer
          • normative intercell communication breaks down and reverts to individual cell behavior from billions of years ago
            • see Michael Levin's research on how to make metastatic cancer cells return to normative collective, cooperative behavior
        • children afraid to sleep in the dark
          • evolutionary adaptation against dangerous animals that might have hid in the dark - dangerous insiects, snakes, etc, which in the past may have resulted in human fatalities
        • obesity
          • hunter gatherer hominid attraction to rich sources of fruit. Eating as much of it as we can and maybe harvesting as much as we can and carrying that with us.
            • like squirrels storing away for the winter.
  8. Oct 2023
    1. The Chicago Sun-Times' wandering Newshen Glenna Syse spent 39 minutes with Author James Thurber, left with the conviction that he is "the funniest man alive." In an epigrammatic mood, Thurber ranged free and easy over—by count—39 subjects. Glenna's sampling included a Thurberism on age: "I'm 65 and I guess that puts me in with the geriatrics. But if there were 15 months in every year, I'd only be 48.* That's the trouble with us. We number everything. Take women, for example. I think they deserve to have more than twelve years between the ages of 28 and 40." On the forthcoming election: "It's accusation time in Normalcy. And in spite of the nominations, my mother is voting for Lindbergh." On martinis: "One is all right, two is too many, three is not enough."

      Syse, Glenna. “People, Aug. 15, 1960.” Time, August 15, 1960. https://content.time.com/time/subscriber/article/0,33009,939759,00.html.

  9. Sep 2023
    1. whales and dolphins have had culture passed down vocally for 34 million years humans have only been speaking vocally impacted on culture for like 200 000 years tops 00:17:16 like and that which is oldest correlates with that which is wisest
      • for: quote, quote - age of whale and dolphin languages

      • quote

        • whales and dolphins have had culture passed down vocally for 34 million years
        • humans have only been speaking vocally impacted on culture for like 200 000 years tops and
        • that which is oldest correlates with that which is wisest
      • author - Aza Raskin
      • date: 2023
    1. "Surrendering" by Ocean Vuong

      1. He moved into United State when he was age of five. He first came to United State when he started kindergarten. Seven of them live in the apartment one bedroom and bathroom to share the whole. He learned ABC song and alphabet. He knows the ABC that he forgot the letter is M comes before N.

      2. He went to the library since he was on the recess. He was in the library hiding from the bully. The bully just came in the library doing the slight frame and soft voice in front of the kid where he sit. He left the library, he walked to the middle of the schoolyard started calling him the pansy and fairy. He knows the American flag that he recognize on the microphone against the backdrop.

  10. Aug 2023
      • for: human life expectancy, life expectancy, life expectancy myth, life expectancy at birth, life expectancy - ancestors
      • title: The life expectancy myth, and why many ancient humans lived long healthy lives
      • comment
      • new insight
        • life expectancy at birth skews our understanding of how the health and longevity of adults. -There is a false claim and belief that due to modern technologies, modern humans have lived far longer than our ancestors in the distant past.
        • In fact, child mortality rates play a major role in calculating life expectancy and this is what differs modernity from our ancestors.
        • Our distant ancestors did live to their 70s and 80s
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    1. this era began in the mid-20th century before you and I were born with a biomedical Innovation
      • Mary Harrington suggests that

        • a starting point for the transhuman age
        • was marked by
        • the introduction of the birth control pill
      • comment

        • while that may mark the first time a technology has radically reshaped human physiology in such a direct way,
          • the spirit of transhumanism is inherent in our nature as innovating cognitive beings
          • in fact, I find the term "transhuman" self-contradictory and problematic
            • as our very nature as innovative beings means we are constantly reinventing and transcending our old behaviors
  14. Jan 2023
    1. one reason the Golden Age of Piracy remains the stuff oflegend is that pirates of that age were so skilled at manipulatinglegends; they deployed wonder-stories—whether of terrifyingviolence or inspiring ideals—as something very much like weaponsof war, even if the war in question was the desperate and ultimatelydoomed struggle of a motley band of outlaws against the entireemerging structure of world authority at the time.
    1. during Iron Age I, in the 12th–11thcenturies BCE, Ekron, which is located very near the Sorek Valley, was thedominant Philistine center, and the biblical tradition accordingly places thenarrative concerning the Philistines in that valley.
    2. duringIron Age IIA, the 10th–9th centuries BCE, Gath in the Elah Valley becamethe dominant Philistine center and the biblical tradition recounting theborder disputes between the Philistines and the Israelites accordingly shiftsfrom the Sorek Valley to the Elah Valley.
    3. Traditions connected to the Elah Valley are preserved in the books ofSamuel and Chronicles, which relate to Iron Age IIA.
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  16. www.janeausten.pludhlab.org www.janeausten.pludhlab.org
    1. playfully

      Is Emma flirting or is this a younger sister teasing an older brother?

      The age gap and the family relationship both can make this a little icky - though people talk about it less than Marianne and Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility

  17. Sep 2022
    1. most intriguing to me was the discovery which even today some 00:23:13 archaeologists deny but the evidence is actually overwhelming that oceans were no barriers to erectus they sailed across oceans so this is a quote from a 00:23:24 very good book on Paleolithic Stone Age seafarers Paleolithic books our ancestors have often been painted as unintelligent brutes however this simply is not the case evidence suggests that at least homo erectus and perhaps even 00:23:37 pre erectus hominids were early seafarers based on this evidence it seems that our early ancestors were successful seafarers biological studies suggest that considerable numbers of founder populations so when we find 00:23:50 evidence of erectus tools on an island there had to have been 2250 erectus arrived they're more or less the same time it's not just that one erectus got there we also know and I'll go into this 00:24:03 that they didn't just wash ashore it would have been almost impossible some archaeologists suggest that they got there by tsunamis but when I talked to friends of mine who are earth scientists they say that's not how 00:24:17 tsunamis work you know the tsunamis are pushing water to land and it is possible that afterwards some things flow out but most of the energy is towards the land and it is true that a few animals have 00:24:30 made it but we don't find regular systematic colonization by humans waiting to ride tsunamis most people don't try to do that

      !- homo erectus : was a seafarer

  18. Aug 2022
    1. Politique documentaire Ensemble des objectifs et processus pilotant la gestion de l’information, incluant la politique d’acquisition, la politique de conservation et la politique de médiation des collections. La politique documentaire est une partie intégrante et essentielle du projet d'établissement, permettant de répondre aux missions de la structure et aux attentes des usagers.
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    1. The first trap was hunting, the main way of life for about two million years in Palaeolithic times. As Stone Age people perfected the art of hunting, they began to kill the game more quickly than it could breed. They lived high for a while, then starved.

      Anthropology and Archelogy findings support the idea that humans began laying progress traps as early as two million years ago. Our great success at socialization and communication that harnessed the power of collaboration resulted in wiping out entire species upon which we depended. Short term success leading to long term failure is a central pattern of progress traps.

      Anthropology and Archelogy findings support the idea that humans began laying progress traps as early as two million years ago. Our great success at socialization and communication that harnessed the power of collaboration resulted in wiping out entire species upon which we depended. Short term success leading to long term failure is a central pattern of progress traps.

      A remarkable paper from Tel Aviv researchers studying early hunters in the Southern Levant as early as 1.5 million years ago revealed that our ancestors in this part of the world were poor resource managers and over many generations, continually hunted large game to extinction, forcing descendants to hunt progressively smaller game.

      Annotation of the 2021 source paper is here: https://hyp.is/go?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sciencedirect.com%2Fscience%2Farticle%2Fabs%2Fpii%2FS0277379121005230&group=world Annotation of a science news interview with the researchers here: https://hyp.is/go?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sciencedaily.com%2Freleases%2F2021%2F12%2F211221102708.htm&group=world

      The researchers even surmise that the extinction of game animals by around 10,000 B.C. is what gave rise to agriculture itself!

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    1. According to the “Korean age” system, a person turns one the day they are born and they then become a year older on New Year’s Day, irrespective of the date on which they were born.   This traditional method of determining age was used in a number of east Asian nations in the past, including China and Japan, and is believed to stem from the concept that time inside the mother’s womb counts as the first year of a child’s life.
    1. DICER1 syndrome encompasses a variety of benign and malignant manifestations including multinodular goitre

      Gene: DICER1 PMCID: PMC8451242 PMID: 34552563 Pathogenic Inheritance Pattern: Autosomal Dominant MultipleDiseaseEntities Disease Entity: DICER1 syndrome, multinodular goitre, cystic nephroma, anaplastic renal sarcoma, Wilms tumour, differentiated thyroid carcinoma, gynandroblastoma, ciliary body medulloepithelioma, embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, pineoblastoma, pituitary blastoma, kidney cyst, pulmonary cyst, Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumor. Mutation: Germline MultipleGeneVariants Variant & Clinvar IDs: c.3452_3453del (485534), c.316del (no ClinVar ID), c.171_172insAC (no ClinVar ID), c.3434del (no ClinVar ID), c.988C>T (933007), c.5388dup (no ClinVar ID) Zygosity: None provided. Case: At time of operation, the goitre patients living in Denmark were ages 21, 12, 21, 8, 14, and 16. Four underwent total thyroidectomies, and two underwent partial thyroidectomies. The patient originally aged 21 previously had a kidney cyst at age 14 and a pulmonary cyst at an unknown age. The patient aged 14 at time of partial thyroidectomy later manifested a Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumor at age 15. All six patients were female. CasePresentingHPO: None provided. CasePreviousTesting: thyroidectomy gnomAD: ENSG00000100697.10, https://gnomad.broadinstitute.org/gene/ENSG00000100697 Mutation Type: Frameshift, Nonsense

  22. Apr 2022
    1. Carl T. Bergstrom. (2021, August 18). 1. There has been lots of talk about recent data from Israel that seem to suggest a decline in vaccine efficacy against severe disease due to Delta, waning protection, or both. This may have even been a motivation for Biden’s announcement that the US would be adopting boosters. [Tweet]. @CT_Bergstrom. https://twitter.com/CT_Bergstrom/status/1427767356600688646

    1. Dr Greg Kelly. (2021, July 2). As a pediatrician I’m going on record saying that allowing kids to be freely infected with a novel disease that has unknown long term consequences is the worst idea of 2021 despite being a pretty crowded field so far #COVID19 [Tweet]. @drgregkelly. https://twitter.com/drgregkelly/status/1411083905034117120

    1. Dr Duncan Robertson [@Dr_D_Robertson]. (2021, October 29). ONS Covid survey. 2% of the population +ve. “The percentage of people testing positive for COVID-19 increased for all age groups, except for those in school Year 12 to those aged 34 years, where the trend was uncertain in the week ending 22 October 2021” https://ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/healthandsocialcare/conditionsanddiseases/bulletins/coronaviruscovid19infectionsurveypilot/29october2021 https://t.co/1n9KVq6wDT [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/Dr_D_Robertson/status/1454050450106376192

    1. Marc Lipsitch. (2021, July 20). At the risk of boiling down too much and certainly losing some detail, one way to summarize this wonderful thread is that when we think about vaccine effectiveness, we should think of 4 key variables: 1 which vaccine, 2 age of the person, 3 how long after vax, 4 vs what outcome. [Tweet]. @mlipsitch. https://twitter.com/mlipsitch/status/1417595538632060931

    1. Prof. Christina Pagel 🇺🇦. (2022, March 8). What could be causing it? Likely combo of: 1—Dominant BA.2 causing more infections (we await ONS!) 2—Reduction in masks, self-isolation & testing enabling more infections 3—Waning boosters in older people esp I worry that we will be stuck at high levels for long time. 2/2 https://t.co/xZ2SLFNVkS [Tweet]. @chrischirp. https://twitter.com/chrischirp/status/1501250081693048838

  23. Mar 2022
  24. Feb 2022
    1. Alastair Grant. (2022, February 16). Samples likely to be BA.2 (SGT positive in TaqPath data) now make up 34% of COVID cases in England. The proportion has roughly doubled in a week. That represents a growth in absolute numbers of BA.2, even if overall infections are falling at the same rate as reported cases https://t.co/LNr5baChby [Tweet]. @AlastairGrant4. https://twitter.com/AlastairGrant4/status/1493880986660225024

    1. F. Perry Wilson, MD MSCE. (2022, February 4). If you, like me, are “skipping ahead” during the ACIP meeting re: Moderna vaccine—This slide really drives home the benefit / risk paradigm among the group at highest risk of myocarditis (men 18-35). 2 million shots = 1903 avoided hospitalizations, and 68 myocarditis cases. Https://t.co/3nzWXGXyD1 [Tweet]. @fperrywilson. https://twitter.com/fperrywilson/status/1489649379979972609

  25. Jan 2022
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